2018 – October – Blind Item 2

There are three blind items below. Like the previous blind items shared from Arre, we don’t know how true these are but from what we have read, it does seem close to the stories floating around Bollywood. Like the first blind item is about this director. He has already been outed as a rapist and he has also denied it by saying everyone knows he respects women. Then, he went on to blab in a language that only he understands. Funny thing is that Sajid Khan used to make fun of this director’s English at award shows and now look at the irony, both have been outed on the same day. Hopefully, they will be placed right next to each other in hell.

Anyways, so this director has once said, like if it was nothing, that he needs to fall in love with his heroine before being able to direct her. He said that on Simi Garewal’s show where he was accompanied by the newcomer that he was introducing at that time. He spoke about this girl to Simi like if she was an object for him and she was sitting right next to him. The weirdest thing is, this director makes special appearances in all of his films. Like just in one shot where he will show his creepy face. You know who does that and who also has to be in love with his actresses before directing them? Alfred Hitchcock! We were big fans of Hitchcock’s books and films until that movie came out about him and a TV movie also came out about how much of a creep he was. The director in the blind item below thinks he is such an amazing director, like the best. Good thing, his big budget films have flopped so bad that he has stopped directing. Actually, to be fair, he has been chasing Bollywood‘s Godfather for a while now and even Bhai doesn’t have such a big heart to do this director’s film. Well, after all, the last one they were in together was such a huge bomb!

As for this senior actor in the blind item below, he is known for that. Not the first time. If you notice the pattern of actors, who are popular and have been around for a long time, you will see that they are better actors offscreen. They are good at manipulating the audience, just like a magician. Take this senior actor, for example. He pretends to be all humble and down to earth when in reality, he is just the same megalomaniac that only wants people talk about him and praise him. That’s the reason he gave that answer at his press conference, he was pissed that Tanushree Dutta took away the chance for people to praise him for his role in that film. Instead of talking about the role that he has worked so hard for and was even hospitalised because of that, they chose to ask him about something else. The audience made him famous and gave him that power. They also took it from him when he started acting all high and mighty. That’s when he learnt: how he should behave in public! All that talk about protect daughters, loving daughters when he himself got no respect for other women other than his daughter! By the way, old man. Stop saying your daughter is the best actress in the family. The best actress has and always will be your wife, period! The only bad films she did was the ones you asked her to sign.

Check out the last of the blind items below from Arre.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - October - Blind Item 2


And like this, everyone knows the “open secret” of the exploits of the famous ’90s director whose stories are also so old and well-known that they might as well be written in stone. Over the years, the industry has rewarded him with awards and lauded him for his vision, which included a “creative process” that occured in his upscale bathroom: As he sat naked in his bathtub with his hands folded, the female lead of his film was required to remove all her clothes and present her naked body in front of the director. His eyes would sincerely make note of every body part and channelise it to invoke creativity. This blatant misuse of power would repeat film after film and on some cases, would involve a fair bit of “sacrificing” on the actress’s part. All done in the comfortable confines of a bathtub, of course.

Likewise, everyone knows of the reputed senior actor – now a champion for women – methodically grazing the breasts and butts of every young actress. His impossibly long career is replete with him preying on young actresses and getting them to sleep with him. And the ones who protested, had their drinks spiked. He’d force himself on them and replace them from his film anyway. But, I suppose the icing on the cake is the modus operandi of the yesteryear actor – with origins in Bollywood’s filmi family – who’d drunkenly insist that his wife watch him force himself on screaming female leads.


OSOP Guesses

Famous 90s Director: Subhash Ghai

2018 - October - Blind Item 2


Senior Actor: Amitabh Bachchan

2018 - October - Blind Item 2


Yesterdayyear Actor: An actor from the Chopra or Kapoor family

2018 - October - Blind Item 2

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15 Responses

  1. Pooja says:

    I always notice this whoever lallu work with or have linkup rumour akki too work with them like user katrina,Jacky,elli,mouny,chitrangada,asin,Asia takia etc.

