Benjamin Millepied in a New Photoshoot for Madame Le Figaro

You know I hate it when people say that they get annoyed by the media or the paparazzi when they actually put themselves on the spot. If you don’t like the media and the paparazzi, then you don’t put yourself in a spot – a vulnerable spot. If you appear in magazines or in photoshoot, then you are putting yourself on the spot. It’s the same with being interviewed. It’s all the package of being a celebrity. rencontre-benjamin-millepied-08

In Benjamin Millepied‘s case, he is doing all this because he needs the publicity. By doing interviews and publicity, he will get more exposure hence more opportunities. So you see, it’s a win-win situation. The media needs a celebrity to work and the celebrity needs the media for work!



I do wish he dressed like this in real life, instead of recycling the same clothes over and over again. I love the way they styled his hair and made his forehead shorter.












Photos Courtesy of Madame Le Figaro

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