Alia’s Bollywood friends are waiting for Kalank to release first before defending her against Kangana

After yesterday’s breaking news, we don’t think it’s going to happen. Just yesterday or 11 hours ago, to be exact, Subash K Jha posted an article announcing with this title:

Alia's Bollywood friends are waiting for

Obviously, we thought that more of Alia’s colleagues other than Randeep Hooda will come out in her support after that chappal breaking news. But, no! That colleague was Randeep Hooda only. So, it was more of one colleague instead of colleagues.

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Anyways, SKJ who personally interviewed Alia for ‘Kalank’ actually told her she was going to win all awards next year without even seeing the film first. That’s his opinion, it’s fine. He also praised ‘Kalank’ to the roof today right after he watched it.

Alia's Bollywood friends are waiting for Kala

So, naturally he has the first hand or rather a close link to Kebab Jo right? Here’s the message he got from KJo’s camp about all this drama. Note that this came before the chappal flying incident, so probably SKJ was a little late in posting this.

A source close to Karan Johar says, “Alia’s well-wishers friends and family have so far kept quiet for the sake of decorum and peace. But now it’s time for them to speak out , which they will do once Kalank is out. They didn’t want the film to be affected by any negative publicity.” – SKJ

Did they not send that memo to Alia’s mom?

Thanks to her now, reporters are now going to hound Alia about what Rangoli said. Just imagine:

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Reporter: Alia, Alia!

Alia: Ha!

Reporter: Kangana ki sister ne kaha ke aapke daddy ne chappal pheki Kangana ke uppar. What do you have to say about that?

Alia: That’s not my daddy! My daddy has never even wear a chappal a day in his life. He only wears branded sneakers once and then throws it out of his window as soon as he’s done with it.

Image result for karan johar's shoes

Reporter: Then, how does he go to the bathroom?

Image result for karan johar's shoes

Alia: Hmmm…(thinks) How would I know, ya?!

Alia: My daddy would never throw his fancy shoe at anyone. Because if you manage to catch it, you can buy a house with it. How do you think I bought my apartment? I stood by his window and caught a couple of shoes.

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Full disclaimer: This is for fun only. None of this ever happened.

We have to say, thinking about the chappal has been making us laugh since this morning. Not the hitting part, but the fact that Alia cannot escape from this because everyone knows her dad wears chappals everywhere. That is the longest relationship he has ever had in his life: with his chappals.

Whether it’s the National Awards or the Filmfare Awards or the Bhojpuri Awards, he’s there with his chappals on. Alia can’t pretend to be clueless about this one. Though her father’s sins are not hers, so that is fine. But she still can’t deny that this incident could NOT have happened.

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The more we thought about it, the more disturbing it all sounds. Like, what was Alia’s mom thinking when she tweeted it was her husband who launched Kangana? Was she expected them to fall in front of her husband’s feet and be grateful? That’s a low blow. It’s how the rich treat the poor: Be grateful to me, I gave you a job!

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Anyways, we won’t lie. We actually went to Google Mahesh Bhatt Chappals and guess what? It was already a well-searched keyword phrase! WTH!

Alia's Bollywood friends are waiting for Ka

See, he does wear chappals all the time:

Chappals at a photoshoot

Alia's Bollywood friends are waiting for Ka

Chappals in a 5-star Hotel

Chappals at a photoshoot

People don’t want to see his chappals no more, so they Thakur his legs off! (Sholay-reference)

Chappals at a photoshoot

Chappals everywhere….

You can’t deny that!

Question though, how does he get back his chappals after he goes to a religious place? Does he put it in a special plastic bag and keep it somewhere safe outside there? Or, does he randomly just take someone else’s chappals because all chappals look the same at this point? Right?

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Also, came across these pictures. What is going on?

Alia's Bollywood friends are waiting for Kalank to r

Alia's Bollywood friends are waiting for Kalank to r

Alia's Bollywood friends are waiting for Kalank to r

Image result for what is that gifs

This is Rhea Chakraborty, who also happens to be among the most searched keywords involving him. Wonder why?!


So, let’s dig into Kalank.

Alia's Bollywood friends are waiting for Kalank to relea

We wished we could share that video of the amazing bullfighting scene, but it won’t be right. Someone sent it to us and it looked like a video game or like if Varun was at a rodeo!

