April Fool will be in January next year

If you remember last year in June, there was this POST. If you were not here then, take a look and then catch us back here again.

April Fool will be in January next year

So, randomly this week Rajeev Masand announced that Varun Dhawan will be tying the knot to his longtime girlfriend Natasha Dalal next year. Even though, last year Mumbai Mirror mentioned that Varun will definitely get married to Natasha this year so now according to RM, they will be getting married next year.

And in an even more random way, Rajeev choose to remind us of Alia and Ranbir also waiting to get married next year in January. So from announcing they were together in June 2018 to already deciding on marriage in March 2019, this is the first for Ranbir – the first time he announced through “friends” that he has set a wedding date.

He was with Katrina Kaif for over 6 years and not once in the first 2 or 3 years did any paper or media outlet announced they have decided on marriage. The only time that happened was probably some time before they broke up, but as soon as news came out Katrina denied it. Maybe because it can impact her career in a negative way.

So whoever is advising Ranbir and Alia on when to get married, this person is telling them that talking about it and making a sly announcement is a smart decision.

The irony is, most people in the media think that this relationship will be over by the time ‘Brahmastra’ releases. The film is supposed to be released in December 2019 and these two are planning to get married in January 2020.

Coincidence or planned?

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At this point, all the people involved are waiting to see how this relationship will benefit the box office outcome of this film. If it works, they are going to go ahead with it, but if it doesn’t…Let’s wait and see. Remember, they have 3 films planned on this subject. So, if it works they will move on to the second film. If not…

But it’s sooo touching to see how they are being shoved down our throats because they know no one believes them. It’s what PC did and is still doing. So, if this one goes on and lands up being official in the eyes of the law, this is not the end of it, unfortunately. They are looking like fools and refuse to see it. They are going to milk it up for as long as they can.

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In the meantime, check out a drunk KebabJo embrassing the hell out of Alia and Ranbir at someone else wedding.

April Fool will be in January next year

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Imagine inviting someone to your wedding. Wait, scratch that! Imagine paying someone to come to your wedding and instead of praising you on stage, they praise someone else hence stealing your thunder.

That was awkward to watch. Even more awkward to see Ayan say his wishes for the couple like if he is sending them a Valentine’s Day card! Come on, at least fake it more. Maybe they were so drunk that they didn’t want to try anymore. After all, they are wasting time away at a wedding when they were supposed to be working on their bid budget film.


Are you excited for the biggest wedding Bollywood will never is about to see?

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Ranbir fooled Alia initially by lying to her that he won’t be able to make it for her birthday party as he has prior work commitments to tend to, but eventually sprung up at her house in the wee hours of the night surprising her endlessly. Well, do you know the brainchild behind this? Brahmastra director Ayan Mukerji it is! He along with Ranbir meticulously planned out the entire thing to surprise Ms Bhatt.

Apparently, not just Alia, even her gal pals were pleasantly surprised on seeing Ranbir Kapoor at midnight. The actor like a doting would-be son-in-law, seeked blessings from Alia’s parents first by touching their feet, and then wished the birthday girl. That’s sweet! Ranbir surely knows how to impress women. Also, Alia’s mother, Soni Razdan cooked special food for all the invitees. We are totally loving how Ranbir and Alia have gotten so close to each other’s families and can’t wait to know official details on their wedding.

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33 Responses

  1. Samantha says:

    Where has admin disappeared????
    No posts since sooooo long… pls come back n post abt ‘PC n Nick’s impending divorce’.. pretty pls!

  2. Monalisa says:

    Alia bagged SLB’s next with Salman. Don’t think she is going to have time to get married as she has signed back to back movies. Her calender is fully booked. Neetu must be the one giving all these marriage rumour news to media.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      Mona Lisa, This has to be some kind of a record right – gully boy, Kalank, brahmastra, takht, rrr, sadak 2, inshallah, the ashwini Iyer tiwari film, the mountaineering film…9 films?! I don’t think even in their heyday in the 90s mads etc worked on so many simultaneously. Am I the only one who finds this disappointing and weird? No one is commenting about it in the media or twitter or whatever?

      • Anon says:

        @London- Totally agree! Pretty disappointing. It’s what my naani would call pichhle janmon ke acche karmo ka phal..lol..in that it’s totally undeserved so the only thing logical explanation is a mystical one!! Hehe. Alia is talented but she has been given more opportunities than anyone to hone and refine that talent. It’s KJO’s influence plus her incredibly low fee that has helped her get here.
        I think ppl have made some elliptical references though, Kangana obviously, Aishwarya of all people talking about opportunities falling in her lap, Sonam and Rhea at KWK, Tapsee Pannu. Journalists probably don’t want to piss off KJO. And they usually don’t say disparaging things about anyone who appears to be at the top..as it’s bad for business. The only thing that I think will happen is ppl will get sick of her with overexposure. Similar to what happened with J Law or even Rani Mukerjee in her heyday. The audience will want a break but Alia would’ve made enough bank either way through endorsements and enough of a filmography so it ll still end well for her I guess.

