August 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 6

Today’s blind item from Mumbai Mirror is about this top star and his quest to make a lot of money. It seems that he just never learns. Only for his home production, he does not charge or perhaps he charges less. For other directors and producers, he charges them an amount so humongous that it becomes hard for the film to recover its money. We don’t know why he thinks he should get that price. Sure, he works really hard and for this film, it will be different for him because he will have to make his brain work harder; he will have to smarten up. Still, when he charges this much, doesn’t he realise that it might be hard for the production house to recover its budget? Or does he not care? Maybe he thinks that if he decreases his price, he loses his value in the industry. This is scary because this film is a niche film that might not appeal to everyone, so the chance of making back the money spent is not guaranteed. We want to say he quoted a really high price so that the director doesn’t sign him, but he’s already signed on the dotted line now. Anyways, what’s it to us? He’s burying his own career with his expensive price tag. It’s a pity he doesn’t think of the other way. There’s also this possibility that he’s charging this much because perhaps he’s not too fit to work in many films. So, he puts in all his energy in one film and then he can rest for as long as he wants. This film is the first film he has signed this year, 8 months after his film released in January. We can’t really comment on the fact that he has chosen to work with a sexual offender, that’s his choice. It would be hypocritical of him to stay away since Bollywood is not immune to these kinds of cases. Check out who this blind item is about.

Bollywood Blind Item

THIS A-lister, who was in talks with an award-winning but controversial filmmaker for his next, has finally signed on the dotted line after the latter agreed to his demands for a whopping remuneration on par with the Khans and a profit-sharing clause. The actor, who has not delivered an acclaimed hit in over five years, will also be involved in picking the leading lady for the movie. The buzz is the heroine won’t have much to do, and should be able to finish her work within 40 days. The director gave in to the actor’s demands, because two superstars he’d approached earlier turned him down because they were apprehensive of the bad press it would generate.


OSOP Guesses

A-Lister: Hrithik Roshan

Leading Lady: Katrina Kaif

Director: Vikas Bahl


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12 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Mary Kom, a North Eastern woman who wins a Olympic medal is played by a Punjabi. Another ethnic brown North Indian will be played by ‘greek god’ Punjabi (Super 30). A ethnic South Indian will also be played by another Punjabi (Akshay in Padman). I can’t help but feel it’s not fair – Bollywood’s underrepresentation of ethnicities in India.

  2. rekha says:

    Don’t they have other actresses why is it always Katrina? She is flopping left and right and she is still getting offers. It’s unreal.

  3. priya says:

    Hrithik, The Son of a Bitch.

  4. Etios says:

    I say good job Hrithik, In the movie business money talks and bullshit walks and By the way if it was any woman asking for higher fees, everyone here will be chanting ” You go Girl ” , “Women power” , “Feminism” etc etc.. Just like the entire world was cheering J-Law for charging 20 Million for a supporting role in Passengers which eventually sunk the movie, Sony pleaded her to reduce the fees and production costs but she was adamant that this is for “Feminism” and “woman power”

    • Admin says:

      You have a point, but bear in mind that women don’t even get to ask a price as high as an actor’s price. Deepika is supposedly the highest paid with only 12 crore where RK is still charging 35+ crore plus a share of the profits. That’s 3 times and HR is asking for more than that combined. We are assuming it must be more than 60 crore since YRF showed him the door when he quoted them that fee for TOH.

      As for JLaw, she did have 2 successful franchise. One of which was depended solely on her face and popularity. Perhaps, they should have cut down Chris Pratt’s price, he ain’t no twice Oscar winning actor. Heard the story was a bomb, though. Comparing HW with BW is not the way since HW is still prospering whereas movie companies are shutting down here due to the failure of their movies.

      • Nar <3 Kangana says:

        Exactly, Hrithik is asking for 50 to 60 crs and he doesnt deserve it but he knows Vikas is willing to do anything to get a “star” to work with him. Hrithik’s approach is disgusting tbh, but his so called fans will still say he is a saint,

      • Ananya says:

        I think actor or actress, they should be paid on the basis of star value and the market and opening they bring for the film. After all it’s a business for the producer. But they should leave gender out.

    • bucketbot says:

      We chant for a woman who has proved her worth ,both in terms of BO + critical acclaim, to get equal pay because women, historically, get paid much lesser than men in pretty much any field of work and it’s unfair. It makes sense that she demands her worth and it should be encouraged, so that women everywhere know that there is support for equality even in work place. It is a big deal. And we’re fair, we don’t do the same for anyone who does not bring anything unique to the table. We’re not going to defend those people. BTW Passengers made big dough, almost twice the budget.. J-Law’s 20 mil didn’t cause a single dent. The movie mostly suffered due to weak story and subsequent bad word of mouth. Had they made a better movie overall, they definitely would have made a billion. lol.

      For HR to ask such a high fees is preposterous. Deepika has a better record. Though, I think if he is playing the director like this, it means he is convinced the script is a big gamble.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Um, maybe u shud watch the movie before commenting? She was the lead in passengers. In fact there are only 3 characters in the whole movie! Ive seen the movie i know. Pls dont make baseless arguments in order to justify ur gender prejudice. Btw Hrithik is a turd of the first degree. Arrogant, insecure, cheater son of a cheater dad.

  5. Nar <3 Kangana says:

    He is taking advantage of Vikas’ situation with respect to getting another actor. These Roshans are the worst shits in all Btown

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