2018 – November – Bollywood Blind Item 3

This week, the blind item by Rajeev Masand is about this actor that he has written about before about the same thing. So now, it seems that people are just sitting and waiting for him to be outed by his victims. It seems that the situation must be worst than what was initially thought. The blind items were indicating how he pesters women on outdoor shoots. But if he is being talked about in blind items and not his contemporary, it means that his case is worst.

The #MeToo movement has made everyone aware of the consequences that come with working with these predators. It is nice that the actresses below refused to work with him on this basis. Well, to be fair, if he is outed then this movie will definitely be shelved and the actresses involved in the film will have to spend the next year or so talking about his case or what he did to women. One of the actresses in the blind item has worked with him earlier this year and there were reports on how he tried to hit her up as well, but she refused. There were blind items saying how she was uncomfortable with his advances on the sets and tried her best to stay away from him.

Check out the blind item below from Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - November - Bollywood Blind Item 3


MeToo Caution Kicks In

Two actresses reportedly turned down a male A-lister who asked them to be in his next multi-starrer film. One is a busy leading lady who’s doing multiple local and international projects and got away by citing the old β€˜no dates’ excuse while gently turning him down. The other doesn’t have much on her plate, but politely declined the role saying she didn’t see much meat in it.

Bollywood insiders are saying both actresses vocally supported the recent MeToo wave, and their lack of enthusiasm for this film may have something to do with the fact that there have been murmurs that the leading man in question could himself be outed soon. Not one to be turned down by heroines chosen to star in a film with him, the actor was apparently surprised that both ladies said β€˜no’, and especially so given that he’s worked with both of them in earlier films that went on to become big box-office hits.


OSOP Guesses

A-lister: Akshay Kumar

Film: Mission Mangal

2018 - November - Bollywood Blind Item 3


2018 - November - Bollywood Blind Item 3


2018 - November - Bollywood Blind Item 3

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11 Responses

  1. PN says:

    The Malayalam/Tamil actress is Nithya Menen who is way more outspoken and righteous than all these BW actresses. She is also a wonderful artist and carry a film on her shoulders. She lost out many Malayalam films only because she had the β€˜audacity’ to ask for the whole script before signing up for a movie. So now she opted to work in tamil films and works only with a handful of malayalam dir cries who make meaningful movies and the role is meaty enough

  2. NewGirl says:

    So Aditi Rao, Raveena were talking about Akshay only. Harassing women at work and playing the perfect father/husband. Wow.

  3. Nefarious says:

    Tapsee was the reason Akki had a fallout with his Baby director. I heard both had the hots for her. @Admin, pls validate

  4. Nefarious says:

    I dont think Nimrit would be the one to out him. She had an affair with him.

  5. Nur says:

    My guess for the other girl is Nimrat. Has a hit film with AK and seems to be like a no nonsense kind of person.

  6. Rashmi says:

    Many mismatches. Sonam Kapoor has no international projects and she is currently not engaged in any film. The role of Radhika in Padman was absolutely empty / little time. Thirdly, both ladies worked with Akshay in Padman and Padman was not a big box office hit. Before that, Sonam worked with Akshay in another film and he was a flop. it’s definitely not them

  7. Sheena says:

    Radhika A spoke about a mega star who spanks women on set openly (in a pretend-fun way) on Neha Dhupia’s interview. Is it Akki?

  8. Pc says:

    Why has akshay been scotfree till now ? Despite being the fourth predator in the houseful ambit ?(nana,both sajids). Is it is clout and star power that prevents his name from being outed? If he doesn’t get named,I doubt his behaviour gonna change . It’s more of a sickness and some childhood issues that percolate in adulthood frankly . Such brazen harassment has something to do wirh his sickness.
    As for the other women who are working ,taapsee and Sonakshi already have . Wont be surprised if they were already victims earlier and dont mind the advances as a give and take policy . Give and get eyeballs for the film plus star in it too.
    Knowing tapsee’s choices, looks like the script might have been good too.

    • Rashmi says:

      Taapsee choice was also my name Shabana and it was very bad. Taapse is not the equivalent of a quality script.

      • Pc says:

        For that matter even ayushmann.amir not equivalent to quality. With bewakoofiyan n recently thugs being hardcore dampners.
        Yet .taapsee defintely cones across less of a bimbo n flowing with non intellectual ,glamor bit roles. A movie not shaping up as envisaged despite promising director; could happen to any top notch actor . Noone above average scripts.

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