Blind Item – June – Bollywood

We have another blind item for you today and this time, it comes from Mid Day. It’s not that hard to guess who this blind item is about. It’s interesting how all the 3 subjects in the blind item below were known in the 90s and now their kids are known as stars of this new generation. It’s also about the recent controversy surrounding the censor board of Hindi films. Check out who this blind item is about.

Fiesty Daughters Asked Their Garuulous Fathers who Attended Udta Punjab Protest Meet to Stay Mum

Blind Item – June - Bollywood


SO a press conference to protest the shackles that the Censor Board is inflicting on Bollywood‘s creativity saw a rather massive turnout.

But one thing your diarist could not help but note: three garrulous fathers (a king of B-grade production and a dial-a-quote addict; a yesteryear villain and one not particularly reticent with the press by any stretch; and a `90s action hero) obediently attended the protest meet, but none spoke a word. Rumour has it their their feisty (younger) daughters had given them strict instructions to keep stum in the wake of the Pahlaj Nihalani scandal. They didn’t want any careless comments lest the Twitterati (and the bitterati) starts lynching them on social networking. We live in such cagey times, don’t we?

OSOP Guesses

King Of B-Grade Production And A Dial-A-Quote Addict: Mahesh Bhatt
Yesteryear Villain: Shakti Kapoor
90s Action Hero: Anil Kapoor

Blind Item – June - Bollywood

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