April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Y’all…We are all being fooled. Not we, as in we…But we, as in all of us! Late last night, pictures and videos from the Filmfare Awards were coming out one by one. It was a little surprising how all of it seems rehearsed.

Well…To be fair, not so surprising since this whole drama started from Zee Cine Awards like a week ago. But with the Filmfare Awards, they all went wayyy too far.

Actually, the original title for this post was going to be Orgy at the Filmfare Awards…Since this was the word we got when looking at all these videos and pictures of these 4 clowns together.

How much longer do they feel they can fool people? People or their teenage fans? It seems that they all realized how their stardom depends so much on teenagers what-is-the-word shipping them that they are all willing to do this.

Maybe they all took the same thing before heading over there.

There should be some boundary there somewhere.

But this is Bollywood we are talking about, forget boundaries they don’t even have respect for others.

Firstly, Deepika is a people-pleaser so it’s not a wonder she’s pally-pally with her ex and his ex + his fake current one.

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

But what about Ranveer? What is going on with him? How can he cool with the man, who cheated on his wife and is not safe to be around any taken woman? How? Is it because he is grateful that Ranbir cheated on Deepika so he got to be with Deepu in the end. Or he tries sooo hard to prove to everyone that he is OK with Ranbir, but ends up going overboard.

We think he is trying to show everyone because remember, the man is a show-off, he does everything for show. Sure, by being polite with your wife’s ex, you are being a gentleman but by hugging him, kissing him or even sitting on him, you are trying to show everyone how confident or how man enough you are to do all these things.


They must have all been sooo high that nothing else mattered.

See, Ranbir is not that nice to begin with. As much as he pretends to be nice on the outside, he can be quite b!tchy when he is with his close ones. No one would want to be friends with someone, who will stab you in the back.

The most awkward one in this situation has to be Alia. After all, she was in school when all of them were getting big in Bollywood.

What’s going on with Ranbir here? It’s like his battery is dropping low and Alia is asking for the charger. Also, he is wearing make-up…It’s like suddenly he snapped out of it and started acting like himself again.

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Alright, let’s get started with the awards now.


Zee Cine Awards

Ranbir Kapoor won the Best Actor Award.

Alia Bhatt won the Best Actress Award.

Ranveer Singh won Best Actor (Male) Viewers Choice

In all honesty, we forgot Ranbir had ‘Sanju’ last year. So we were wondering why was he there? Because he has not attended an awards show for a long time. Like he stopped caring enough to attend.

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

After all the bad press that both Alia and Ranbir got, especially Ranbir with his bully-behaviour with Alia, KJo must have told them it’s time to step up the act. Alia is always ready, it’s Ranbir who looks like he couldn’t care less.

Hence, Ranbir had to step up his game and prove to everyone how romantic he is and what a good boyfriend he is.

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Ranveer, Deepika, Ranbir and Alia all sat together in the front. Katrina was also there, she sat with Sonam Kapoor. Can you imagine? The whole time RK and Kat were together, they never once went to an awards show together. They never even sat together.

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Ranbir and Aloo did a little dance together on stage then gave the papz their first shot of them holding hands.

There were no official pictures released from this awards show, except for the red carpet event.


Filmfare Awards

Ranbir Kapoor won the Best Actor Awards

Alia Bhatt won the Best Actress Award

Ranveer Singh won Best Actor in a Leading Role (Critics)

Filmfare Awards went all big this year. All the Aloo, RK, RK and DP Shippers are going to keep on eye on Filmfare. Well done, Jiteish!

Do you think KJo was directing them via WhatsApp?

After all, Aloo and Ranbir came separately at different time. KJo and the editor of Filmfare are quite close so it is not surprising that the best performance of Aloo and Ranbir was reserved for Filmfare Awards.

It could have been more natural, but ended up looking sooo forced. Everyone is happily smiling and hugging.

Again, Ranbir, Ranveer, Alia and Deepika were sitting together. Katrina was there too and this time, she made an effort to go and greet Alia and Ranbir. It’s nice that she has moved on from this trauma. He’s not her problem anymore.

So, the biggest bomb drop in the evening was when Aloo called RK, “Her special one” and went on to drop an “I Love You” to him.

