Blind Item – April – Hollywood

The actor in the blind item below was super famous a couple of years back when he starred in one of the highest grossing teenage films ever. He was a nobody before and that film’s series’ success pretty much made him into a huge star worldwide. Still, he was never used to it and was always awkward about his newly-found fame. He has tried to move on to other roles since that one ended years ago. Sadly though, people still want to know more about that role instead of his latest one. It doesn’t matter if he got a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival for his latest role, some journalists still want to know about that movie role.


Hollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – April - Hollywood


Cannes Rest

This well-known actor came to fame in a film that he did many years ago. He is in Cannes. He is happy to talk about his new projects.

Everything has been going well. Until someone dared to ask him about his most famous role.

Uh oh.

He said something to the effect of, β€œActually, I’m very excited to talk about [new film]!” but the reporter kept circling back to [old film]. [Actor] got really annoyed, put his hand over the mic, said, β€œGive it a rest, already!” and just walked off in the middle of the interview!


OSOP Guess

Actor: Robert Pattinson

Blind Item – April - Hollywood

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2 Responses

  1. Santosh says:

    He has to be proud he has done that movie to be so famous so he has to be patient because the reporters will always ask on that.

    • ghjk says:

      They were a long time ago. There’s literally no need to bring that up now, at the premier of his new movie. He’s been patient enough, I reckon.

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