August 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 4

We have another blind item for you today from PinkVilla. This one does not sound as absurd and silly as the other blind items. It is surprising though that this actor has find the time to be mad at someone. See, he’s always so busy doing a gazillion films in a year, so it’s hard for us to imagine that he’s pissed off about this one director working with other people. It’s a little unfair, isn’t it?

After all this time in Bollywood, you would think that he’s not the type to be possessive. But, he likes the glory that he gets from working in this director’s films. That’s why he’s mad. Anyways, check out the blind item below on this superstar who is usually in blind items for his hookups. This is probably a first for him to be spoken about his work in blind items rather than other things.


Bollywood Blind Item


Social causes SUPER STAR and his fave director patch up after BIG FIGHT!


A super star who is big on social issues and is keen on spreading messages on the ills plaguing society through his films, had a big fight with his favorite filmmaker a couple of months ago, shocking the Bollywood fraternity. But now it seems the duo have hugged and made up and all is well.

Hua yeh ki… Flashback to the past: The filmmaker and the star has been giving many hits together. In fact it was this filmmaker that the super star got both in his career kitty – super hits and critical acclaim – something which had never happened to him before. Now he is also known to be quite autocratic in his work dealings, often riding roughshod over others to get his way. His marketing tactics are also last minute and wrapped in secrecy.

The super star and his filmmaker partner had been having their differences for some time but the simmering super star kept his cool till such time their next co-production (the super star was acting in it) came around the corner. He is known to be cool-headed but when he discovered the filmmaker ( with whom he had a partnership) had promised some distribution rights to a film they were co-producing. The super star picked up the phone and blasted his filmmaker partner who dug in his heels and refused to back down. According to him he was fed up of being treated like an assistant by the super star when today he was a successful director in his own right and had the right to make his own decisions too. He couldn’t hang around waiting for the super star to complete his films always. The super star argued back that the filmmaker was nothing without him and if he hadn’t acted in his second film, the filmmaker would not be able to make films with stars today…

And thus it went on till a crack developed in their long-standing professional friendship which seemed to become a permanent one. The duo had given three successful films (directed by the filmmaker) together and were supposed to start their fourth film soon but it hit a roadblock and work came to a grinding halt. With time the superstar had become possessive over the filmmaker and wanted to him to only do films with him as he was becoming known for his acting chops and getting awarded for his films – things which had never happened to him before.

The last straw post the fight was when the filmmaker announced a thriller with a young and handsome actor post their fight, without taking the super star into his confidence and the hurt actor in retaliation, announced two films – a realistic film with his relative and a sports film with a different production hoyse. Recently it was heard that crack had become so wide that their fourth film together had been shelved finally – the latest victim to their bitter feud.

But now we hear everything’s well between the two. Their last co-production which released recently had a very successful run at the boxoffice and their well wishers were pushing them to bury the hatchet and collaborate again together as they have given successful films together. The super star decided to let bygones be bygones and called the filmmaker in an emotional moment while shooting abroad. They spoke on the phone for almost an hour and resolved not to fight again.

Now that the crack is healing, we hear the fourth film is back on track and will roll next year. As they say, nothing changes people more than success!


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Akshay Kumar

Filmmaker: Neeraj Pandey


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