Blind Item – February – Hollywood – 2017

We don’t know why the celebrity below feels the need to do what she has been doing lately. Maybe she feels insecure, she has such a talented husband and the only talent she has is about her body, exposing her body, since she’s a model. See, this is what happen when you don’t get a proper education and start feeling like you only have your body to show, not your brain. From Blind Gossip, check out the blind item below.


Hollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – February - Hollywood - 2017


Nip Nope

This female celebrity’s desire to display her body provocatively does not thrill everyone.

At a recent event, Nipper – who is married to a musician – requested to have her photo taken with a very famous blonde film actress. The actress declined. Why?

She’s not a prude, but she didn’t want to even stand next to her! [Nipper] wore an outfit that she obviously picked because she wanted everyone to stare at her nipples. [Actress] didn’t want to be part of some tacky photograph. She quietly asked [her assistant or publicist] to β€œKeep that woman away from me.” She’s not mean. She just doesn’t like people who are so desperate for attention.

Between this and a recent β€œOops, I forgot to wear underwear!” moment, Nipper certainly is acting thirsty lately!


OSOP Guesses

Female Celebrity: Chrissy Teigen

Husband: John Legend

Blind Item – February - Hollywood - 2017

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2 Responses

  1. ghjk says:

    Who’s the blonde actress, Scarlett?

  2. Smitha says:

    She could have been doing a million things but she chose to be an attention seeker

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