      • Universal says:

        I guess her role would be minuscule in a few of them. Doesn’t matter when PR is ready to pounce on even her 5 sec appearance somewhere. Though it’s really disappointing to see only one actress doing all movies. Like where are the other ones!

    • leaps says:

      Alia opposite salman seriously !!!! this is such a mismatch btw who did she get thrown out of the movie to be salman heroine, Also alia can check slb off her check list

  3. Universal says:

    Wow this was more cringeworthy than KJos RK-Aloo advertisements on KWK. I won’t be surprised if instead of Alia, KJo hops on to that mandap with RK at the last moment.
    Also, what is with all the ambanis? They look kinda assembled and might disintegrate anytime. Like those aliens under human garb in Men in black.

    • Aura says:

      LOLLLL …. you are so right! Something is strangely off with the Ambani kids’ demeanor. So much money, but no grace or class.

  4. Bollywood junkie says:

    All of you please go ahead and read comments on new song of kalank on YouTube..everyone is blasting kjo and how Alia cannot be Deepika/aish/madhuri..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Samantha says:

    they will NEVER marry! NEVER! Alia is a top actor; she s playing along just to get movies frm sugar papa KJo! Neither she s 35+ tht she ll hurriedly marry like PC: nor she is a struggling actor that she needs this fake marriage! Ayan n Ranbir r together; frm getting doped together to Ayan smelling RK’s used undies.. n even we all know it; so why would Alia do something suicidal as coming between Ayan n RK

    • Aura says:

      Because, marrying into the “khandaani” Kapoor family will be hard to pass up. And as history has shown us, plenty of top BW actresses were/are willing to give their right arms to marry into one of these powerful filmy families.

    • guest says:

      ROFL samantha come on they will alia is no damsel in distress here

    • Anonymous says:

      Depends on the success of Bhramastra. If it is a hit then they are going to get married. For RK it is perfect set up, a wife who is ok with his philandering and who adds to his brand value as a star couple. She will produce some Kapoor Khandaan babies also since she is still young and fertile.

  6. Ananya says:

    What if they actually go ahead and tie the knot? Didn’t PC do it, and she was someone I thought wanted marriage for the right things. So why not Rk and Alia who are not even in to that institution?!

    If the first part works, what if Kjo does get them married?! Will Rk settle for this though. It’s the best set up for him, a wife who’ll put up with his ways and offer kids. But his ego will need a sexy wife!

    How many think they’ll follow Prick?

    • Anon says:

      @Ananya – Ranbir and Alia will marry because like someone said below, he is too old by Indian standards to be “playing the field” and still appear cool and desirable as an A lister. Salman makes it work but also because Salman never had a romantic, straight-laced image to uphold. There was some news last year post Mahira that Neetu was looking for a girl in London but I too think his ego is too big for him to marry a non-celebrity. He wants to be part of a power couple and a hit jodi even if it’s Alia. The only thing I find odd about this whole thing is Alia seems to be wayyy too independent and strong minded to fall for RK’s ways. Seriously, everyone including directors like Zoya and Imtiaz have said how deceptively sweet but how sharp she really is. i have no doubt she is really street-smart because you don’t become Kjo’s numero uno person without some serious people skills but what’s in it for her? Is it her Plan B after she hits the age 30 wall in Bollywood? Is it because she’s indebted to Karan? Just makes no sense why she would want someone with so much emotional baggage. I’m not an RK hater from any stretch of imagination but even I can tell that boy has issues to work out.

      So yes I too think they will follow Priyanka and Nick. Regarding PC, I think she burned too many bridges and waited too long for SRK to go public and all things considered and as sad as it sounds, at least via Nick she has some roots and backing in LA, even if it is just for show. Her whole wedding rigmarole made me a little sad but she was still able to land on her feet unlike a Rekha or other yesteryear actresses who were endlessly waiting for married men to leave their wives and ruined their lives in the process.