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

No word on whether Ranbir reciprocated the favor. A bit ironic since both of his exes are there.

Ranbir also took the chance to just make out with Vicky Kaushal. Vicky’s #MeToo moment! (nojoke)

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

So, you have all seen the pictures online by now but do you know what happened at the Filmfare Awards?

Come, we’ll tell you…


What happened during Filmfare Awards 2019?

Katrina: (thinking) Oh, look at you – you poor little lamb. You don’t know what’s about to hit you!

Alia: Kat, I am so sorry…You look nice.

Katrina: Yeah, right! Hihi…

Ranveer: (thinking) How long more I have to wait? Break it up Alia, my arms are hurting!

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Ranbir: (thinking) What are they talking about?

Ranbir’s bodyguard: (thinking) I better get there before Kat’s leg kick him in the face! After all, I helped him escape that day at the apartment…

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Ranveer: (thinking) Finally!

Katrina: Muaaahhhh…

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Ranbir: (thinking) Eee…Bappi Lahiri! No wait, that’s Ranveer.

Ranveer: Come here, you!

Ranbir: You smell nice!

Deepika and Alia: Muah, Muah…

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Katrina: Hi…

Ranbir: (reaches out hand to hug her)

Katrina: (reaches arm and hand to stop him)

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Katrina: Don’t touch me!

Ranbir: The cameras are watching, Katrina…

Katrina: OK, fine!

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019


Ranbir and Katrina: Muah, Muah…

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Alia: Then, Karan accidentally hit on like. I always tell him not to use his phone on the loo before brushing his teeth, he never listens. Now people think he is a snake!

Ranbir: Ssssstttsssstttssstt…

Deepika: Oohh! Is that Katrina coming?

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Alia: He told me he had nothing to do with that girl from that film.

Deepika: You just wait and see…I have seen this scene before, many times.

Ranbir: Hihi…

Alia: Huh!

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Katrina: Oh, there you are kamini…

Alia: It’s me, Alia. Did you forget my name already?

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Deepika: Psst..Just now Katrina came and called her kamini and Alia had no idea she was talking to her.

Ranveer: Hahah…Careful your hair will get caught in this.

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

Ranbir: Quick, cameras are pointing at us. Pretend I am telling you a funny joke.

Alia: HiiHii.










Ranbir: Koochi,koochi, poochi,poochi, moochi,moochi

Alia: Hahahah!











Ranbir: You think we made a great show tonight? Karan would be happy?

Alia: Ya, ya. Daddy would be super proud!

Ranbir: No, I meant Karan.

Alia: Yes, I heard!

Ranbir: Finally, I can go home. Ayan is waiting for me.

Alia: Ya, ya. My cats too are waiting for me.

April Fools at Awards Shows 2019

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46 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    Hey Admin.. this article was a gem! It’s so funny.. you just made me smile after a real bad day! Keep them coming

  2. Rami says:

    BW has become very fake, the award shows are not like it is shown on tv! It’s edited, the top artists come late and leave early! Plus , after rishi kapoor said he bought his filmfare award, says it all , about the worth of these awards! As far as,the link up of top artists, that can be interesting, but it has no importance, if the film story is not strong, the film will flopped!, One would hope Kjo Aunty, would learn a good lesson, if his movie does not gives the results, by using artists relationships to promote films! But, Kjo aunty is not alone to blame , if the top artists in BW willing to do anything for fame and fortune is very disappointing! RK should have kept his personal relationship private, like he had done in the past , at least he had more respect, now with Alia he looks very fake, BW player,not classy!

  3. kiran101 says:

    Bollywood is fake , Really it does not matter who i like or dialike. But the way all these women especially Ranbir’s exes talk about him and behave like long lost friends …its nauseating . Atleast Katrina is not painting a ” we are friends ” ” mutual love ” BS . She is being cordial which also clearly sending just doing for survival signals ” I am just saving myself from more neagtivity these ppl can bring ” vibes.

    Ranveer … Well i guess he has to lay along with his wife….I wish he gave a damm about hyping this nepo kid and playing along with KJO . I guess if Ranveer was like that he prolly wud not have even been with DP.

