Arjun Kapoor should get his half-girlfriend’s help in losing weight

The trailer of ‘Half Girlfriend’ released and we were amazed! Not by the story or songs or even acting of the actors, we were just amazed at how Arjun Kapoor has put on so much weight that he’s almost looking like the old version of himself. How in the world is he still getting films? Why isn’t he working out? We know at the time of ‘Ki & Ka’, Arjun said he suffered from an injury on the sets of ‘Tevar’, which made him unable to exercise properly. We understood that, but that incident was then.

Even Bebola managed to get pregnant, put on weight and lose the weight after that film’s release until now. Speaking of Bebola, why doesn’t she recommend Arjun her surgeon’s name? Or better yet, why doesn’t her sidekick invest in her sugar baby’s health and weight issues? Don’t know who we are talking about? Well, we are referring to Arjun’s half girlfriend, Malaika Arora Khan. Have you seen Malaika? She has always been fit. What’s stopping her from helping Arjun shed his weight?

If they have time to hook up at random places around the world, she should find time to help him get the unwanted fat off. She’s divorced already, so she has nothing to worry about; no one will care about spotting them together. If he keeps on putting weight, no one would want to watch him on screen anymore. We smell laziness coming from him. And if he thinks he will keep on flashing that smile and all is going to be fine, he’s dead wrong. He’s worked so hard to become a film’s hero, he shouldn’t forget that struggle. Just check out the trailer of ‘Half Girlfriend’ below to see what we are talking about. Everyone is already panning the trailer since it’s been released. Balaji is surely going to shut down after this movie releases.



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3 Responses

  1. ghjk says:

    I have no comment to offer on his weight, I have not seen a single movie of his and probably won’t anytime soon so I don’t care about how he looks.

    Malaika, if she tells him to do anything, will be booted out the next second. She’s probably a safe space for him, where he can be himself and chill. If she gets the slightest bit clingy or demanding, she’ll be on the next bus home.

    lol @ sugar baby.

  2. Smitha says:

    Not sure whether to feel good or bad. It’s like Bollywood does not encourage fat actors to be actors. So what if he’s fat? He could still be talented. If it was a girl who was fat and someone bashing her , it would go viral. Anyway, Arjun doesn’t look good when he’s fat and malaika would probably leave you when you’re full of health problems better start hitting the gym now.

    • Bollywood says:

      It’s not really about genders here, it’s about him being and looking healthy again. Women look good with weight on. Remember Rani, Kareena and Preity had their putting on weight issues back then. But times have changed and that’s a fact.

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