2018 – October – Bollywood Blind Item 5

It’s not that hard to figure out who the blind item below is about. See, this couple just came out in public again. They have been together for a while, on and off. They were playing around at one point, just hooking up and then they got caught and all hell broke loose. After that, they still kept going at it while trying to keep the affair an open secret in Bollywood. They were quite serious before it was said that they broke up again. This is why that blind item came out about him rejecting his current co-star. Even though that blind item was released this year, it seemed to have happened last year – that is, if you believe the below blind item. It was a short break and soon after that he was back to the slim and slender arms of his sugamama. Clearly, this is it for him since he seems to have a very special link with her. Wonder what that is?

Anyways, now that people know about them, they are asking openly why she does not inspire him to lose weight? Actually, they said it in a more crass way but the meaning is the same. The irony is, we said the same thing early last year when he started getting heavy again. Now he really is heavy and you can see and feel the load. He needs to get back to being healthy looking again. Maybe then, he will not look so fed up and exhausted as he does now.

Check out who Mumbai Mirror is talking about below. Maybe that’s why he is buttering up the audience about his closeness to Sridevi‘s daughters. It helps to soften his image so that when he goes public with the GF, people won’t take it that hard. Let’s be serious here, he did have an affair with her. He betrayed the only person, who had faith in him when he was way bigger than he is now. Plus, she is older than him and mother of a teenage boy. But, the betrayal part takes the cake since the person in question is none other than Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather and you know how he and his fans are.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - October - Bollywood Blind Item 5


THIS haute new Bollywood couple has just started their round two of romance. But even though they have been casually spotted here and there, their love story goes back four years. They were on a break for some time last year when the hunky star found cosiness in the company of his current co-star. But the co-star was unceremoniously dumped, as soon as the actor and the ladylove got back together.


OSOP Guesses

Star: Arjun Kapoor

Co-star: Parineeti Chopra

2018 - October - Bollywood Blind Item 5

Earlier they had also been spotted at the Lakme Fashion Week and also sat together for a show. In an interview to DNA in 2016, Malaika had addressed the speculation about her rapport with Arjun and said, β€œArjun is a very good friend of mine. But people give a very different meaning to it which isn’t true.”

β€œMalaika is no longer keen to hide her proximity to Arjun. When she was with Arbaaz, the Khan family, especially Salman, made their disapproval very clear. But now that she has broken away from Arbaaz, she sees no reason to be coy about her closeness to Arjun. Besides, Arbaaz is also seeing someone else now,” Deccan Chronicle quoted a source as saying.

2018 - October - Bollywood Blind Item 5


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7 Responses

  1. leaps says:

    yeah not buying that pari would date arjun . seems like a blind to make arjun look oh so a ladies man who dumped girls like pari athiya for malika

  2. Monalisa says:

    @admin I think this is abouth Varun, Natasha and Alia. There were rumours of a breakup followed by a reconciliation with Natasha plus linkup rumours with Alia last year.
    Alia is Varun’s co-star in Kalank.

    • Admin says:

      Not possible, since Varun got back with Natasha before he signed Kalank.

    • Monalisa says:

      ‘They were on a break for some time last year when the hunky star found cosiness in the company of his current co-star’. —>this sentence in the blind makes me think the actors were not co-stars when they got cosy but now they are co-stars.
      Anyways when promotion of Kalank starts the never ending Varia blinds would start again.

      I was so certain that Arjun and Malaika would be the new-age Dimple-Sunny. Guess I was wrong?

    • Lucy says:

      Don’t you feel like varun is done with alia,I mean there was a certain fire in him for her until badri,but after that it looks like he himself is trying to mend his relationship wit Natasha unlike what was reported.it doesn’t seem like he is being forced by his parents.guess he wants to be the new age hrithik,having a non filmi wife at home to take care of kids while he plays the field.

      Wonder who will he have an affair next with.alia won’t risk it anymore,she was playing the kapoor bahu to perfection at Krishna raj funeral.

    • guest says:

      @lucy you are ryte. varun has always maintained he wants a non filmi wife. kjo played a huge role in getting varun alia close.

      Alia now is designated kapoor bahu if will be extremely stupid of her to link up with varun or anyone else now. now alia-ranbir-varun- natasha are literally the next bebo-saif-hrithik-natasha . alia will now pull a bebo sell her life for PR and her kids will be better used for PR since alia,kjo arepro at pr and would present rk as a aww loyaly hubby and dad

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