3:57 Minutes to Waste: Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s Wedding Trailer Inspired Us

And taught us a lot! A lot that we didn’t know before. That’s the thing with celebrity relationships. Over time, they suffer from memory loss and end up telling us what really happened. We then understand that they really did cheat and that all these cheating rumours were true. That’s why we were eager to see Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor married. Imagine how many secrets would have tumbled out of Ranbir’s verbal diarrhea mouth? During the promotions of their last film together, Angelina Jolie said that she fell in love with Brad Pitt while they were shooting for ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’. Did she forget that both her and Brad deny that 10 years ago in response to all the rumours that were circulating around about Brad Pitt cheating on his then-wife Jennifer Aniston?

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover revealed a lot in this trailer of their wedding ceremonies. First of all, Bips shared this trailer on the occasion of her first wedding anniversary. Like all wedding trailers, the bride and groom are interviewed about each other and most of them are really good at trying to make their love story sound like the most beautiful story that even Yash Chopra couldn’t write. To be fair, it’s pretty much how everyone feels about their partner at the beginning of their relationship. We felt the same way every time a new pet came home. Anyways, check out our dissection of the wedding trailer of Bips and KSG with the video below.

Dissection ofย Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s Wedding Trailer


Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover's Wedding Trailer Inspired Us


Apparently, Karan Singh Grover is a fixer when it comes to ladies, who have just got out of long relationships. If not for him, Bips would have ended up a disaster. This is what Bipasha said in this video, not us. She probably didn’t see the London fiasco coming up ahead with random people giving them jobs as cleaners because they are both jobless. By the way, if there are any ladies in need of a fixer reading this, don’t look any further. Book your ticket to monkey land right now to get fixed! Doesn’t it sound like trying to get an animal fixed?

Bips hinted how her ex-boyfriend, John Abraham, didn’t love her, need her or want to spend time with her. Fair enough, but she forgot to mention that they were together for 10 years whereas KSG and her have been together for about a year before tying the knot.

Karan’s connection with the ladies is better than our Wi-Fi connection. Bad joke, we know!

Karan’s life has also changed A LOT. So he didn’t change himself the first 2 times he was married? He only changed for Bips? Yes, he did. He became a monkey (she calls him that, not us). At least, he said he knows the mistakes he shouldn’t make this time around. As for Bips, she mentioned how they don’t judge each other. That’s dumb! Considering how he was married when she met him and dated him.

As she puts the garland around his neck, you can see Bips looked at him with her big catty eyes and mouthed the words, “For Life”. This is her telling him that this is the last time he’s getting married, there will be no marriage number 4.

Karan got married to Bipasha because he wanted to know what it’s like to be married to Bipasha Basu. He said it himself on how he couldn’t let that question go unanswered and had to find out.

Karan also talks about how Bipasha is a very warm-hearted person, when she’s not busy conning you or digging her nails in her assistant’s arms. While detailing her first impression of Karan, Bips forgot to mention that the reason she found him to be sharp, clean and a sharp dresser is because he has been married twice before, which means that he had two women polish him up at different times of his life.

Bips knew she loved him while they were shooting ‘Alone’. Quite ironic since they both denied they were together then, mainly because he was still married and his wife had no idea that her husband was not ‘Alone’ anymore.

Bipasha Basu ends the video by saying that she has never had that feeling from a partner before. Meaning that Dino Morea and John Abraham have never enjoyed her company or supported her. Karan is the complete opposite, he is thankful and grateful. This video and interview were all done a year ago. Now we know why Karan is thankful and grateful to be married to Bipasha. Why would he not? He gets to add new chapters in his monkey diaries when she brings him everywhere she goes for free.


Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s Wedding Trailer



Someone should ask Karan if this wedding ceremony was as perfect as he has always wanted it to be? You know, since he tried to have the marriage of his dreams twice.

By the way, Bipasha was smart enough to disable the comments of this video on YouTube. Who knows, these people she pissed off in London might just make a comeback. And also, the thousands of people, who offered them jobs on Instagram!

Comments are disabled for this video.


We are not trying to be mean. If you have enjoyed reading our dissection of these Minutes to Waste videos, you know what we are like. These words above are the first things that popped into our mind and we decided to share it with you. Take it all lightly.

