Anushka Sharma on The Ring, Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor

Anuskha Sharma was better off when she wasn’t hanging around Karan Johar and Ranbir Kapoor. We are just saying, she was her own person then and now she’s like them. But maybe she always wanted to fit in and this is the way for her to do it. We don’t really know, but it’s probably the thing she can do, which is to be on Ranbir Kapoor‘s. It works for her since she doesn’t really like Deepika Padukone because of her association with Ranveer Singh. In a new interview Anushka Sharma has talked about her equations with both Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan. We don’t know why, probably she was asked about them. But here’s what she has to say.

Anushka Sharma Interview

Anushka Sharma on The Ring, Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor

Anushka Sharma on working with Shah Rukh Khan

That sense of hierarchy (referring to seniority) will always be there (with Shah Rukh). I come from army background so, that level of respect will always be there for him. He is not my back slapping buddy. He is much more accomplished than I am.


Anushka Sharma comparing working with Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan

I cannot be same with him (Shah Rukh) as I am with Ranbir I can tell Ranbir to shut up and all but I cannot do something like this with him (Shah Rukh). I am much more relaxed with him (Shah Rukh) than what I was in my first film that is because I know him since eight years. I will get more relaxed over the years if we keep working.

Anushka on how The Ring – the movie is

It is too early to talk anything about the film. It (film) is an interesting love story is all I can say.

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