2018 – September – Bollywood Blind Item 5

The blind item below is about this upcoming film that a superstar is doing. First of all, can’t believe that all these actresses are whining and crying about not getting a part in this film. This is the problem when you have a harem full of girls waiting and anticipating your next film. They all think this superstar will do right by them and give them small bits of roles in his films. For this movie, though, he brought in two new girls and these girls have not worked with him before. It will be interesting to see if he takes a liking to them and then proceeds to take them for other films as well.

The blind item is by Filmfare and is about this jolly-go-happy actress, who has worked with this superstar before. Speaking of this actress, it has been amazing to see her journey in Bollywood. Amazing to see how she managed to turn things around and make it to where she is today. Bear in mind, she was this flop actress that everyone thought should go back to her native country. Even she said the same thing until the Bhatts called and gave her a makeover. If you look at her first film to her latest one, she looks really different. She was fresh at the beginning and then, she had a few tweaks done here and there. It wasn’t that drastic so the difference isn’t much, but she did do something.

So, this girl is a little upset that the superstar didn’t offer her a role in his upcoming film. This was already a news item before and a source from the superstar’s side said that since their last film together got a lot of backlash, he didn’t think it was right for them to be paired again so soon after. In case you are wondering whether that blind item about the actress, who sent this superstar a list of why she thinks she will be good for the lead role of this film, is her – it’s not. This actress has a nice attitude, not b!tchy or mean. She does not bring her worry or mad mood to work, which is a good thing for others working around her. So, it’s why the list-making-actress is not her.

Check out the blind item below from Filmfare. See, we told you actresses are dying to work with Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather so why is he still whining about Don’s Junglee Billi?


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - September - Bollywood Blind Item 5


This actress is upset about not being offered this big project

Favouritism, when it comes to casting in films, is not uncommon. Superstars are often known to pull in their off-screen friends for roles in their films.

Now we hear, this B-town diva is disappointed for not being offered a big project that stars her superstar friend. The actress has worked with the superstar in two big-budget films in the recent past. That gave her more reason to feel miserable about not being offered a role in his latest venture.

She couldn’t help but feel dejected and rejected. We hope the actress dusts off this unhappiness soon. Being extremely hard-working, she’ll sure get more opportunities in the future.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Jacqueline Fernandez

Superstar: Salman Khan

Big Project: Bharat

2018 - September - Bollywood Blind Item 5

2018 - September - Bollywood Blind Item 5


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11 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    None of them would have been appropriate for the role anyway. Now that PC is out, a lot of people are no more interested in the movie. It will be just like any other movie that salman and kat acted together in. There is no spontaneity. The reason Kat got it over Jacky is because kat was upset since day one when PC got roped in for the part instead of her. Guess she went and do her black magic and she got the movie now. In the harem of salman’s you have to bite and kick to make sure he notice you and keeps you relevant. Kat knows how to backbite and walk over people and as such she will always get parts. She is in it to win it and there is no friends in her agenda, it is all about her and her family (siblings). Jacky needs to toughen up and starts fighting back. Its a cat eat cat world in salman’s harem court.

  2. NewGirl says:

    Deepika has zero personality but i guess most of β€˜em like Katrina are playing dumb just to remain popular. (except Kareena. She is just stupid.)

    I could be wrong but actresses with sweet/desi image, and without any personality end up being superstars. Madhuri, Sridevi and now Deepika Padukone.

  3. bucketbot says:

    apologies for the double post. My connection blipped out so I though the comment got lost

  4. Hmmm says:

    I have watched the press for Love Sonia where Actresess like Richa Chadda and Freida Pinto sound intelligent and articulate and talk about the complexities of their roles. Freida does a lot of charity work and Richa is well informed on the plight of women. Then you have current β€œactresses” like Jacqueline and Katrina with limited to zero talent fighting over a movie where the hero has the major part and is a copy of a foreign film as if the role is Mother India and they are as talented as Nargis. Then you have former Bollywood star and former good actress Priyanka turned d-list Hollywood wannabe whose only acting these days is hamming for American paparazzi. Less said about unintelligent sonam, Alia, Kareena and Deepika the better. Every time their mouths open they expose their stupidity. As for Kangana the lady has talent but is slowly ruining her own career with her tantrums and stubbornness. Give me a Richa, Frida, Radika Ate etc any day over these A-list stars.

    • bucketbot says:

      +100000 on the sentiment, although Frida’s KJo interview with Nargis still makes me cringe. She was also in another fix a while ago when doing a british(?) show where she played a character of a different ethnicity than an Indian and she tried to justify it in a terrible manner. This was when the controversy of racial diversity was in full steam. So, I’m not so sure of Frida but better than most others, you live and LEARN I guess.

      Also, Vidya Balan.

    • Venus says:

      Since when has being intelligent become a qualification for being an actor ? If you have watched Freida’s movies,she’s average at best.And Radhika Apte is highly inconsistent.
      Deepika Priyanka Kangana etc are atleast good actresses,and they are good at their jobs.Just because someone is well read or he/she can speak well,doesn’t mean they are good actors.Also just because someone doesnt know about current affairs doesnt mean she’s stupid.Please don’t mix up acting and general knowledge/oratory skills ,they are two different things

    • Nam3less says:

      @venus, completely agree with you. Not sure why being intelligent is important for being an actor. As long as the actors are good in the roles provided thats all it matters. Freida looks really average and good for her that Slumdog opened up many options. Radhika Apte is good actress but as you rightly said highly inconsistent. Deepika, Priyanka, Kangana have screen presence and when they are in the scene you notice them.

    • Rad says:

      Joining the convo a bit late but though I do agree that you don’t need to be intelligent to be an actress, when you start commenting on subjects other than movies, atleast make sure you are armed with some basic knowledge.

      Actresses like Sonam, Alia etc and to a certain extent Deepika also sound so stupid when they try to talk about things they don’t know anything about trying to sound like an intellectual. Either educate yourself or just stick to subjects you know something about.

  5. Pooja says:

    One more thing Jacky is job less right now that film with rat face kartik Aryan will be end up as shelved like drive with shushant n she is 32 so her career is almost over like Katrina till she get help from lallu just like Katrina get in 2015 to till now or race3 may be end her last film in Bollywood.

  6. Pooja says:

    Jacky doing what user opportunistic Katrina doing when pc finalized for bharat god this harem of girl of lallu who’s next blind Daisy crying over not getting part in bharat.Jacky n Katrina have same career path both was flop before lallu launch their career in Bollywood n give them support Jacky also get sajid khan help in staying in Bollywood till she reach to lallu.i m just getting feeling this bharat will end up as race3 n tubelight.

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