Ajay Devgan says Karan Johar is playing dirty

It might be Karan Johar, Ajay Devgan was talking about, but when he said “playing dirty”, it’s not along the lines of what’s been initiated on Koffee with Karan – Season 4. Their story is pretty much becoming the Hrithik Roshan – Kangana Ranaut War of Words of 2017. You would think that two old men will have that much time to devote to the media to tell their sides of the story individually. Karan has opened of a box of worms when he decided to share the first excerpt from his autobiography. That first story was about what went wrong between him and Kajol.

To be honest, he should have spoken about what went wrong between Priyanka Chopra and him. If there was a lie-o-meter on the sets of the episode that Priyanka appeared on, it would have exploded the whole set!

Anyways back to the Ajay-Karan hate-story, Kajol has not said anything regarding what was released by Karan. But, Ajay decided to have a close friend speak to the media on his feelings regarding the whole situation. Read on to find out more. And who do you think this “A-List” actor is?


According to Ajay Devgan’s friend,

Karan is doing this just to sell his book. The whole industry knows that Karan bitches about people behind their back. Even Shah Rukh Khan was upset with Karan because of his comments against Priyanka Chopra. Two years ago at a party, Karan indulged in really loose talk about Kajol in front of an A-list actor. That actor, in turn, told Ajay Devgn about it. Ajay even asked that actor why, despite being Karanโ€™s friend, is he telling him about it. The actor said that if Karan could badmouth Kajol in front of him, he could also gossip about him someday. Ajay was obviously furious – any man would be if his wife was talked about in such light. So he called Karan and abused him on the phone. He told Karan that โ€˜you can say what you wish about my film but donโ€™t talk about my wife and family.


The friend continues,

This issue is two years old. Much before the clash between Karanโ€™s film (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil) and Ajayโ€™s film (Shivaay) happened. The fact that it is being discussed now, and so is Karanโ€™s sexual orientation, is clearly to remain in news to sell his book. He can do whatever he wishes, but he canโ€™t make a villain out of Ajay Devgn in that process. This is just playing dirty.

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