Blind Item – February – Hollywood – 2017 2

We’ll start today with a Hollywood blind item from Blind Gossip. This blind item might come as a surprise for some of you, but for those, who know this actor well, won’t bat an eye lid on reading this blind item. As far as we know, there was this rumour how he likes both colors from both genders. Actually, it’s his color for his gender-type and white for the opposite gender. Anything in between doesn’t stand a chance. As for her, we don’t know whether she’s aware of his preferences or maybe if she is, they have an open relationship. Check it out below.


Hollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – February - Hollywood - 2017 2

The Pool Boy

There is a clichΓ© about rich women having torrid affairs with the pool boy.

This is a different kind of story.

This couple is very low-key. Neither of them has ever confirmed their relationship.

She is an actress who is divorced from a famous actor. He is film actor who has won a prestigious award for his work. They went on vacation together in December.

He recently took a solo trip to Europe. While there, he picked up a companion for a few days.

We were staying at [Hotel] the same time as [Actor]. We were very surprised that he picked up the pool boy at the villa. They spent a few days together. The pool boy was young, maybe 18 or 19, white, slim, a little on the delicate side. I would call him twinkish. [The pool boy] spoke English well and was very gossipy. He told everyone what he and the Actor were doing, even while [The Actor] was still there!

Well, at least that’s a different kind of clichΓ©!


OSOP Guesses

Couple: Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes

Blind Item – February - Hollywood - 2017 2

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  1. Smitha says:

    Woah this is huge news. Didn’t know said actor bats for the same team ?

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