Sussanne Khan’s father, Sanjay Khan, is getting his life story ready

We had to post this piece of news. It has been some time now that news of Sanjay Khan getting ready to publish his life story has been doing the rounds. When we first heard of it, we too wondered what Telegraph India is wondering in their quote below.

The reason why we are sharing this is because that time when this incident happened, no one stood by Zeenat Aman. She might be considered one of the most beautiful ladies in Bollywood, but what she went through personally was ugly at best.

Sussanne Khan's father, Sanjay Khan, is getting his life story ready


We believe that when you do something bad, karma either catches you during your lifetime or you will pay for it after your dead. What this man and his wife did to Zeenat Aman, well, he paid for it soon after. But to think that both husband and wife, especially the wife, went on national television and did press blaming Zeenat Aman for being greedy when in fact, he was the one who used her to advance his career!

Like the classy lady that she was and still is, Zeenat didn’t talk about her badly she was treated. Maybe to her, she was hurt enough that she was used and abused by a man she loved and thought loved her back!


Check out what Telegraph India shared on their story


Sanjay Khan is writing his life story, which his wife Zarine says will be quite a read. I’m sure he’ll include his secret marriage and (violent) separation from Zeenat Aman. But wonder if he’ll admit to the physical assault on Zee that ended their relationship and damaged one of her eyes forever. Also, Zee’s pragmatic mother’s worry was over money and property. Sanjay (Abbas in real life) and Zee had had a secret nikaah, so when they broke up, her mother ran to lawyers to ensure that the personal law doesn’t give the husband rights to the wife’s assets. Or that Zee isn’t held liable for anything he might owe anybody. It was one of the ugliest break-ups we’ve seen. If Sanjay Khan’s autobiography is honest and as colourful as his life has been, it will be quite a read.


We do believe that it’s why Sanjay and Zarine’s daughter, Sussanne, decided to end her marriage because she didn’t want to live a lie. At least, she didn’t turn out as horrendous as her parents, who beat the crap out of Zeenat at a party in front of everyone!

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22 Responses

  1. Deep says:

    Have seen this around me for too long and that is why I say that the Indian Society is one of the most Hypocrite ones in the world….. Andar kuch aur and bahar kuch…….and would you believe that one of the spectators at that assault incident was Parmeshwar G?? and not one of those present did anything to help Zee…… and the saga continues till this date when instead of helping an accident victim, people are busy with recording it or taking selfies……I am a very optimistic personin real life but incidents like these make me wonder if I am a Delusional Fool!!!!!
    That creep used up Zee’s money to finance his dud ‘ABDULLAH’ and once the movie was complete, the real character came out…….

  2. Deepu says:

    I really wish that this criminal creep went to the jail. And that we as Indian society wouldn’t put so much premium on women who remain quiet by calling them β€˜classy’. Women need to be empowered to break the cycle of silence. The one who did in recent times (my fav Kangy) has been called all kinds of ugly names.. Long ago when Raveena opened her mouth (Ajay Devgun) she was called the exact same words (liar, pyscho). So ladies enough of classiness- time’s up! Speak up
    Ps: As Gandhi ji said zulm karna aur sahna dono galat hain

    • Admin says:

      We are not calling her “Classy” because she kept quiet. It’s because of the way she is, the way she speaks. She has a different way of talking, no other actresses speak like that.

  3. Rad says:

    “What this man and his wife did to Zeenat Aman, well, he paid for it soon after. ” Admin, what do you mean by this. How did he pay? I didn;t hear anything about this.

  4. Rad says:

    I can’t stand these wives who, when their husbands have an affair, go all out blasting the other woman but seem to have no problem sticking with their cheating husbands. No self respect or dignity. And Bollywood seems to be filled with such wives. Zarine is such an ugly person, inside and out. She has a cooking program in Lifestyle channel. Normally I love cookery shows. Hers though, cringe worthy, Ugh!

    • Essesspa says:

      The problem is that most of these older wives got married very young, weren’t educated, and didn’t really have anyone to fall back on outside of the marriage. Apparently Sanjay proposed to Zarine when she was only 14! Ew. Similarly, Pinky Roshan was married off to Rakesh at 17 and became a mother soon after. All these old film families treat their sons and daughters differently, no matter how superficially progressive they might be. Sussanne’s generation is much better educated, can earn, and has other options in life. Even so her family pressured her at the time to the nth degree to stay wth Hr.

  5. Goldengirl says:

    He won’t include this episode. Btw he is not a big star to write a book. Zeenat mistake was to get involved with married man. She shouldn’t. Why didn’t she sue Sanjay? She should have taken some legal action.

    • Amanda says:

      Zeenat should have taken legal action and expose Sanjay and his wife… What sanjay did was unforgivable

      • goldengirl says:

        That what i said. why didnt she? but again her only mistake is to go for a married man. Then bear all of his beatings. By doing so she encouraged him to abuse her.

        • Admin says:

          Probably because she was already humiliated. She was madly in love with him and this could have come as a shock to her. Let’s not forget that there were so many stars there and no one lifted a finger to help her. All this must have hurt her a lot.

          • goldengirl says:

            Hmm may be. But this not love Admin. No one helps anyone . People only love to be spectators and later telling spiced up stories to others. BW is a strange and dark place.

  6. Nimi says:

    So I really do hope that there is the chapter on Zeenat and that they do include how Zarine and Sanjay beat her up in a party and left her eye scarred for life. These Khans are the scum of the earth and deserve to be exposed. Ferz Khan was an A level tharki, and so it Sanjay Khan. Thankfully both their boys were more level headed in relationships albeit coke heads. Poor Zeenat, I always felt bad for her and Parveen Babi. Both extremely beautiful women of their days,

    • Pooja says:

      he mostly trying show zeenat as villain do witch hunt in his book if dare to write about it.they never ever tell real truth about own beastly nature n crual personality.

  7. Pooja says:

    Add I’m born in 90s so don’t know back story of that but know both have beaten jeenat a man make her one eye blind can u tell me what happen y they beaten her reason n how they pay back???

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