Anushka Sharma on the discrimination between actors and actresses

Interviews with Anushka Sharma are always entertaining. She doesn’t mince her words and always tries her best to speak out her mind. We know it’s really hard to think of her as the same Anushka that debuted years ago because of the temptings she indulged herself into in this industry. Don’t tell us you have no idea what we are talking about; you know it and can’t deny it! Temptations aside, Anushka was recently in a conversation with Anupama Chopra in which she talked about a lot of things that are happening. There has been numberous examples of gender discrimination happening in Bollywood and actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut have spoken their minds about it and now, Anushka too has joined the bandwagon.


Anushka Sharma on the difference between actresses and actors in Bollywood

Girls are just expected to be good looking and just be enough interesting so the guy can be interested, in films. In India, it is because that is how the society looks at woman. One huge example is that men can work irrespective of their age, which is fine, but why is it that women can work only till they are ‘desirable’. Desirable means what? There is a sexual connotation attached to it. This is because we have shown women always like that in films except a few ones. Till that doesn’t change, we will remain in the same situation. But it is changing now. It is also happening because actors are backing such roles.

Anushka Sharma on the difference between actresses and actors in Bollywood

Anushka Sharma on the salary difference between actresses and actors in Bollywood
You know for a fact, when an actor works as a producer, he gets money and later he also gets his share. But when an actress does it, we have to save for the budget of the movie. A male newcomer and a female newcomer will be paid differently, despite the fact that both are new and nobody knows them. So you feel the discrimination. It is not just with money but in general.

Anushka Sharma on the accomodation difference between actresses and actors in Bollywood
There is a discrimination in a thing like, if we are out on an outdoor schedule, it is obvious that the male actor will get the better room in the hotel as compared to the female actor.

Anushka on why people don’t like it when she speaks her mind
For instance, there might be an actor who is of the same stature as me but he would get paid more money because he is a guy. It’s not intentional. It is ingrained. And when I voice such things, they call me an activist. People don’t like women with guts in this industry.

Anushka on why people don’t like it when actresses suggest things creatively
If you are asking for something that you deserve, then you are a bitch. People say that ‘She has attitude’. But they need to understand that we are not dumb and stupid. All actresses have their mind, and speak their opinion. So if an actress is suggesting something then how can she be ‘difficult’?”

Anushka on the kinds of films actors like to do in films
Which actor is doing a film without a known actress or a hot actress? When I say hot I mean desirable. If I am doing a film, where my role will be bit more than a guy, then I know for a fact that none of the established guys will do it even though it is a great role.

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