    • Lucy says:

      It’s like they all have a personal harem,and also have a major weakness for foreigners.the foreign women are usually recommended to each other.also they have a thing for the same woman at the same time,and also get bored of the woman at the same time.weirdos.they don’t have boundaries when it comes to family as well.huma was with salman and sohail and then akshay and back to sohail.jaquiline was with salman and nadiadwala at same time then akshay,all 3 at the same time.sonakshi was with ajay salman akshay,again at the exact same time. they don’t mind sharing,this is what I read.i keep reading about a alist actress going to out a predator superstar who has a feminist wife.

      Admin,could you take a guess…aamir or akshay

  2. Essesspa says:

    The yesteryears actor who made his wife watch isn’t AB Sr. It’s RK, going by the item posted by admin. I’ve heard plenty of stories about AB Sr. harassing, using and discarding women too. Parveen Babi was treated badly by him emotionally, and it definitely contributed to triggering her paranoid schizophrenia. Also way before Deepika, Rani was harassed by him during Black, and was very disturbed and stressed throughout the shoot because she wouldn’t sleep with him. Well, let’s hope he doesn’t go after Sapna Bhavnani for defamation!

  3. NewGirl says:

    Bachchan. Is this really true? How’s he getting away with this?

    I just read an A lister is ready to out Akshay. She worked with him in 2012. Who’s it? Nimrat?

    • Rashmi says:

      Nimrat did not work with Akshay in 2012

    • Lucy says:

      Except the feminist part,I though it to be ajay devgan.kajol also came out in support of tanushree but she is no feminist.ajay devgan harassed tamannah bhAtia during himmatwala 2012.i read that ajay devgan tried forcing himself on her,after he failed to convince her for an affair.she said she will have affair if he divorces his wife.i think it was her tactic to escape.ajay devgan was apparently angry and asked to throw her out,but 50%of film was shot so they couldn’t do anything.notice how ajay devgan akshay salman repeatedly cast the same actress 2-3 times,that’s indication that the actress succumbed.if only one film and the actress disappeared then she didn’t give in.

    • Rashmi says:

      Not certainly in that way. Nimrat gave up during Airlift people know about her relationship with Akshay, who promised her a career. but she disappeared …

    • Lucy says:

      Huma and nimrat were odd ones out,I mean good actresses but not dumb foreigners,they were akshays one time thing.akshay had a massive thing for Katrina and then Amy.but with Amy it didn’t work out.its like any new beautiful actress comes to Bollywood akshay salman ajay have eyes on them.and all three work with them at the same time.i know for sure salman had his eyes on illeana but she didn’t give in,lost wanted and Prem rattan dhan payo..have no idea why she succumbed to ajay,maybe because he is not a stalker and woman beater.any day better than salman.same with nargis,akshay had his eyes on her signed her for three film deal,overnight threw her out.no explaining.i think she refused to give in.sonakshi was involved with all three almost at the same time.jaquiline too with akshay ans salman.its like they recommend the caress around in their own tightly knit group.same with chitrangada who was involved with salman,akshay and Sanjay dutt.

      It’s like a wolf pack

  4. leaps says:

    “who’d drunkenly insist that his wife watch him force himself on screaming female leads.” jail this physco already.

    god why did jaya marry ab

  5. Tina says:

    He spiked their drinks, raped them, and threw them out of their movies. Amitabh should be jailed for life! I don’t care how big a star he was, bring him down!

    • leaps says:

      “who’d drunkenly insist that his wife watch him force himself on screaming female leads.” jail this physco already

    • deepcoursera says:

      Amitabh may be many things – good or bad – but he is a teetotaler. Earlier because of his father and after 1981 due to liver damage after coolie and blood-transfusion incident.

  6. Samantha says:

    Bachchan is HUGE!!! THAT ll be th most defining moment i MetooIndia stories!

    Heard he pinched Deepika’s butt during Pik promotions; she was so super pssied off; so she didnt even invite him fr his bday!!

    Also, old stardust stories on how he desprately wanted to sleep wt Amrita Singh n couldnt take no for an answer!!

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