2018 – October – Blind Item 3

The blind item below is about something that happened a while back. Since the #MeToo movement is in full force these days, Spotboye decided to bring back this story as a blind item. Don’t know for sure if this happened the way the blind item is saying, there were talks going on but no one heard of beating up happening. T

The beating up did happen in Hollywood, but it involved Brad Pitt beating up Harvey Weinstein when he heard that Weinstein propositioned to his then-fiancee, Gwyneth Paltrow. It was at a party where he found Weinstein and beat him up.

In Bollywood, if there was beating up involved, you definitely would have heard about it. This actress did the right thing by rejecting this creepy talent manager. He truly has no shame. He definitely has the guts to proposition to an actress with a known actor-boyfriend. He must be truly mad because only these types of people have no morals whatsoever.

Maybe it’s why this actress’ career has not gone anywhere. Her boyfriend has been getting film offers left, right and center while she hasn’t had much to do. She is quite good. We have seen her in her first film, so there should be a market for her talent.

Somehow when she was asked about what this creep has said to her years ago, she denied it. Why?

Check out the blind item below from SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - October - Blind Item 3


Heroine Gets Dirty Messages From Talent Manager, Boyfriend Nearly Roughs Him Up

This actress was faced with sexual harassment at the hands of a celebrity manager. Unable to get him back on track, she sought help from her boyfriend who almost roughed him up publically

This celebrity manager has been making noise for all the wrong reasons recently and here’s another skeleton from his cupboard. Years ago, he would send obscene messages to a certain actress who is now an established name in the industry. It all began with flirting and before the lady could realise, the insinuations became sexual. Troubled, she asked the manager to stop but he would have none of it.

The messages kept getting creepier by the day and finally, she told her boyfriend an actor who is known for his fabulous acting chops and has become a name to reckon with in present times. The actor wasted no time, called this manager and gave him an earful with the choicest of expletives. Soon, the two bumped into each other at a party and things took a turn for the worse. They started arguing and nearly came to blows.

The guests at the party realised that this might get ugly and soon separated them. Thankfully, better sense prevailed and the obscene messages stopped. We bet, today in the wake of the #MeToo movement, the boyfriend is having the last laugh. Will the actress too have the courage to come out and name and shame this offender? Time will tell.


OSOP Guesses

Celebrity Manager: Anirban Blah

Actress: Patralekha

Boyfriend: Rajkummar Rao

2018 - October - Blind Item 3

2018 - October - Blind Item 3

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12 Responses

  1. Peacefullypc says:

    Rao is no saint.they get tainted in a bid to make a solid mark. And learn ways of industry soon to survive and grow. Through all these blinds; we get to know that rao too having a sly rendezvous with miss shakti kapporr daughter after stree. And he is a bisexual sucking up to chhabra and was even caught making out with him in a hotel before they hurriedly ran away. Feel sorry for all of them for selling their souls and humane ness in a bid for fame,money and success . dog eat dog world with plenty of hypocrisy,jealousy, insecurity rife and compromises on character to be up there . worst industry

    • Lucy says:

      I think it is what every outsider has to go through,until now,but he did distance himself from these sort of people once he made it..maybe things will be a little better.with rajkumar having an affair with shraddha,and ayushman with radhika,those two blinds could have been circulating by the Nepo gang.will have to wait and watch if those rumours were indeed true.i haven’t seen any other website having this blind except pinkvilla,where karan johar has invested money.and the timing is exactly same in both cases,just about when their films started making big money.but their behaviour during promotions or offscreen indicated no such unusual intimacy.kudos to both of them for not selling their film on cheap publicity.

  2. Nefarious says:

    @Rashmi, which is the famous and unpleasant actor who harassed Disha?

  3. Rashmi says:

    Rajkumar had the courage to beat this freak. True, no one has heard of this incident. Even the admin writes if there was a fight, then we would know that. We did not know. but Rajkumar has a character. The true outsider. But tiger Shroff asks to keep his girlfriend DishΠ° silent and to pretend that there was no sexual harassment from one famous but unpleasant actor. This actor has such a powerful PR that even cleared Google with articles about the incident. Poor Disha lost the project, and her plastic Ken asks to be silent for her and his career.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hehe, since your idol could not slander Hrithik for her movie, now its your turn. You never give up, do you?

      The more you all lie and try to slander, the more people hate her.

  4. Tina says:

    I remember this blind. Did she really call him a family friend?! Is that why she’s quiet? – the obligations of family honor/relationships can be shackles on women πŸ™

    Good for Rajkumar Rao! I like him even more now. Hope he remains clean and dedicated to his craft.

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