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We are just very confused about the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. It seems that everyone in the industry is convinced that these two were a couple. If they were a couple, this means that she’s not out of her mind and imagining things. There’s still no solid proof, much like his relationship with this married but separated lady. What did he think will come out of that relationship? It’s not like she will divorce her husband. Wonder how her parents truly feel. But if what the blind item and other gossips are saying are true, then it’s good for him to get back with his ex. How long until she figures out he’s still the same neurotic guy?


Bollywood Blind Item

SO this divorced actor, who is rumoured to be dating a married but separated woman, seems to have been dumped by her altogether. While we did hear of this news a few months ago, we presumed it was because he was having a rather public spat with an ex-girlfriend, and she (the married but separated woman) was put off by his chauvinism. But now we hear that it is his ex-wife who is making a play for him again, and he’s fallen prey. Sounds complicated? Most crowded relationships are.


OSOP Guesses

Divorced Actor: Hrithik Roshan

Ex-Wife: Sussanne Khan


Woman: Shweta Bachchan

Ex-Girlfriend: Kangana Ranaut

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7 Responses

  1. AO says:

    All of you are morons! If they did have a relationship, where is the proof?

  2. Guddu says:

    Hrtihik makes me sick. It seems as if he just enjoys playing with women. Poor his wife. Not to mention his affair with barbara Moris.

  3. Alcie says:

    Seriously! Sick of hearing about Suzanne and Hrithik. She could have easily gotten a wealthy industrialist, but no, she bloody can’t stay away from the limelight. It took her few years to realise that he is it?

    • ghjk says:

      The only reason I can fathom an industrialist marrying one of these neurotic 40+ year old mother-of-two-with-a-colofrul=past is publicity, which Suzanne doesn’t bring much of by herself.

  4. Rebecca says:

    It seems like a such a long time ago that he had an affair with Kareena, and dumped her as soon as the movie was done to marry Suzanne. Even that affair was not acknowledged.

  5. Rashmi says:

    Well, of course, Hrithik had a relationship with Kangana, it is no secret, wrote the media immediately after release Krish 3 and it was at that time Suzanne had left Hrithik. but for some strange reason this stupid ex afraid to recognize this relationship in public, in his opinion Kangana below its level. Now he wants to Shweta, but even Shweta went away from him.

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