Bipasha Basu can’t bring Karan Singh Grover on Salman Khan’s Da-Bangg Tour

Because monkeys are strictly not allowed! In case you think we are making fun of Karan Singh Grover’s face, it’s not what we are doing. Karan calls himself a monkey and together with Bipasha Basu, who’s his wife, they call themselves monkeys. Personally, we think he looks a lot like that character from ‘Ice Age’ called Sid, who’s a ground sloth. Karan’s face now reminds us of Sid! Don’t know why. Anyways, Bipasha has been asked by the producers of Salman Khan‘s upcoming tour that she will not get to bring a plus one to the tour. It seems that perhaps the organisers of this tour saw what happened with Bips in London and decided to not let her carry her extra baggage on their cost. Besides, Salman is literally doing her a favour by bringing her along seeing that she does not have anything else on her plate right now.

Get ready for some missing monkey messages on Instagram and Twitter when the tour starts on 14th of April 2017. He will be more sad that he cannot put a new chapter in his monkey travels diary, as he puts it. It must be nice though to travel nicely visiting a lot of places for free. Speaking of missing monkey, Bips took to Twitter to let the world know that she’s not pregnant and not planning to have a baby soon, since local papers have hinted that she might be expecting. Maybe she should ensure that her husband finds a job first before getting pregnant because who else will work when she will be expecting. As for now, she already has her plate full taking care of him, so she can wait. Since Karan won’t be there with her, maybe Bips can cozy up to Salman for a role in one of his upcoming films. We all know how Salman likes to help damsels in distress.

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2 Responses

  1. sneha says:

    How much his ex wife paid you for written this article. Anyways monkeys are so cute so Karan is also very cute. May God bless Karan Bipasha. Jalne wale jalte rahe πŸ˜› some people can never get over him.

  2. Smitha says:

    I see that resemblance now with karans face. Haha. Bips should try to be more professional , don’t be influenced by your monkey husband and end up doing monkey business.

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