Blind Item – December 2016 – Bollywood 3

The blind item below is far from spicy. From Bollywood Life, it’s more funny than anything else. It’s a little embarrassing as well. But what we are wondering is why the ladies of Bollywood are not scared of hanging out with him. We don’t know how far his career will go, but he will have a career as long as Salman Khan support him. As for her, if it’s really the person we are guessing about, what happened pretty much looked like it was about to happen. We are only saying this only if we are sure it’s her. Take a look.

Bollywood Blind Item

This actress had an oops moment while dancing with an actor at a superstar’s bash

Blind Item – December 2016 - Bollywood 3


Parties are where all the gossip happens, or even gets manufactured at times in Bollywood. This superstar’s birthday bash held at a fixed venue was graced by a limited number of guests this year. Amongst the attendees were a starlet launched by the superstar and an actor who is also his protege. He made his debut last year. It seems the two were dancing away at the party. The level of bonding between the two had surprised many as they have not worked together nor are known to party in the same circle. However, they bonded famously at the do.

The two were doing what we suppose was a romantic waltz and she had to land in his arms after a twist. However, she missed a step and landed thud on the floor. The guy was visibly embarrassed as the actress was wearing a short dress and her panties were on full display post the fall. The actress went red in the face and so did other guests at the party. But this incident did not stop them from continuing to paint the party red with their friendship. The actress will be soon seen with a hot hunk in a thriller. Everyone in the industry is talking about the incident and the new found affection of the actor for this actress. It is not a pair that many would expect. But then strange are friendships in tinsel town.


OSOP Guesses

Superstar’s Birthday: Salman Khan

Actor: Sooraj Pancholi

Starlet: Zareen Khan

Blind Item – December 2016 - Bollywood 3

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  1. Gokila says:

    They have act together! In that soldier movie. Anyway I thought it was sunil shetty daughter.

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