Aditya Pancholi thinks Kangana Ranaut is crazy

Aditya Pancholi seems to have been woken up from the mess of a man that he is. The reason we are saying this is because his life has been an open book of unbelievable things that he managed to get away with. From extramarital affairs to sleeping with a minor, Aditya has done the impossible and still managed to stay relevant and get work in Bollywood. Well, that’s nothing new in Bollywood; these people like their criminals What didn’t work in his favour was even before his son was launched, his reputation was down the dumps, thanks to Aditya’s reputation.

Aditya Pancholi thinks Kangana Ranaut is crazy


We have all been hearing and reading Kangana Ranaut’s explosive statements regarding the things that happened to her. People are still thinking that she made up the whole Hrithik Roshan drama, but what she didn’t make up were the statements she made about Aditya Pancholi because it’s all there in the news when that drama happened.

One person, who doesn’t think so is the man himself, Aditya Pancholi. Aditya has come out barking that all the accusations Kangu made about him are not true. Now comes the icing on the cake: Aditya suddenly remembers he has a family, a wife and kids. Yes, the same wife he walked all over throughout their marriage.

Aditya Pancholi thinks Kangana Ranaut is crazy


In case you have no idea what Kangana said about Aditya, here’s a small recap:

He got an apartment for me but didnโ€™t allow my friends to come there. It was a kind of house arrest. Then I went to meet his wife. His daughter is a year older than me. My film Gangster was about to release then. I was a minor. I remember going to his wife (Zareena Wahab) and meeting her, and I was like โ€˜Please save me! Iโ€™m younger than your daughter. Iโ€™m a minor and I canโ€™t tell my parents.โ€™ She said to me that they were relieved that he was not at home otherwise he raised his hand on domestic helps and others. She said itโ€™s actually good for us if he is not around, so I canโ€™t help you. – Kangana Ranaut

After hearing what Kangana had to say about him, Aditya got super mad and is saying that he will take legal action against Kangana, Yes, like that would happen! Aditya took to BollywoodLife to let out his frustrations and at the same time, he called Kangana “mental”. Here’s what Aditya had to say:

She is a mad girl, what to do, did you see the interview? Didnโ€™t you feel like some mad person was talking? Who talks like that? We have been in the industry for so long, nobody has ever spoken anything so evil about anyone. What should I say, sheโ€™s a mad girl. If you throw stones in mud, it will only spoil your clothes. I am going to take a legal action against her. She is lying thatโ€™s why I am taking legal action against her. I donโ€™t know about other people, but as far as my story goes and what she has spoken about me, she has said all lies. She has to prove that I have done that. My family is very much affected by it. My wife and I will take legal action against her. – Aditya Pancholi

Aditya Pancholi thinks Kangana Ranaut is crazy


This is coming from the guy, who first claimed that Kangana was his daughter’s friend and he was just supporting her. He sure does have short-term memories. He even got his wife’s supposed friend to deny Kangana’s allegations. We all know how his wife is the ultimate doormat, so what Kangana was saying about her is completely possible. But according to Zarina’s friend, it’s all fake. Here’s what they have to say:

This incident never happened. Kangana Ranaut never went to Zarina ji asking to be rescued from Aditya Pancholi. Kangana has also gone on to say in the same interview (on Rajat Sharmaโ€™s โ€˜Aap Ki Adaalatโ€™) that Zarina said she was happy to have Aditya out of the house since he misbehaved with the house-help. This is again, a completely manufactured incident and conversation. Just like many other things she said in that interview. The fact of the matter is, Zarina took Kangana under her wings when Kangana was new in Mumbai, looked after her like her own daughter and gave her the keys of a spare apartment. Kangana Ranaut walked away with Zarina Wahabโ€™s husband in return. This is the gratitude she gets. And now Kangana is making up conversations with Zarina that never happened. Good that she has gone into script writing. Fiction is definitely her forte. – Zarina Wahab’s friend

Aditya Pancholi thinks Kangana Ranaut is crazy


This is coming from the same woman, who made-up crazy theories to take her son’s side when he was caught in the Jiah Khan suicide controversy. We have to wonder if she would have said the same thing if it was her daughter in Kangana’s position?


Talk about the ultimate doormat, what the hell is wrong with this woman?

Aditya Pancholi thinks Kangana Ranaut is crazy



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11 Responses

  1. Kali says:

    These star wives know that they will not be sought after for endorsements, etc. after they leave their husbands because their star status is gone. Most of them have achieved nothing without their husbands help & money. That is why so many still stay in loveless marriages.. Gauri Khan, Kiran Rao, Zarina Wahab, & Original Beti B Shweta Bachchan to name a few.