    • Positivevibesonly says:

      To the anon above and to all who are creating theories on why they are together even if not being together is an option- HOW ABOUT THEY REALLY ARE INTO EACH OTHER? Is it so hard to accept?
      I am appalled by this article. How can the admin have so much hate for somebody without even personally knowing these 2? I know this will not be published, and if it did, people will say β€œbecause this is a gossip website?” But there is a difference between a gossip and a hate article. I have never read a hate article on PV and such.
      The guy’s father is supersick, cut him slack for not conforming to your ideas of romance. Alia is 26, she need not do these gimmicks and ultimately marry someone she doesn’t want to. KJo, as annoying as he can be, has a multimillion company to put so much energy into just these 2. Think about it and please put out some positivity into the world. We need more of that.
      Peace to all.

      • Anon says:

        @Positivevibes- I get your point and I appreciate the focus on positivity- I really do, no sarcasm intended. But yes, it is hard to believe that as soon as they have a multi million, big budget film coming out that they are suddenly and randomly dating each other and so suddenly also talking about marriage. KJO is a very committed businessmam but he has tangible monetary investments in this jodi- make no mistake.

        Im all for being positive but it’s the film industry. Stakes are high. Anyone who thinks industry folks make decisions on their emotions…i have a bridge to sell you

    • Kiran101 says:

      @positive vibes Its because its Ranbir , its hard for any1 to belive he is into her…because he does not appear to be into her. Ranbir evidently likes the beginnings of relationships with Hot women . His past was so public that even non gossipers know his pattern and type. He is displaying none of those with Alia …he may marry her but no one thinks he is into her. Ranbir isnt the kind who can be into any woman beyond a certain time let alone someone like Alia .

      Like @anon said Film industry ppl do not function just on emotions . The one’s that did based on emotions and love have bitten the dust and we dont hear abt them anymore or became stories of cautionary tale…a lot of film ppl including Kjo have said somthing to the effect of a lot of men in BW are incapable of sticking to one woman…Ranbir is not only one of them but also he genuinely is wired in a way that his attention span to any woman is short .

      coming to the article , The hate article that u call is nothing compared to what The Kapoors(men/women) have been putting other people through in BW. Lets just say they are living up to the legacy.

      These ppl get away with far less media scrutiny for physical,emotional, psychological abuse than non star kids like sushanth or ranveer can ever get away even with minor transgressions. Its good these ppl are being called out…enough of privileges.

    • leaps says:

      @anon set up marriages are a reality of even hollywood. Arrange marriages are still a part of south asia culture. Arranged business wise symbiotic unions are a reality of the business world. Going by how they are selling this duo it looks like kjo/alia/rk are sure that the union/relationship of alia/ranbir will benefit both sides in the long term.

      Remember alia is not an outsider like dp/pc she was born in this world. Mahesh bhatt has an equally messed up life so ranbir ways are no surprise to her. Alia bar is at emotional infidelity. Alia by marring ranbir gets kapoor backing of the kapoor dynasty. its a good back up plan in case kjo decides to dum her as soon as she gives flops because he will do this and alia’s career roles/scripts/ directors are mainly due to his backing.

      Alia is no damsel in distress as someone here has said. Kjo has said she is heavily involved in PR of dharma movies, even shahid said durning shandar she was continuously managing sid’s pr have you not noticed after the sid alia break how about only work sid’s news and iv’s are. Alia promotions for raazi started with ranbir is all heart Alia like ranbir uses personal life for pr however unlike ranbir who does it indirectly she does it directly.

      Alia knack of PR wrt to personal/ professional , which script she should go for, hit directors influencing kjo for years is not hidden from kapoors. Alia is the next in line after dp so like bachans the kapoor also want a bahu who will bring her brand value which alia has courtesy kjo , Alia can handle ranbir pr so alia is a win for them since she wants only emotional fiedility from kapoor lad and will not be exposing his nonsense.

  7. Two cents says:

    “April Fool will be in January next year ” – Excellent title admin!

  8. leaps says:

    this trio along with ayan deserve each other i

  9. Nerdy Exorcist says:

    Confession : I used to be a diehard Ranbir fan. Became his fan in 2009 when Ajab Prem released. I’ve fought for him, defended him from those who trolled him and all that feels so stupid now. I genuinely believed Ranbir when he said things like work should do the talking and shit. I actually thought he
    was above all this. And boy I was so damn wrong. This whole Alia fiasco has just opened my eyes. It was all a sham. He’s not even confident that he can deliver a hit without this drama. And it’s not just me. Loads of Ranbir fans are calling him out on this bs. Only people you see defending him are either shippers or Alia Bhatt fans πŸ˜‚
    I feel even though most of RKFs know how orchestrated this link up is, they’d rather die than admit it.
    Rant over.

  10. whiskermole says:

    If their relationship is fake, why does she keep going to NYC to spend time with his parents? She even spent NYE there with them!