Image result for rodeo gifs

As everyone probably guessed, the movie did not get good reviews. Critics were trying hard to praise something in it and they went for the sets. But don’t take the critics word for it, check out what this uncle had to say:

Karan Johar should have some shame! He is the reason why this uncle’s blood pressure has gone up! See, this is what happens when you bank on fandoms to make your film work. What about this uncle? He is telling it like it is and he even attacked KJo verbally by saying he wasted all the money the producer invested in this one. Apparently, the money was wasted on building lavish sets. Uncle is so pissed because no such thing existed back then! He also said watching the film felt like if he was a patient at the hospital watching the film.

Image result for hahah gifs

Maybe that’s the millennial part Alia was talking about.

Out of all the people, most hated it and a few liked it. Madhuri Dixit got the most praises!

Supposedly, they are promoting the film as the highest opener of 2019. After the weekend is over, only then we will know. But knowing KJo, there’s a huge chance he has already figured out how to make his money back.

So, any of you catch it yet?

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47 Responses

  1. Venus says:

    Watched the movie yesterday, and honestly Alia was extremely bad. Sanjay dutt was probably the only one worse than her, he just had one expression throughout the movie. I really couldn’t make any sense of her acting , or her character. I mean you don’t really understand what her motivations are, there’s absolutely no logic to her character. And the dialogues, OMG. i just couldn’t follow them, so lengthy. I had to read the subtitles to understand whats going on. Even madhuri was lacklustre. Aditya roy kapur was the best thing in the movie, so apt for this role. And he looks like such a dish <3 . Varun too did a fab job. Sonakshi and Kunal were excellent.

    Songs were good, but they added random shots in every song, shots that didnt go with the song at all.Sets are very grand, but again make no sense. e.g does everyone have to take a gondola to madhuris place, isnt that too much of an effort, and theres just 1 gondola and like 50 people staying at her place.There should have been a long queue for the gondola.

    madhuris place is put on fire by the mob, but only the center.How did they do it ? did they jump on top from helicopters ? and Alia and varun arrive on chariot to save Aditya in the nick of time, go all the way to madhuris place to get her and ditch their chariot when she tells them to go to railway station. They run on foot to the station, and the mob who are looking for them in particular dont manage to catch them even when they take a cruise around the town casually.
    And Roop keeps roaming around in the heera mandi with Zafar whole day, and her family or anyone else for that matter didnt even get a whiff of her affair.

    Overall the movie was very weird, especially the second half. And the ending was strange . Kjo and gang have tried their level best to make alia look good,cause you know shes “Roop”,but she looks “beautiful” only in her first scene. Kiara and Sonakshi look much more beautiful than her.

  2. KV says:

    Tiger’s dance is so acrobatic in the song. I missed Hrithik, he had grace and was in sync with the song. Tiger seems very very arrogant. I liked Tara in the song, but Ananya is as good as not brinb there. She has no screen presence. Also SOTY’s actors were meh, something straight from the Archie’s comics, but SOTY-2 makes SOTY-1’s actors look like proper actors.

  3. sharuna says:

    student of the year 2′ ,i had a deja vu kinda moment when i saw the girl students uniform ( skimpily dressed) very short, i mean come on which schools want their girl students to dress like that, i mean apart from some schools in Philippines where the girls in schools are dressed in such short skirts.( and believe me they look like hookers and i guess Tiger shroff is still hallucinating after the great success of baghi 1 and baghi 2( the script demanded him to show his muscles biceps and triceps so to speak ) but boy oh boy this is a love story with the school in the back ground you don’t need to show your muscles and like as if you are on steroids, am sorry but a school story or this role does not demand that.

  4. sharuna says:

    admin i think student of the year is also going to take the same route that Kalank did. It’s not about students in school , its about students hanging in gym, one of the student taking part in a dance competition, the hero and the anti hero fighting in the school like professional hit men and above all, the girl students school uniform looks like they are porn stars.( some porn stars wear that kinda clothes, in role play “saying daddy i am a school girl today and you are the headmaster.” PLEASE SPANK MY BUTT NOW ” and last but not the least school’s name saint teresa and the Headmaster early in the morning is a dj like vidya balan in mb 2, saying good morning saint teresa, for a while, i thought he got constipation.

    • Lucy says:

      Haha your comments reminded me of another comment I read on reddit,

      The men there were commenting how that particular track with school uniform reminded them of Japanese school porn.

