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Today’s blind item from Filmfare will make fans of this star couple really happy. Personally, we never fully believed that they broke up and as the blind item below suggested, it seems to be because of their director. But, we wonder if their director has other more important things on his mind since his set and the hard work of his crew is literally being burned down to ashes. That said, if you find this story a bit too far-fetched, let us tell you that the director suggested these two should get to know each other better when he directed them in their first film together. In this one, her character hates his character, which made sense for the director to tell them to stay away from each other in real life. But, do they have to follow his orders? Or are they doing what they want if they really want to see each other? So, are they together or did they really break up? Because as of now, their break up has been causing them more harm due to the multiple linkup stories about him and other ladies.



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 2 – March 2017

The real reason why this star couple broke off

Rumours of a link-up between the lead pair has been touted as the tried and tested formula for creating hype about a film on the verge of release. But in this case, interestingly, the reverse strategy has been adopted.

This celebrated filmmaker, who’s currently working on a colossal film, allegedly advised his romantically involved lead pair to go their separate ways. And all this has been in the interest’ of the film. As a result stories about their break-up have been floating on social media and in tabloids. In fact, their fan clubs have been distraught on seeing their #CoupleGoals shatter.

But those in the know reveal that the duo hasn’t broken up at all. Rather the stars and their respective PR teams are just in compliance with the filmmaker’s suggestion. That explains why there will be no joint public appearances by the two! But we’re not complaining as long as love is all there is…


OSOP Guesses

Lead Pair: Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

Bollywood Blind Item 2 – March 2017

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3 Responses

  1. Shivani says:

    I think they are committed to each other. Will get married someday too!

  2. Brij says:

    They have an open relationship so cheating is not a reason they would break up over. Maybe the new generation of stars has come to terms that almost every actor cheats. I mean look at the older generation of married actors.

  3. Smitha says:

    I thought they have broken up for good since ranveer is such a manwhore.

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