Akshay Kumar on playing the villain in Robot 2 and making his debut in a Tamil Film


This is the second time that Akshay Kumar will be playing the villain after being the villain in ‘Ajnabee’, which was way before he became successful at playing the hero of comedy films. This will also be Akshay’s debut in the South Indian film industry and the fact that it’s in a Rajnikanth movie. It is the same villain role that was to go to Amitabh Bachchan, but Rajnikanth decided against taking that decision.

Akshay Kumar on playing the villain in Robot 2 and making his debut in a Tamil Film

Akshay Kumar on making his debut in a Tamil film
Rajinikanth was always there and he came here. Among the male actors, I don’t think any Bollywood star has done this before me. Without being pompous, I will say I am very glad to go and act in a Tamil film. I am grateful to them for putting me there.

Akshay on whether he will contine in acting in more South Indian films
I would love to do more South Indian films. Hopefully, Robot 2 won’t be my last Tamil film.

Akshay on if Rajnikanth was right in thinking audience’s reception to the role will harm his image, like he thought so for Rajnikanth
My fans are very intelligent. They have loved me playing negative characters before as well. Even in Ajnabee, I got a lot of praises from everywhere. So this won’t be a problem.

Akshay on whether being in Robot 2 will help the film be a hit in Bollywood
I’m sure. Baahubali was a good film and it worked wonders. There’s a lovely reason why I am doing this film.

Akshay on what made him sign Robot 2.0
I loved the story of 2.0 and I find it important and relevant in today’s day and age. It has a social message. That’s why I love that script.

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