    • Monalisa says:

      SOTY 2 is a Tiger show.. kjo added those action and dancing sequence to lure Tiger fans. He is marketing the movie as a Tiger show because he knows Tiger has a fandom who love his action/dance. SOTY 2 will do well only because of Tiger’s stardom. Tiger has all the potential of being next Salman and gain a fanatic fan following.

      • Lucy says:

        But does tiger have the same charm?
        I hate to admit it but before I knew salmans true nature I thought he was gorgeous.i was in school during kkhh and I had a huge crush on aman.all those jab pyar kisi see hota hai and o o Jane Jana songs were a craze and he did have a certain charm onscreen.although he is a terrible actor some of his films are absolutely entertaining in the theater with the screaming whistling crowd.tiger doesn’t quite have that charm,his face barely moves and I don’t think of him as a gorgeous man.

    • Monalisa says:

      @lucy Strictly based on box office pull Tiger movies do similar numbers to what Salman movies do in mass centres.

      One of my friend whose hobby is to do analysis on box office numbers, box office predictions. He predicted that it will not be Varun but Tiger who will amass the fanatic mass fandom similar to what Salman has. Varun’s three consecutive underperformers proved his point. Even trade is more positive about Tiger than they are of any other new gen actors. His bo pull is amazing for someone who has not been in the industry for long.

      I was very adamant that Tiger’s Bhaagi was a fluke and his stardom is overhyped by media and trade but my friend has convinced me with facts that Tiger does have a lot of potential.

      Salman’s fanatic mass fan following is due to his masala massy action movies. Wanted in 2009 was the begining of the megastar Salman’s era. Before that in the 90-early 2000s SRK dominated the box office. Salman was just a superstar not the mega star he is now.

  5. Angel says:

    Me after wasting Rs375 on movie Kalank- Humse zyada barbaad aur koi nahi is duniya mein

  6. Two cents says:

    I see I’m late to this party. Anyway, the pics of old man Bhatt with Rhea is just so disturbing. He looks like a creepy uncle that you stay away from at all costs. Now to Alia…what is there to defend? If it bothers her so much, she should open her mouth and say something instead of getting others to talk. Such a bland personality she has. Proper puppet.
    So Kalank’s budget was 150 crores…whoa!…no way, they are going to recover the money. Its a flop. Nagin Jo should stick to what he knows – modern day, triangle-love stories filled with superficiality and designer outfits.

  7. Kiran101 says:

    Why did a lot of u bother to watch this movie in the first place. There was nothing intriguing about this movie…another agenda driven movie for Alia with pool of scapegoat lesser fortunate nepo babies compared to Alia.

    This movie was not made to tell a story like Padmaavat like how SLB wanted to. Everyone knew why this movie is made and trailer was not even received well ….yet so many paid to watch this shit .

  8. Helen says:

    Hi friends this has come to my attention that first Twitteratis bashed Kalank left and right, when it got quite by midnight there were oddly similar looking tweets filling up Twitter praising it as an epic drama!

    When the news came out about the collections dropping, Twitter got flooded with weekend with kalank tweets.

    Finally I resorted to book my show app, voila no theatres are filling up around my locality, checked other localities and it is same. Who is watching this “epic drama” and tweeting????

    I remember I was little late to book my bahubali tickets and ended up waiting for 5 days to watch that epic.

    Friends if snake aunty inflate the collections do not fall for it. This gang is all show and no content. Looks like they have strong social media presence and gullible people/teens fall prey.

    • Two cents says:

      Yes, I saw the fake tweets – copy/paste with just a few changes. If theaters are not filling up, they might cancel a few shows…that would be so embarrassing!

    • NightGlory says:

      Even I checked on BookMyShow and all the theatres around me are showing at least 75% empty seats. That too for weekend shows. Plus they have only this week to cover up their costs. Once End Game releases they are not going to make any money. If the response for Kalank remains this poor, I guess the theatres will scrap off the screenings next week itself

  9. Aura says:

    Taran Adarsh tweeted that the cost of Kalank is 150 cr. officially declared by the makers on the day of release. Wow, that means it is going to be a MAJOR, MAJOR DISASTER, a colossal FLOP!!