    .And then you also have Kajol and Twinkle Khanna who insist on being doormats. Dimple Kapadia herself was a doormat but she played it smart, carried on shenanigans with Sunny Deol while she stayed married to “Kaka” so when he went OFF she was the legal heir of all his properties and out went the live-in mistress. Suzanne’s own father was the #1 villain. Carried on so many affairs with other women. He disfigured Zeenat Aman for life and that is why karma hit him and he too was burned in a fire.

    Stay relevant, keep your endorsement/appearance prices high. Such is the way of the world. Bollywood mein toh yeh sab chalta hai.

    At least Kangs is better than all these people. Sure, she might used Pancholi as her sugar daddy and squeezed him like sugarcane, lekin yeh sab se behtar to hain Kangana.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Every word true.. This is the best comment ive read on osop! And to kuldeep i wud say nothing justifies a woman being hit or physically abused.

  2. Kuldeep Goel says:

    I don’t understand this victim-hood thing. Ok, Pancholi exploited kangana but was she asked on gunpoint to have an affair with these people. She did it because she saw her own benefit in that. Why didn’t she speak about all these things at the very time when she was going through it. You were fully mature at every time to understand what were you doing and why were you doing., If she was so innocent and moral, then why did she go to meet Sanjay leela Bhansali with Zarina. Obviously if Pancholi was using her, she was also using them to get work in industry. Then why this sudden show off of morality.

    • Kali says:

      Aditya Pancholi is also the man who r*ped Pooja Bedi’s underage housemaid, has beaten up his neighbours over petty issues. Despite all this he is roaming free and so is his son who pulled his own unborn child out of his ex-girlfriend, risking her life because he didn’t want to take her to the hospital and make it a media issue. The entire family has serious issues.

      Months ago famous bollywood journalist Soumyadipta Bannerjee posted a blog on his website with insider information. He said he spoke to a police member who was involved in the Hrithik-Kangana case and the policeperson said that investigators feel that Kangana is saying the truth. This was before the case was closed. Now Kangana is saying the same thing on prime-time TV nearly a year later.

      You can’t even begin to compare Kangana’s behaviour with these people. Suzanne is keeping quiet because she has no choice. All the fame she had was associated with her being Hrithik Roshan’s wife. Same reason why Gauri is in business even though the furniture she provides is falling apart (Sofa with no back? wtf). Because people like to say they had their house designed by the wife of this and that superstar. Now that Rampal went running back to his wife, she is trying to be in his good graces. Plus don’t forget she is receiving child support and alimony. There must be some clause in the divorce that she cannot speak ill of Hrithik. She definitely has a lot of dirty laundry to wash.

    • Admin says:

      True about what you said, but Kangana was beaten up by Aditya mercilessly. That man didn’t care where they were, on the streets in front of people, he abused her physically. That’s why his wife was happy that he got himself a new victim. Kangana might have gotten something in return, but when a man physically abuses, it shouldn’t be said that “she got what she deserved”. Same is the case of Katrina and Somy Ali, who both were abused by Salman.

      • Kuldeep Goel says:

        I am not questioning the fact that she was beaten up or something else. All I am saying that kangana got into it knowing fully well what she was doing. What we all know about pancholi family, was kangana not aware of it. The issue is you thought benefits outweigh the costs and hence you continue with it. Then why all this show off of morality now.

      • Kuldeep Goel says:

        I never said what Pancholi did was right. All I am saying the Kangana very well knew what she was getting into. It was not like she was some immature juvenile who can be persuaded with gifts and all. She saw the benefits were outweighing the negatives and she got into it with her free will. Then why this show off of being “used” and “taken advantage of” now. I clearly remember a scene of movie “Life in a metro” ironically between KK and Kangana where she accuses him of using her. KK’s reply is fully apt in this situation

        • Shivanisd says:

          Dude someday the women in ur family cud be in the same situation- getting hit or abused. And the whole world will blame the victim for it. That say u will realise wat the admin is trying to say. Its very easy to judge when ur not the one being judged.

  3. Rtm says:

    I think admin now u r being bias toward kangana…u cant judge without hearing da other side story…like know zarina wahab n gurpreet hs come out to speak against kangana..i dont think everyone is lieing…

    • Admin says:

      Do you think Zarina Wahab will come out and say her husband is an a$$? Of course, she will blame the girl. It’s what women like her do. As for Gurpeet, other officers from Women Council slammed her for the way she took care of this case. So yes, obviously she will say like that. If you see in the Aap Ki Adalat video, Rangoli went to her so that Kangana’s letters and pictures are not leaked. The woman is close to Rakesh Roshan and didn’t even bother to ask Kangu to seek a higher authority help. But yes, there’s another side and that other side did not speak out at all. He’s having other people speak out for him. He should say something if he’s in the right because things have escalated too much too fast here.

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