Blind Item – April 2016 – Bollywood

Today’s blind item comes from Mumbai Mirror. It’s not a surprise as to who this blind item is talking about. It’s part of the drama that has been happening in Bollywood since last month. It’s funny how when you get sued, you get sued for funny things you have said. But then again, the subject of this blind item shouldn’t have said those things as it sounds silly.


A hunky actor has recently been served a legal notice by a Christian organisation for using the Pope’s name in a derogatory manner, the actor has stated he’d rather have an affair with the pontiff than some of his purported liaisons. Since all legal notices must be replied to, the actor’s legal team was summoned to work. His lawyers, we hear, toyed with the idea of playing with the word ‘pope’. Their argument was the actor didn’t mean the head of the Vatican but, er, a fish. Turns out the Eurasian Ruffe, a freshwater fish found in Europe, is also called a pope.

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Hunky Actor: Hrithik Roshan

Blind Item – April 2016 - Bollywood

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2 Responses

  1. Rashmi says:

    are you kidding???? it is not a blind item is an article about Hrithik Indian media! I look forward to the normal interest of the blind items where everything is spoken hints, but no article issued for the blind item

    • bollywood says:

      hi..thanks a lot for visiting this site. as we mentioned on top of the content that this piece of news has been going around, so it will be much easier to guess.

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