2018 – May – Blind Item 2

The blind item below will not come as a surprise to most of you. We have said here before and have shared our thoughts on how this international/local actress managed to get herself cast in this movie. Her casting does come as a surprise because this other actress was expecting herself to be cast due to her close proximity with the actor and the director. She is best friends with the director, so she more or less expected him to cast her in this project. Little did she know that the other actress was already pulling a trick from her magic hat. That magic hat was the actor’s sister and as soon as the other actress heard of this upcoming film and how they were still looking for the heroine, she decided to make some time to come back home and go for dinner with this actor’s sister.


Now, let’s just say that this actress only remembered the existence of this actor’s sister when she was ousted from the other side of town years ago. You know that story! So when she suddenly found herself with no sugapapa or Godfather, she quickly rushed to this side of town and quickly worked on her magic. Some time later, the actor himself shared the actress’s latest musical venture at that time on his social media account. And then, you will hear her say that she made it in Bollywood and Hollywood on her own without the help of a Godfather!

Now, things are the same again for this actress. She ain’t got no sugapapa or her King, so she has to make do with Bollywood‘s Godpapa. The fact that she worked so hard to get picked in this film has made us wonder whether she is ready to drop it all in the west and come back home for good. But then, she does not seem like the type to give up this fast. We are guessing she is going to do everything to really try over there while at the same time, try to juggle it here. If you think about it, she hasn’t had a hit in a while so this film means everything to her. Let’s just see if this actor will take a liking to her and cast her in his films after this one.

Check out the blind item below from IndianExpress.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - May - Blind Item 2


Guess the actress upset with a megastar for not casting her in his next film

B-Town’s gossip gang which comprises of many A-list celebrities have been wagging their tongues over a film project in which the lead actor played a big hand in casting this particular A-list female actor.

B-Town’s gossip gang which comprises of many A-list celebrities have been wagging their tongues over a film project in which the lead actor played a big hand in casting this particular A-list female actor. You might be thinking this isn’t an uncommon thing in the film industry, right?

Well, our little birdie from this very gang blurted something that was silly but shocking. So, let’s call the A list female actor – Madam X, the other female actor who bagged the film is Madam Y and the actor in question is Mr Z. While this project has been talked about and worked upon on for quite some time, we didn’t know that Madam X had shown a keen interest in being the female lead. As the two (Madam X and Mr Z) have worked on several projects earlier, the female actor felt that she will be cast in this one too as the audience love their pairing. However, when Madam X learned that Madam Y, who hasn’t given a hit in a while, had bagged the film, Madam X was angry. She started checking how Madam was chosen as the female lead.

On digging a little, she figured that the actor’s sister is a close friend of Madam Y and in fact, it was she who suggested the actor cast Madam Y as they hadn’t done a movie for quite some time. This information didn’t go down well with Madam X and she started rumours of how Madam Y begged to star in the film. She also added that it was this reason that she walked out of the film which she was not offered in the first place.

Both the female actors have had quite a history and have never been known to be friends either. From having shared the same boyfriend at one point to battling for the same roles, these girls have done it all. So it wasn’t a big surprise when one of them started spreading rumours like these over losing out on a project even at this stage of their career where they both are loved by audiences and take a hefty fee home for their roles. All we want to say is c’mon gals, take it easy. There is room for everyone and if not this project, your so-called favourite will cast you in his next blockbuster.


OSOP Guesses

Madam X: Katrina Kaif

Mr Z: Salman Khan

Madam Y: Priyanka Chopra

2018 - May - Blind Item 2

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15 Responses

  1. naughytrini says:

    So this blind was generated to say that PC only got the role because she convinced Salman sis to get salman to give her the role? rofl this is so funny. So is it like the most embarrassing thing ever? If so then Kat whole bollywood life is embarrassing because that is what she does. But anyway even if PC sleeps with Salman 101 times to get the role she is and will always be a better actress than Kat and salman was lucky that pc wanted the role. Kat is washed up, maybe he will give her a dance song in the movie to make her happy.

  2. Pooja says:

    @monalisa r u miss same blind there are few blind about this it was lulia who get its then last moment user kaif manipulate lallu for pornstar isabella

  3. leaps says:

    kat tried her best to get this role. even Ali the director was saying that its written with kat in mind. but from what I have read about it its a period film also PC suits it very well, she can act also she brings salman international audience. I am pretty sure that blind about pc pri fight must be kat too

    Kat it amazes me salman (MCP) is the man she blatantly used to get projects, cheated on him, after being dumped by ranbir runs back to salman, before her return to him she had a series of flops gets another film. Salman got her a prj opposite him, srk, amir and varun , he is launching her sister still madam is mad at losing a role to pc. eye roll

    • Pooja says:

      That y I called irony dies 1000dead.even snatch lulia’s lakme project for her own pornstar sister still god such opportunistic this woman can be

    • Monalisa says:

      @pooja What?? Iulia was the original choice for Lakme?? Never knew that.

  4. Venus says:

    Katrina and Priyanka never shared a boyfriend. It has to be Kareena andaPriyanka.

  5. Sonpaapdi says:

    Well Quantico is off so…

  6. Amanda says:

    Who is the common ex bf for both? As far as I know they don’t have common ex

  7. Zara says:

    Can someone please fill me in? What history kat and priyanka shares and which same bf they dated? confused

  8. BollyJunkie says:

    Who is the shared common boyfriend between these two?

  9. Lisa says:

    Admin, i don’t think the blind is true. Firstly, Priyanka wouldn’t do just any movie after her big bollywood break. So this also means that while working on a big project may be a big opurtunity for her, the role must also be important and relevant. And if this is the case, this automatically means that Kat was never considered to be in this movie as her acting “skills” are limited for strong roles.

    • Pooja says:

      When user kaif was offer bharat???? n every where media saying she block dates for bharat but when PC finally get lead she now thinking about singing Sid’s next film lol everyone knew user kaif don’t get film offers now.its lallu who get her film this is how she get film with varun.irony dies 1000dead that woman who herself reach where she is bcz of using lallu through lallu’s sister spreading pc’s case lol how her pornstar sis get lakme n all.she double standards n hypocrite woman she is.

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