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25 Responses

  1. Sonia says:

    @ksgfan – is that you Mr monkey ji? It’s kinda obvious u are associated with the most annoying traveling monkeys in bolly.

    If u got it, flaunt it. But accept public criticism is part of the deal when u are showing off your life in public. Stop calling others a hypocrite.

    • KSGFAN says:

      associated how? yes I am a fan, and I am proud of being a fan of someone from television who can actually act! Unlike his ex-wife! Thank you very much!

  2. Hind23 says:

    why on every comment youre replying? @ksgfan. that’s weird. stop stalking people’s opinions

  3. Tere ChaChi says:

    Marriage is overrated, at least they are smart enough to disable comments, however I don’t think that we should get hyped up about them. if they want to call themselves monkeys then let them, at least I think I have to look at this actors face on tv anymore. dislike him then and now. but love you bips! Try to get a job please,i hate to see you wasting your life thinking you can last with this cartoon who thinks marriages are a joke,

    • KSGFAN says:

      And remember no one is paying u to spew venom on KSG! Get over him and stop wasting your time!

  4. KSGFAN says:

    I was never a fan of the fugly jennifer who cannot act, stop assuming things, u r such a joker! Why are u so hurt over someone’s personal life so much? any why are u so vindictive and bitter towards him? my goodness!

    • Tere ChaChi says:

      hi there. I think its time hit your books, stop wasting your time. remember KSG is not paying you. time is money ,sincerely from your neighborhood chachi

  5. GollyMissBolly says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing OSOP! You guys are so witty! Even your responses to the “monkey bots” are clever! Bipasha and KSG are super annoying, attention seekers. They put all their monkey crap out there so can’t be surprised when it’s thrown right back.

  6. KSGFAN says:

    I am talking about youtube comments that u mentioned smart ass!! And no one is forcing u to see their instagram or their social media accounts! What a bloody hypocrite! It is quite clear why ur ass is on fire!

  7. KSGFAN says:

    ohh and smart move disabling the comments?? yes u have it right butt hurt fanatics such as yourself couldn’t comment and make a beautiful piece of video sadistic, furthermore, the ratio from likes to dislikes in itself shows that the dislikers are much less in numbers than likers, it is just that haters such as u are far more vocal than lovers!

  8. KSGFAN says:

    KSG and jennifer were separated before bips and ksg connected in kerela! And u guys obviously are quite butt hurt about kSG dumping jenny, it is sad really, his life, his decisions, what is your issue? what a sad life you guys must lead!

    • Hmmm says:

      Well he and his current wife put their private life out there with ridiculous OTT posts so obviously some people are going to have a laugh. OSOP has a hilarious take on everything Bollywood not just monke guy and monkey wife. The man is onto his third marriage he obviously has no clue about relationships and “forever”. Poor Bipasha she used to come across as somewhat intelligent and strong now she is reduced to a desperate monkey with an iq to match.

  9. bella says:

    whens she reaches 50 plus, he will have an affair with a young 20 something starlet. I don’t see this monkeys lasting forever. I suggest they do a podcast where listeners (if there are any) can call in and talk about their relationship issues.

  10. Shreya says:

    Why u wasted 3.57 mins of ur life ? U could hv closed the video even before it started . N not only 3.57 u almost wasted 3-4 hrs to come up with such a ridiculous piece of shit that it was cringeworthy while reading too .. pity to know that this earth is full of judgemental craps like u.
    Though u can write whatever u want as u guyz just celebrated ur media freedom day ..Bt wishing n bitching abt ppl is simply sick .
    God bless

    • Bollywood says:

      It’s fine if you don’t like it, but why bother wasting your minutes commenting on our commentary of this video? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lighten up. It ain’t bitching if it’s about stating the facts!

    • Hmmm says:

      Seems your sense of humour is the same as the 2 monkeys careers- non-existent! If you don’t like ( or understand) what OSOP publishes I suggest you stick to monkey instagram posts and avoid coming here.

  11. Hmmm says:

    Hilarious and well written! Nailed the art of satire. I find Bipasha and KS to be two of the most annoying “celebs” and monkeys and this had me rolling around in laughter.

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