Blind Item – March 2017 – Bollywood 2

Alright, so let us start by saying that the blind item below comes from SpotBoye, so we have no idea how true this is. If we are indeed right about our OSOP Guesses, then there’s a huge chance that the stepmother of the lady in the blind item below concocted this whole thing. She is after all the gossip queen of Bollywood. If you are wondering why the need to create such gossips because the girl is being link to a guy, who’s way older than her that it feels creepy. Why? Well, she needs to be hyped up to make her debut. So far, nothing has been confirmed about her debut, but she has already signed with a PR agency. You know what this means, right? She has already been linked to three actors, including this one. So you do the math!

Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – March 2017 - Bollywood 2

Actor boyfriend's fling with newbie starkid

It’s a case of hormones alright, but this one might make you smirk at the definition of ‘faith’ if you guess it right. Not that we are telling you the names of those involved in this story, but you must take your shots at the ‘Comments’ section below when you finish reading it.

The story goes that this actor who is supposed to be oh-so-loyal types has suddenly attained wings. It’s just that his girlfriend does not know much about what he’s doing behind her back.

This guy recently developed a strong affinity for a star’s daughter and the two are believed to have had a roll in the hay. Logon ka kaam hai kehna, and one of them has also told us that their force of attraction was so strong in magnitude that once they even couldn’t refrain kissing in public.

Neither of the two felt guilty when it was all over, and the guy in question even went back to his girlfriend as if he was as clean as he was when he first met her. The sinners haven’t sinned again, though.

Can anybody tell us if the word ‘loyalty’ has been eliminated from the dictionaries?

The sad part of this interlude is that the girlfriend hasn’t had even a whiff of the actor’s kaarnamein.

Let it be a secret.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Ranveer Singh

Star’s Daughter: Sara Ali Khan

Blind Item – March 2017 - Bollywood 2

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7 Responses

  1. Shivani says:

    All these star daughters, sridevis kids etc are already dating politicians sons. I guess they were told at a young, age to drag rich n powerful guys. Highly doubt if any of them are innocent.

    • Bollywood says:

      Pretty much, it’s more like they date on their level. You see, they have a certain lifestyle that only a man of certain level can pay for.

  2. Shivani says:

    Kangana has no talent- only an idiot wud say this. She has won 2 national awards!

  3. MyOpinion says:

    This sounds more like Varun Dawan & Alia Bhatt – not Ranveer Singh. If Kareena is the one spreading the rumour, then she’s obviously a horrible stepmother and also has ulterior motives to ruin Deepika’s relationship (which wouldn’t surprise me at all considering Ranbir is her cousin and she would love to make his Rival, Ranveer look bad. Also, Deepika is more successful than her).

  4. Bella says:

    If she truly is talented and people around her believed in her ‘true’ potential, then there should not be any need for cheap publicity gimmick by linking her with other actors! This age old trick of linking and leaking fake link ups is so tiring…mind you, it’s an insult to your audiences too because you know we have some akal too! She is gorgeous and has enough buzz around her, so please stop resorting to cheap publicity. It makes her look like a talentless wannabe who is desperate to be ‘seen’.

    Actors ask for privacy yet they do all these tricks… Look at the Hollywood movies – no one needs to keep linking the leading pair to gain publicity because they have faith in their acting and take their job seriously. Their interviews with the journos are also more informative and interesting. There is a discussion about the process they went through to get into the skin of the character. Here, it’s all about oh no, I am single and not dating so and so. Thank god for people like Kangana. Thora drama karti hain lekin she knows her craft and speaks her mind! Otherwise, the rest of them are so damn boring.

    • ghjk says:

      I’m surprised at your comment, Bella. Isn’t it obvious that she’s a no-talent bimbo who has nothing else to do except make producers spend money on her name, trying to make it? Please don’t be surprised if you see her doing the kinda roles Bebo has been doing in the past few years, trying to get by with silly hook ups and other pointless “star” behavior.

    • Smitha says:

      Well Kangana sure knows how to create drama and attention to herself about other matters. Hehe

      I highly doubt this blind item because Ranvir is so old. Well, if there’s a picture I might believe it. Oh wel, let me google and think about it. Haha

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