  10. Tina says:

    “…glide like a sparrow…”

    Hahaha..I almost missed this, thanks for highlighting it Admin, I would have completely missed it. Alia inadvertently spoke the truth. She was like a sparrow next to a swan (Madhuri). Just laughing my guts out now.

  11. Lucy says:

    Alia is literally Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  12. Samantha says:

    The post is AWESOME! Plain AWESOME! Makes up fr a dull day 😀
    SKJ is a bitch; n bootlicker.. he was ousted by Sonu Nigam fr making gay advances
    Kalank is a FLOP.. mouse Alia has no grace or fire to carry period film; like DP, Kangana or even PC
    Im saddened to see Rhea like this. She s so pretty.. i loved her!
    Soni Razdan Pooja Bhatt n Mahesh Bhatt should drown in shame; Mahesh sleeping wt Alia age Rhea.. SAD!

    • Samantha says:

      n as expected, they made Sonkashi Sinha role ZERO.. she was best in lootera..but then sugar daddy has to give all mileage to his pampered spoilt brat Alia!

  13. Sheena says:

    @ admin hahaha this was so great! If possible I love you even more now. Really sad for girls like Rhea who have to tolerate old lecherous men like Bhatt. OSOP-family: please don’t watch this movie and increase KJO’s bank balance w yr hard earned money. I for one am boycotting all the movies of these nepo/KJo/gang. This is the best way to support Kangy the bravrheart

    • Ria says:

      I agree with you. Also KJo is a bitch coz around KGF movie release when Gali Gali song was released he went everywhere saying he doesn’t encourage item songs with Women dancing and men watching that and now what about Kriti song in Kalank. He also never encouraged this south movie just coz it released with zero. He could have wished both but he didn’t along with his gang. Such double standard. I will boycott his movies. Glad Kalank is flop

  14. LoL says:

    Aditya is really good in Kalank. But none of the critics praised him. KJo is such a bitch.

  15. Monalisa says:

    So my comment on osop that Kalank will be Dharma’s Tugs of Hindostan turns out to be true. 😂 Just like Tugs even Kalank opened big (because of the stardom of Varia and holiday, increase ticket prices) but looks like it will crash after the weekend and then End Game will eat the movie alive. The best thing in bw, god’s gift to bw’s according to insider’s and paid media’s acting is being trashed and her medicority is exposed big time. 😂 There is no way papa jo will be able to remove this Kalank on Alia and Varun’s careers…Kangana and Rangoli must be having the last laugh..

    This Mahesh Bhatt is super creepy always try to act pseudo intellectual by giving gyaans and philosophical quotes. Wonder how she will avoid getting asked about the chappal incident by the media. Love your hilarious write up about papa Jo and his shoes. 😂

    On another note: SKJ is always biased towards nepo kids (except RK) and his current faves are Varun and Alia. He overhypes them almost daily. Called Alia the next Sridevi in one of his tweets last year. I can never take that man seriously because of his blatant biasedness towards some people.

    • Sheena says:

      Breaking news: the movie has slumped badly! 11.4 Cr on Saturday haha the public has totally rejected it. Only bootlickers Vicky, spotbot; SKJ, Anupama Chopra have given paid-positive reviews – rest all reviewers have trashed the film left right and centre!

      • whiskermole says:

        “Spotbot” 😁
        Don’t think Anupama Chopra needs to be paid. She readily buys into it. There are some people in the industry who enjoy Bollywood mediocrity and cringe.

    • kiran101 says:

      Like I said before Anupama CHopra is sell out of different kind…it does not have to be money.

  16. Deep says:

    SKJ is a known bootlicker and a Creep. I am sure no one’s forgotten how he was sexually harassing Sonu Nigam once upon a time…

  17. abcd says:

    if kjo & his minions can’t hear bad about themselves, they should not speak bad about others.
    They tried bringing down sonchiriya, which is finest film so far, of the year & spread negative
    stuff against outsiders. What goes around, come around. Karma had to strike. Hope
    Brahmastra too fails.Marriage with rk, by next year would be damage control and may be then
    movies work

    • Ndt says:

      I totally Agree… managed to watch Sonchiriya yesterday and I must say it’s an epic movie with awesome performances by Manoj Bajpayee, Sushant , Ranvir Shorey, Ashutosh and even Bhumi Pednekar ( though sometimes she was too loud )…my recommendation is try to find a print with subtitles as the movie is in Buldelkhandi language which might be difficult for most of us…

  18. Universal says:

    Talking about Aloo ke papa (real one), he has always been a weird character. Rhea should get out of there asap.
    P.S – How many of you know Aloo ka bhai was friends with terrorist involved in recce of places attacked on 26/11? He was in a soup. Somehow MB managed to get him out.

