April 2017 – Hollywood Blind Item 3

Today’s first blind item from Hollywood is not entirely full-on Hollywood, it’s has more to do with Bollywood. We have reported on this surprise revelation that was done by the actress herself. She should have known then and there how fans would picked up on it and talk about it. The blind item below is by Crazy Days And Nights, a website that posts a lot of blind items.

Know that this website was reported to have posted lots of fake blind items. We have a feeling the one below is as fake as the actress’ current nose. They are foreign media, so they don’t know. This baby was carried by a close family member and was born premature. His wife wasn’t healthy enough to carry the baby, hence the sister-in-law acted as the surrogate. Everyone knows that!

The whole time this actress was busy preparing and working for an important role she took on, which was the biopic of an Indian boxer. Also, it’s nice how everyone forgot that she’s too career-oriented to even think of doing what she’s been accused of doing. She was in the dark about this baby and was surprised when his arrival was announced. Check out the blind item below to judge for yourself.



Hollywood Blind Item

This foreign born A- list mostly television actress on that one season left network show should have stayed quiet about that old affair she had that would have brought down an industry if it had been made public when it happened. Now, everyone is going to know that she is the mother of the baby her old partner is raising with his wife.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Priyanka Chopra

Old Partner: Shah Rukh Khan

Wife: Gauri Khan

Baby: AbRam Khan

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9 Responses

  1. Kats says:

    I find it hard to believe SRK had an affair with Rani. Why would Gauri visit Rani in the hospital then when Rani delivered her baby?

  2. Essessp says:

    AbRam is obviously half-caucasian- so they must have used a white egg donor & SRK’s sperm, plus the sis-in-law as a gestational surrogate. In any case, Gauri may be willing to unhappily put up with affairs, but I very much doubt she’d happily and lovingly raise Priyanka’s child as her own. SRK lies about a lot of things, but I believe him when he says both he and Gauri wanted a 3rd child, but she could not have carried it. Plus, she was then already 42, and the chances of even IVF succeeding with 42 year old eggs are very, very low.

  3. Rashmi says:

    Still very sorry that my comment about the SRK – Sushmita – Rani admin removed, and the comments of the paid trolls Hrithik admins misses (disappointment (I do not want this site turned into PinkvillΠ°, where every communication is comments of hatred of insults and transitions to personalities ((

    • Bollywood says:

      Don’t worry, nothing has been deleted. It’s all here. If not, you can send it again. By the way, we received the blind item you sent, it will be published in the coming days. Thanks πŸ™‚

  4. Shivani says:

    Completely agree with bucketbot. Used to like pc thought she was simple but she has turned out to be a major slu*

  5. bucketbot says:

    The home-breaker/marriage-wrecker image is just not a good look for anyone. Its a bad move especially when you are not yet an established name. Even if this was fake news. Priyanka Should know better and shut this down. In fact, she should never have started it at all in that stupid interview. IF she had the balls she should have done it here when she was a top actress in BW, Like Kangs own your shit PC. I’m kinda disgusted with her antics.

    Of course Khan is also to blame, more than in my opinion. But then I was never a fan in the first place. The fact that he doesn’t say anything in this regard (and with regards to her) is very telling.

    • urvashi menaka says:

      I totally second you on that, but i feel that if a husband has done it once he will do it twice so having one, two, three, four babies to keep your hubby wrapped up on your lil finger does not work in the end.

    • bucketbot says:

      Rashmi, even I don’t think Abram is hers. (In my sheer irritation with my once favourite actress I may have used some language that would lead you to believe that I do but I don’t.Sorry about that.) If I remember correctly, when the rumours of PC-SRK first started KJO made such a big deal out of it by getting into a fight with PC and all that. The tabloids had a field day. This made me think that PC-SRK was real. But then later all was fine so I think Abram is not hers. “cause KJO wouldn’t have had it. He’s another one in the SRK-Gauri marriage trying to make it in (just kidding, of course. Or not, I don’t really know).

      I get that you like Kangana but her ‘my stupid ex” comment was because when she told people that the affair was real no one believed it, Before this news made it to the public there were rumours in BW circles. I do think Kangana is smart but also a little deluded at times. It happens. Its just unfortunate that it happened in such a spectacular fashion in public because of an interview she gave. I don’t think she really expected it to blow up like it did.
      I understand you think Kangana is better than PC. I don’t. (Especially now that multiple people are up against her for taking their stories, I do think something is fishy there. I can’t judge at the moment though) Just a different opinion. They are just two outsiders trying to make it BIG without being major suck ups all the time or being at the feet of anyone. I think that’s daring and worth something to other women trying to make it in BW.

      Also to Urvashi, I did say I agree SRK was to blame more than PC since he took vows at the time of getting married. His responsibility to his wife is far more than PC’s or any other woman’s. Just that I am not such a big fan so what he does/ doesn’t do i don’t really care generally.

    • Rashmi says:

      Thank you so much for such a smart mature response! Now something bad is happening on the site and I’m already afraid to write comments or communicate … You’re right, I also do not think that Abram is the son of Priyanka and the ShRK. Priyanka – Gauri – SrK are very swarthy, Abram is snow-white. There must be someone else. What about Kangana, in fact, she never spoke anything about her relationship with Hrithik. The media wrote about affair right during the filming of Krish 3, but Kangana never commented on it. It was at this time that Hrithik and Suz had a divorce. It means that it was in fact. I think everyone has problems with Kangana because it’s not flattering and very frank. Pay attention, even the blind are very few about it, because she does not play dirty games and does not wear a public mask. She is as she is and does not pretend. Bollywood is a fake place, everyone here is smiling at each other publicly, but intrigues are being woven behind the scenes. We read a lot in the media and in the blind about these fights, but we naively think that this is gossip. In fact, the competition in Bollywood is very tight, especially between actresses. In public they are best friends, but behind the scenes there are two snakes. I love sincerity and honesty, very much I feel falseness. it is pleasant to communicate with you. Postscript. Hrithik fans please ignore my comment, I will not respond to your hysterics

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