Blind Item – April – Bollywood 3

We have another blind item today for you and this time, it’s from Bollywood Life. BL has previously reported that friends of this superstar don’t really like his firangi girlfriend. Usually, his family members are really supportive of his charity being extended to European people. They are cool with that and we are guessing it’s because he pays their bills too, which is why they keep quiet about his leisure time. Come to think of it, this is how he spends his money for leisure purposes. He might not want to get married, he does live like one. His previous girlfriend too lived with him for years and he paid for everything she needed, including her phone bills. But while his ex moved on as soon as she became independent and started making her own money, the current girlfriend seems to enjoy her free vacation in India. It must be nice for her to have found this superstar considering how she’s already in her late 30s and her career really wasn’t going places in her home country. Though she got a few paying gigs here and there from people willing to do this superstar a favour, her career is not going to go as far as his ex’s career managed to go. Changing her hair colour is not going to help either!But this blind item is not about all that, it’s about how this member of his family doesn’t like her. It’s not surprising considering she didn’t like his ex either. Does it really matter whether she approves of his girlfriends since she’s the one, who cheated on the superstar’s brother, but still the whole family still treats her nicely and take her on free vacations with them. So, her dislike for his girlfriend really doesn’t matter. As for the girlfriend, she should just enjoy her current status and save some money because who knows when the next firangi will come around. Isn’t it strange how his girlfriend almost look like this family member? Like a blonde version of her!


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – April - Bollywood 3


This hot actress wasn’t impressed when a superstar’s GF tried to ape her by going topless

This hot actress gave a cold shoulder to a superstar’s sexy girlfriend during a recent vacay

We’ve heard of actresses cat fights, but here was a cold war brewing between two hot ladies while on a family vacay. So the story goes like this… This hot babe was relaxing in a jacuzzi with another female member of the family. The actress was topless and chilling when another hottie walked in. The other babe in question was a star’s ladylove who seems to have rekindled her romance with our hero. On seeing that the actress had gone topless into the water, the lady also decided to follow her suit. As soon as the leggy lassie stepped into the area we hear the other two ladies picked their belongings and left the babe feeling really awkward. The lady despite being alone decided to stay back without company and was trying hard to have fun.

It seems that the hero’s girlfriend has not found many friends within the industry or in the actor’s own huge entourage of family and friends. This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard such a story. In the past when the actor had hosted a party at his residence, another heroine dissed the lady by calling her a β€œbai” (maid). On seeing that the actor’s new girlfriend was trying to show her closeness with the star by welcoming the guests and serving them refreshments, the other actress who was launched by the hero was super miffed. It seems that not only did the heroine leave no stone unturned to disapprove her hero’s choice, she also openly insulted her at the party.


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Hot Babe: Malaika Arora Khan

LadyLove: Iulia Vantur

Blind Item – April - Bollywood 3

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  1. pooja says:

    katrina kaif was miser she use salman till rk star paying her bill.nothing to do her finiacial independant even she demand car from akki+how dreamtour orginizer doent pay her cabbill.iulia is carbon copy of katrina

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