    • Universal says:

      @D, Lucy shared the details. Most probably MB got him out of it using his contacts in govt that time. MB was also present in launch of book called “26/11 RSS ki saazish” implying it was an inside job. Might be a reason why his khandan is against present govt

    • D says:

      Universal, where did u get that info regarding aloo’s bro being friends with those terrorist

      • Lucy says:

        David headley who did recce for the Mumbai bomb blast terrorists in 2008,his main point of contact in Mumbai was Rahul bhatt.bhatt took him around and showed these places,taj hotel and nariman point and everything.

        Mahesh Bhatt took help from Congress politicians to bail out Rahul Bhatt and there was a barrage of articles as to how Rahul Bhatt was a mere scapegoat and he didn’t know anything.

  19. Universal says:

    Why is this even a surprise?! From the time its lame teaser came out, Kalank was sure shot flop. So much copying and wannabe’ism going on in that. Alia trying to look divine, Varun trying not to look like Salman-Govinda and KJo trying to look SLB. It was a disaster from get go.
    And now to Aloo paratha. As if getting all big movies cz of her nepo gang wasn’t enough, she now needs her nepo gang to fight her battles too.

  20. yuri says:

    This post is hilarious admin, it’s why i visit this site!

    When you’re not authentic, the mask starts to slip and that’s happening with alia now with the leap she’s trying to make to the top. No one can deny her privilege and she has kjo, why does she need anyone else to step in? She’s not that bubbly, innocent girl..but a manipulative, spoiled rich girl.

    Kangana is only going after alia cause she’s popular and it draws attention to her per usual. Also does anyone actually think that’s Rangoli’s twitter? I always thought that was Kangana. She stalks twitter stans for info and uses it in interviews.

    • Sheena says:

      You are so right Yuri! Alia tries hard to be all innocent and plays nice. But inside is a horrible human being. She had the hots for Rat Kapoor from the start and even had a 1-night stand w him in 2014 (when he was w Kat) – source Jack of the fashions scandal site confirmed at the time. She befriended Kat and Ayan and look how she stabbed Kat in the back and used Ayan to get Rat. To witness her horribleness just watch the BFFs episode w Kat when she hurt her so bad on air – when asked which role of Kat would you steal she pretended to have gone blank. Poor Kat was left red faced and humiliated. I mean she could have said Rajneeti or Namastey London or even Mere Brother ki Dulhan etc… sigh

  21. Cookie says:

    Beat post ever @Admin! I rofl’d so hard reading this in office today!

  22. Ria says:

    @Admin loved this post. lol popcorn time!!!

  23. Rami says:

    The period films are not done well in BW, in recent time. Even in HW movies the right accents, are important, artists works to master this, makes the film, real. The time requires that realities of period are present. Kjo aunty, making a period film, cast of Alia ,and Varun, was a interesting idea,but they did not do any work on capturing the time or the flavor of period film, there accents were not of the time or mannerisms ! Kjo aunty should study merchant and ivory film,that was a period film based on India !

  24. leaps says:

    the trailer gave the whole story away since its the interfaith story so it couldn’t have the two together by the end so the only question was who dies and now we all know who dies.

  25. NARS says:

    So Should we expect a tsunami of support for Alia? Cause Rangoli is relaxing in Manali and causing twitter wars 🤣😂. Gosh I don’t know how she does it, Esply with that cute apple face baby Prathvi.

    I am waiting drinking my chai and eating my cake 🧁

  26. MotherOfDragons says:

    It’s not even about the 21dollars, it’s the hours I can’t get back
    You guys know I was rooting for this movie, I actually wanted it to do well but it was quite the disappointment like you all predicted it will be.
    I havent laughed out of disbelief in such a long time, when I am done, I will be back to comment on the most WTF moments of this drama

    Avengers and Game of thrones on Sunday

  27. Jack says:

    eww Rhea yes! She was sucha jovial cute kid at MTV, and to see her hanging in arms of grandpas is sick. Yuvika Chaudhary repeat. Poor girls.

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