    • kiran101 says:

      Play along *

    • Lucy says:

      I feel sad,ranveer with all the karan hatred he got in initial years still rejected karmas films and kept the sucking up to survival tactics only.he seemed a better guys with anushka,with deepika he has become like her.going overboard with the sucking up and people pleasing to a point of coming across as fake.so quickly they forget this is the same group that regularly tarnished her reputation in blinds.

  4. LondonThumakda says:

    @Hmm lol I’m not actually a Kat fan, I think she’s hot but thats about it.

    The thing is if it had been any other actor who had won an award for a performance which brazenly glorified toxic masculinity in a movie almost universally panned by critics and directed by a man accused of sexual harrassment himself, there would have been more of a hue and cry about it. But somehow all of that has been drowned out by memes of Ranbir hugging and palling around with all his past and present girlfriends.

    It is annoying how EVERYONE panders to Karan and Ranbir. From Deepveer to Ayushman and Vicky, even Rajkumar and Bhumi were so excited and giggly in their KWK debut. Why are they so powerful? Ranbir has hardly had a super successful career and Karan’s films are cringeworthy at best, Dharma’s biggest hit was Simmba which was a Ranveer-Rohit Shetty show throughout. So why? Is it because people are afraid if they dont stay in their good books, they might fall victim to online smear campaigns via blinds etc.?

    I honestly think there is some resentment brewing amongst the neutral audience. Kangana started the anti-nepotism backlash. An Alia overdose might be the next nail in the coffin. Then why is the entire industry and media doubling down in enabling them? Especially the girls should be wary … after all Alia is putting them out of business. Deepika can still rest on her past laurels but i feel bad for the next gen…Badla and Lukka Chuppi have both been declared super-hits. Each of these films has made more money than Dear Zindagi, Kapoor and Sons, Highway. Where is the hype? Where are the articles praising Kriti and Tapsee to the skies and calling them the Next Big Thing…? Sanya has been in two bonafide blockbusters. AFAIK she is yet to announce her next…

    As someone said the only hope is if kalank and brahmastra underperform…here’s hoping for a miracle! 🀞
    OK rant over πŸ™‚

  5. Anonymous says:

    Deepika is not he most intelligent or articulate person out there. She is where she is because she works hard and is disciplined. She always does the most ridiculous things and says the most nonsensical stuff. She never completed school and also did not go through rigorous personality enhancement or communication training in beauty pageants like Ash or Priyanka. Added to that she has a very dull personality and does not have a mentor like Karan who is very PR Savvy so she struggles with communication and interactions. She is very weird and awkward on her own.

  6. Norman says:

    i am proud to stan someone as dignified as kat

  7. Mage of Anjou says:

    What a farce of an award season. The terrible foursome of RK/Alia/Ranveer/Deepika have overwhelmed all others and hogged the limelight from other awardees who also deserve their moment in the sun. It’s actually kinda gross. A few thoughts:

    Deepika really, really needs to learn that it’s okay to be just cordial with Ranbir. Even if she is fond of him and has no issues, she needs to learn that appearances matter. Greet him, have a chat, move the hell on. In all their antics, she comes off the worst, in my view. RS is tagging along, because why not? This suits his natural attention-seeking gene down to the ground. I do think Deepveer have a very strong relationship, and just wish they wouldn’t tarnish it publicly with all of these shenanigans. They don’t need all this mess.
    RK and Alia might be headed towards marriage. Not because he’s head over heels in love with her, in fact the more I see of them, the more I see a detachment on his end. But his peers are all hooked up, RS just got married, Shahid has a family, Varun is heading that way, heck even Arjun Kapoor has a ladylove. The playboy tag is getting to him. But more importantly, he is an avid pop culture student and he KNOWS how powerful an onscreen/offscreen pairing can be. He sees firsthand how much the DeepVeer movement has brought to DP/RS. He wants a piece of that pie. So Alia, who is possibly his counterpart talent wise, and who is a top actress, fits the bill nicely. His parents like her, she is the pet project of the most influential producer, plus she is ambitious enough to want the same sort of image (POWER COUPLE) that he does. It works and she’ll do.
    Katrina really emerges as a bit of a winner in all this. She is pointedly staying clear of this foursome and their convoluted pr games, and she actually looks at peace and happy with herself. Her smiles, sitting with Sonam, are genuine. This isn’t a woman still nursing a broken-heart I don’t think. Also interesting how RK looks at her, I think he realizes she’s well and truly over him and doesn’t give a flying fig what he gets up to now. She can afford to be sweet to Alia also, who at this point is just a fool who doesn’t know it yet. I wonder if the Vicky Kaushal rumours are true, read an article today which said they are into each other but the timing isn’t right (messy breakup with the gf/public tag of homewrecker that Kat wants to avoid), but she seems really content with her life at the moment.