    • Lucy says:

      Neetu and rishi hated Katrina but still took her to dinner with entire kapoor family before Bombay velvet release.that should be proof enough that they will do anything,using family for PR is very normal thing to do.most probably they believe family is for these things only.and alia is from Bhatt family,that would instead encourage alia to do this rather than care.if they cared alias reputation wouldn’t be what it is with all the fake linkups.

    • GeekyGal says:

      No public birthday post by Neetu Kapoor for her beloved to be daughter in law

    • leaps says:

      @GeekyGal well considering kjo/alia/rk stalk sm and webpages for mentions of them you will spot one soon

  11. Rami says:

    Why would Kjo aunty upstage the bride and groom, Ambani should minus ,from his check! Over hyping aloo again , high time Kjo aunty gets therapy , some type of electrical shock treatment, to get this aloo fixtation out of his head. Aloo, is a good actress,but she is not a classic beauty,with her tiny frame ,one would compare her to HW Sally field ! As far as a couple with RK, in most pics ,even from the back in their Logo promotion, they looked mismatched. Aloo, looked short! These two, aloo and RK ,over hyped couple by Kjo, are getting irritating ! I see a break up song on their play list!

  12. Pooja says:

    Same time linkups help like bebo n Katrina get brands bcz they always stay in news kangana herself said even being successful films like gangster,raaz 2,fashion,metro,once upon time in mumbai,tanuweds manu she hardly get brand bcz no superstar bf no linkup news everyday in media.thats y Katrina uses rk’s relationship lots to get brand n attention bcz her career was failing same disha patani n Sara Ali khan is doing.ohh I forget bebo who is even kapoor khan still user her baby for media PR. That how brand u get.no just totally on success.

    • Kiran101 says:

      I was saying the same thing in other article , but Deepika fans do not see logic . Why else there is so much BW couplings going on then ?

      Aneways , its interesting to see 2 diff @pooja having 2 diff views.

    • Miss says:

      How about Brands wanting someone who is liked by Pan India? Kangu has such a bad image that all brands she signs up with have shut shop too soon. or changed their brand ambassadors within a year or 2. Deepika even without link ups in 2012/13 had so many brand endorsements. It is their fame and reach that matters for brands and not link ups.

    • Monalisa says:

      @kiran101 Katrina never went public with any of her relationship nor she ever did any couple brand endorsement for her brand value to be diminshed because of bad breakups. At kats peak she was the most popular actress, the highest paid actress with the most number of brands. She lost out her brand value when she started giving back to back flops which coincided with her breakup in late 2015. Starting from Phantom (2015) she gave back to back four flops (Phantom, Fitoor, BBD, JJ) till TZH in 2017. After TZH success her she bagged so much endorsements like LensKart,FBB..etc.

      SRK was at the top of his game giving hits after hits at the height of PC affair rumour (2011-2014) . Don 2, JTHJ, Chennai Express, Happy New Year. His brand did not get affected when he started his decline in in 2015 with under performer Dilwale because he was still the biggest brand. It was in 2017 only he lost out the top spot and in 2018 he is nowhere in the top 5.

      Same with Saifeen a and AbhiAsh. They did bag couple endorsements when they got married but got replaced when the husbands careers went downhill. Ash and Kareena still have high brand value and earn more money than their husbands. Virushka, Prick are in a similar boat because they have both couple and individual brands.

      Your theory brand value getting affected because of breakups, linkups only applicable to people who is dependent on couple brand only like Twinkle-Akki and Gauri-SRK, Shahid-Mira endorsements not people who have individual brands. Akki despite all the metoo rumours, affair rumour is the 3rd highest brand in the country. Gauri, Mira and Twinkle’s brands will get affected by breakups, divorces, ema not SRK, Akshay and Shahid because they have individual brands along with couple brands.

  13. Pooja says:

    Off topic —-

    In india a stars brand value doesn’t depend on his/her personal life or break up , patch up or divorce etc. Brand value purely depends on the actors success level .

    If this was the case Akshay Kumar or Salman khan or shah rukh khan or katrina kaif brand value wouldn’t have been so huge over the years.

    Akshay Kumar is known to regularly cheat on his wife, srk for his most infamous affair with Pc, Salman with all the shit he’s done and katrina is branded as the other women with whom rk cheated on Dp.

    Srk’s and katrinas brand value started falling when they gave back to back flop movies with terrible content. Kat had a flop phase with bang bang fitoor,baar baar dekho, jagga jasoos, phantom before Salman revived her career with Tiger zinda hai. And kat again started getting brand offers after success of tzh .

    Brands care only about your influence
    , reach and success. The day you flop the brands kicks you out.

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