    It would be so nice to get a breather from these four though. And from Karan Johar! He’s turning Bollywood into Aliawood and his gang ARE all obediently dancing to his tune. I’m this close to wishing for all their movies to flop so they can all eat some humble pie. Very badly needed at this point.

  8. Two cents says:

    I was so waiting for this article. Loved it, RK saying “Ayan is waiting for me’ – made me laugh for a good 10 minutes. All four of them went overboard this time. Alia’s ‘i love you’ on stage is cringe! That too when both his exes are there. Pretty sure they all know its an arrangement. Then there is DP with her ‘my favourite people’ pic; when did Vicky become her fave and when did the guy who broke her heart and left her for another woman become her fave? Attention seeking at its finest. To top all this is RS romancing RK…the dude is either trying to pretend he is cool with RK (for us the public) or he is just weird. Kat, whom I am no fan of, was actually dignified. Just some cordial hugs and smiles and no nautanki.

  9. R U says:

    Atleast Katrina has the spine to not sit with them and do all that dhoong for Kjo anf Jitesh. She was just being cordial
    There four have gone overboard with their orgy now lmao .its high time deepu and ranveer grow some spine and walk out on aloo and ranbir cause it is All FAKE
    Also fuck you Karan johar

    • NewGirl says:

      Reddit says Deepika has responded to some juvenile fan rant on instagram shading RS and SLB.

    • Bollywood junkie says:

      Haha..what Deepika is doing with Ranbir and KJo, Kat is doing with Salman. Does she have spine to go against him after the abuse she had with him. It is just part of the game.

  10. Nikita says:

    “Katrina was all over Ranbir last night” lmfao from which angle. He got up to greet her and she greeted him back. Some people just see what they want to and would even make up things in their head for that same purpose.

    According to an entertainment journalist on Twitter who was present at the FF awards Katrina left early much before the show ended and these four were sitting right at the entrance. When Katrina was leaving Alia and Ranveer got up from their seats to greet Kat and so did Ranbir and mind you a whole lot of cameras were there. She can be clearly seen resenting Ranbir’s hug but gave in because of all the paps buzzing around, if she had refused to hug him and pushed him away media would have created a huge deal and the same people who are now accusing her of not being over him for simply reciprocating his hug would be calling her bitter.

    • Nikita says:

      Plus look at Katrina’s clenched fist in the picture of her and RK hugging and compare it to the picture of RS and Katrina but sure Katrina was all over Ranbir,she just can’t get enough of those droopy eyes!

  11. leaps says:

    @ROFL the title is brilliant. this entire award show was about PR facades

  12. Monalisa says:

    Ranveer kiss and hug everyone from fans,media to other actors. He has always been like this with RK when he meets him. So many pics from over the years are there on the internet where he is hugging him. So was not surprised he was doing that because most people who followed them would have seen them hugging, dancing, partying at Arjun kapoor’s parties and other events. I was more surprised at the way RK hugged him at ZCA because he is usually very detached and physically not so affectionate. Have never seen RK hug anyone like this except for Ayan. He never hugged his ex or current gfs with so much love.

    I think with the release of Brahmastra so close, kjo wanted everyone in bollywood to validate them show to people that they indeed are real.RS, DP and Kat were just playing their parts.
    Kjo got every loose end tied up last night using SRK, DP, RS Vicky and Kat.

    RS was Alia’s recent co-star, RK is DP’s ex so who bettr than them to validate them. RS’s next is with kjo so I’m sure if kjo asked RSDP to be over-friendly with them so that people buy AlooRK as a couple they will do it. They are both people pleasers and are not in positions to throw tantrums at this point of their careers.

    Aloo gets a lot of hate from kat fans and neutrals for allegedly breaking the girl code and dating Kat’s ex. Kat has always said she is okay with them dating and like, comment on Aloo’s ig post to show her love but no one bought it. So he got kattu onboard to go and act pally with Aloobir hug, kiss RK infront of the media at filmfare to prove that katrina is fine and people are bashing Aloo for no reason.

    . He posted a selfie with SRK in his vans to show that they are indeed still on good terms.

    Kjo got DP, RS, Vicky to promote Kalank for free by getting them to dance to the songs of the movie which Varun and Kjo shared on instagram.

    He got Aloobir to confess their love on an award show tht would watch by a lot of people to increase visibility to the couple. He is hoping people get hyped up by seeing all the fake love to go and watch his 150 crores++ movie. Up until now all his tricks failed so this is is last resort.He has been trying so hard to sell the couple that he has stooped to the level that he got filmfare and his bestie Jitesh to do his dirty work. Jitesh love RK and Aloo so he will do anything to plug them

    So the whole award pally pally and hugging people did with Aloonir is all fake. Maybe kjo promised Kat and DP movies. RS toh already has one movie with him.

  13. LondonThumakda says:

    Admin LOLololol πŸ™‚ you have truly outdone yourself, this is pure comedy gold :)))

    Deepika and Katrina looked beyond gorgeous. Am I the only one who wants to see them together in an action chick-flick?

    If I were Deepveer I would be enormously grateful to Ranbir for cheating, its the best thing to happen to them, followed closely by being cast by SLB. They probably thank him profusely every time they meet…

    The expression on Ranbir’s face tho in the pic where Kat is hugging Ranveer …that look basically sums up how I feel about Ran-Alia πŸ™Š

    I cannot believe Stree didnt win anything, what a joke…it was the most entertaining and original movie of the year by faaaaar… also cannot believe Sanju won, I mean i know #metoo doesnt mean jacksh1t to these people but at least try and pretend to take it semi-seriously…it was such a horrible movie too they could have easily given the best actor to Ayushman or Ranveer and given the critics choice to Nawaz for Manto… but then what can we expect from the “Vimal Elaichi” Awards…

  14. NewGirl says:

    Are their fans buying any of this? PR clowns indeed.

    Did anyone else see the OTT RS/RK hug after RS’s ZCA win? It was so awkward to watch.

  15. NARS says:

    It was way over the top. I bet that private jet is loaded with coke. Btw Deepika is heading back to Delhi for her new movie sonwhy were all of them on that jet? Where are the going? Don’t they all live in Mumbai?

  16. Hatekjo says:

    Kjo aunty has paid them all. Ranveer Deepika trying to get in his good books by being extra friendly with Alu and Ranbir. It’s called desperate to get limelight .

    But admin you are biased towards Deepika. Didn’t say a word about Katrina hugging and kissing her Ex Ranbir. How can she do this with a man who cheated and left her in the most insulting manner?
    Isn’t she acting desperate too like Deepika?

    Katrina fans made s huge deal when Deepika kissed Ranbir.

    • Peachy says:

      Honestly, Katrina is doing what she needs to survive. With her no longer in a relationship with Ranbir, she’s failing to remain in the limelight for her relationships and drama, and that’s really important for all these people.

      But also, honestly, how much strength do you need to get over the shit Ranbir pulled on her? I mean, 6 years of relationship heading towards marriage despite so many odds, it must have been so hard to get over that shit. Ranbir+Kjo are truly scum (I love his acting and a lot of his movies) but I cannot get over how he treats women. I wish Katrina a happy ending, she really deserves it. Deepika had hers, and I’m glad! Ranveer is such a catch. Why must she be a people pleaser, though, it really undermines her.

      And, oh God Alia, there hasn’t been a more average person in looks and acting to have gotten so popular. I absolutely did not like her in Raazi; a more capable actress would have gotten the emotional aspects of the character right. She struggled.

      • Hatekjo says:

        I hold nothing against Katrina. I am only sick to see her fanbase trolling Deepika when both Deepika and Katrina are the birds of same feather flock.

        They talk about dignity and class. That’s boils my blood only. Why rules are different for both ?

        This Kjo needs to be thrown out as soon as possible. He has ruined the industry with his cheap tactics. Don’t know why these celebrities lick his ass. He is not a great filmmaker at all.
        A nepo kid who heired one of the most prestigious production house.

        Kangana is damn right about Kjo.

        • Peachy says:

          I think the difference between the two is that Kat never shaded Ranbir on KWK with Sonam, was not brazenly explicit about the shit he pulled and then backtrack on it to constantly play bestfriends with him for PR.

          Kat did a film with him, promoted it and then remained tight lipped enough about what caused the breakup while still speaking about how it allowed her to emerge stronger from it. She’s also not talking about Ranbir doing condom ads and some other boxer related wtf comments she’s made.

          Katrina seems cordial without falling all over Ranbir for PR sake, and therein lies the difference.

          I feel Deepika is too far ahead in her life (marriage and all) to be referred to as Ranbir’s ex, she should treat herself to the dignity of that – that’s what the Indian audience feels.

          • HateKjo says:

            There is no difference expect Deepika spoke it by herself while Katrina threw shades at him and his family indirectly and through countless PR stories. Who can forget her GQ interview.

            Recall a blind by her degrading him through that boxer sneaking story. Deepika did go over the board to talk about boxers but again these people can stop low to promote their movies. As far as condom ads, she took a dig at him directly. Katrina called him a philanderer and a commitment phobic. She pretty much repeat Deepika’s statements but in a restraint manner.

            Katrina is same as Deepika. Only difference is the way of putting out things. Deepika doesn’t care about her public image unlike Katrina.

            Also, Katrina is treating her Ex Salman in the same way as Deeoika treats her Ex Ranbir.

            Katrina was all over Ranbir. Pictures are there. Infact you can see Katrina using his name for Zero promotions. Why are you defending Katrina? There is no difference. What will you call this hug ? Its clearly for PR sake and attention.

            Indian audience has different rules for women.

            Both women has no dignity and class.

          • Peachy says:

            If there’s anyone who cares about her public image more than anything, it’s Deepika. Her PR is known to be extremely aggressive and none of her interactions with people are without some business need in mind. There was an AMA on Reddit that said as much.

          • Angie says:

            Well said! Deepika doesn’t need Ranbir, but she somehow seems to think she does. Sad.

    • Peachy says:

      C’mon, dude, she responded in the only way she could after rudely being asked about being unmarried when they know she wanted to be married more than anything and it didn’t work out.

      Let’s not hate on Kat for no reason.

      Also, I don’t see how either have no dignity or class for it. It’s show biz; things are allall ab public perception. Deepika did give more headlines wrt Ranbir than Kat post breakup. She gives them even now, man.

      She has always been close to Salman and it’s no secret that he played a big role in her rise to fame. People take a dig time and again about it so idk what your issue it. She gets enough hate, literally more than any of the top actresses.

      Why am I defending her? You should ask yourself why you’re making disrespectful comments about some stranger’s class and dignity?

      Your comments sounds extremely misogynistic.

      • Tina says:

        Peachy, Kat had already seen the backlash against Sonam and Deepika post KWK interview about Ranbir. She knew better than saying anything outright, so she helped release blinds such as this creepy one.


        In fact Kat has a much better grip onPR then Deepika. Even Salman has talked about Kat’s PR skills and knowledge multiple times. Apparently she was the first person ever to have a personal image consultant/PR person, and he learnt of the concept from her.

      • HateKjo says:

        Why are you hating Deepika for no reason then?

        See Katrina too gave headlines about Ranbut after breakup. Most of them are through her PR. She even gave headlines about Salman . Almost repeating the same thing like how close they are.

        You are hating on one but defending another for the similar reasons. It’s strange indeed.
        Didn’t Deepika got enough hate ? Age received more flake than any other actress unnecessarily.

        Katrina is more image conscious person. She has a clever PR. It’s a known fact Katrina never meets and greets a person unless the person is beneficial to her. Every move of her is well planned and has some ulterior motives behind. Yiu cant blame Deepika for meeting people for only business in mind. They both are the same.

        • HateKjo says:

          Infact this move of Katrina is planned and on a purpose. It’s not some sweet gesture or coolness as you mention @peachy.
          It’s about getting limelight and fame because she knows media creates hype about such idiotic stuff.
          You can’t say that none of Deepika’s interaction is without business in mind. When its quiet open secret that Katrina’s only interacts with and nice with those who can benefits her.
          You are calling my comments misogynistic but in real you sounds sexist.

          I made a general comparison and a comment. But again you proved that Katrina’s fan have different set of rules for Her and other women.

    • Lucy says:

      Apparently on other gossip forums someone mentioned that she came after these people,and the entrance was from the side that she walked in and these people were already sitting there but Deepika wasn’t there at that time.had katrina walked past them then the media would have potrayed her as a sad real life babita still pining for ranbir.its great that she went and greeted them all.especially Alia Ranbir expression is of shock and disbelief.how can Katrina be so cool and unaffected by us kind of expression.

    • Peachy says:

      Lol I’m only telling you what both women have done. Neither is a saint but it’s wrong to say neither have dignity or class. I don’t like Katrina any more than I Iike Deepika – as you can see, many comments have talked about how Katrina is cordial but not buddying up with Ranbir as DP. Infact, it’s okay, DP can buddy up, no problem, but her fandom itself hates the way she gives headlines about RK, Vin Diesel and general wtf statements she’s made.

      • HateKjo says:

        I am a Deepika fan but dont support her blindly. I point out her wtf statements and mistakes. My comments clearly indicates people’s hypocrisy. Same bunch of people who trolls Deepika for Ranbir, supports Katrina for being friendly and lovey dovey with Salman and supporting her being cordial with Ranbir. This is what I cant stand.

        • Peachy says:

          Now I’ve understood why you’re arguing so much xD you’re a Deepika fan after all! She has always remained friendly with Salman, never praising him or talking about his boxers/wtf statements about him. There’s a dignified distance between them. People like you make me hate Deepika, not that I loved her for the non-talent she is. Please shutup already.

    • Monalisa says:

      Mumbai mirror’s article on Filmfare mention that after greeting Aloo and RK, Kat sat down with them and had a brief chat.

  17. Positivevibesonly says:

    Admin, you are one sad person. You wrote an entire article dissing people left right and center without knowing an ounce of what each one of them is thinking. You need to park your high horse and let people be. You are creating so much negativity and people are joining in. Remember, people start believing when they keep hearing it again and again. Give the celebs a break. If you don’t like how they live their life, move on. Nobody is telling YOU how to behave, love, live, succeed. If you notice all you write about is kjo rk alia and kangana. Get a life!

    • abcd says:

      rk alia kjo have stooped down to pathetic level. are you trying to say their bad deeds are justified? this means being good at work is more important than being a good human being?? remember what goes around comes around. this takes time but does happen

    • Admin says:

      Behen, this post was by popular request…We didn’t get pagli in the middle of the night to suddenly feel the need to write this. No bhootni got into us. We did it because it was requested. When readers make a request, we try our best to fulfill it because who knows, it might put a smile on their faces. This is what we think when we are writing it: spreading positivity and cheering readers through words.

    • Melvin says:

      Loved this article, admin…it’s been a tough day and this made me laugh. And why can’t we laugh at these people? They are actors….ACTORS…nothing more. Why place them on a pedestal? Why fight over them so?

      It would be so boring if there was only one and only perfect star (even though Alia seems to be on her way to being in every dang movie in Bollywood). It would be so boring to have Ranveer in all the movies, or Akshay, or or…anyone really. We should really learn to laugh at these people because they are all so hyped and so full of their own self-respect importance.

      Admin, I really really love your website and this is the only place I can read Bollywood news and laugh. Thanks so much ❀️

    • Admin says:

      You have been commenting using different accounts, please comment on your approved account or else it is flagged as a spam.

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