2018 – March – Bollywood Blind Item 8

The blind item below is by a young actor, whose film released two weeks back and has been doing very well in theatres. Mumbai Mirror published this blind item, which means that this boy has arrived! He was a nobody and now that his film fared better than a leading actress’ home production release, everyone is standing up and taking notice. Not to mention that he signed a three-film deal with the papa of nepotism, which we think is a bad idea because that company is not doing any better and he’s going to get stuck!

We don’t know how true this blind item is, but we do know that based on his Instagram account he does mention the things that this blind item says he doesn’t. So, it’s a bit exaggerated and far-fetched. We don’t know why, there’s something off about this guy. Is it because he looks too skinny or because he has a small triangular-shaped face? Or maybe it’s a big head on a teenage child’s body, like Shahid Kapoor once was! Can’t really put our finger on what it is, but there’s definitely something about this boy.

Anyways, check out who we are talking about below in the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.



Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 8


SUCCESS does make stars out of ordinary folks. But just one film β€” on unpronounceable film β€” seems to have turned this young actor into an ogre. His angry stylists have called upon us to complain how he’s been wearing clothes sourced by them but refusing to tag them on his social media sites, as is the norm for actors. Even his hair and makeup staff’s dues are remained. Have a little patience, we advised. The actor has just signed on a three-film contract with a Bollywood biggie. He may pay all dues and credits soon enough. Or maybe not.


OSOP Guess

Young Actor: Kartik Aaryan

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 8

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 8

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 8

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39 Responses

  1. Kiran says:

    Thankkkk gawwdd..osop said it. Even I felt the same looking at him. He looks like a mouse. He’s too skinny. N yes his head looks bigger than his body. He looks odd actually. I don’t think he was this bad in his prev movies

  2. Nefarious says:

    @Admin,i saw a couple of karthiks interviews. I noticed how there were undercurrents of sucking up to kjo. He only mentions alia bhatt when asked abt whod he ljked to date blah, wears manish malhotra to events and says varun has had an impact on him. He doesnt look too great in intervies, but he looks super cute on the big screen, imo. But one query and worry that i have_is he doing kjo?

  3. leap says:

    so has kjo found sid’s replacement . sid is no longer relevant after a long list of flops. Karthik acts better thn sid though

  4. Rad says:

    I am surprised everyone is talking about Karthik Aryan as if he’s new. Maybe ppl are noticing him only now but I have seen his Pyar ka Punchnama way way back in 2011 or 2012, It was a fun movie and his acting was sufficient. Not great but not bad either. Didn’t watch part 2 though but have seen about a movie or so a year realease of his. I think he’s ok. Didn;t find anything off about him so far but now that he’s joined KJo gang can never tell.

  5. Samantha says:

    When he smiles (n he smiles a LOT); he looks like that Yaariyan always smiling hero!

    BTW, beautifully captured by Admin! Theres something wrong abt th face! NOT th hunk/chocolate boy tht he thinks of himself!

    • Admin says:

      Yeah, we know! They do look alike but that one looks like he had fake teeth and a smaller head with a wig-like hairstyle (Himesh’s wig)..

      • Amanda says:

        Admin, speaking of himesh, why is he not that active in music composition..

        • Admin says:

          Busy judging shows, he’s not getting any offers. Though he is producing music for that new kid, a director’s son…Forgot his name and who he is. Genius is probably the film’s name.

          • Amanda says:

            Not sure of that kids name…. Of late I am upset with the kind of music in bw… I can’t remember any song neither I felt like listening to a song over and over again… I want jatin lalit to come back… I really liked their music..

          • Admin says:

            Yes, Himesh made some good music. So did Mithoon in the early 2000’s or before the music industry became corrupted.

          • Amanda says:

            Maybe royalties are not getting paid… Hence many well known composers and singers are doing less work in bw… Sonu Nigam sings more kannada songs than hindi. Shreya is singing in do many regional languages than hindi… The singers aren’t paid much now…

          • Admin says:

            Yes, all of this is due to that Tips guy. We wrote about him here: https://www.oneshotoneplace.com/the-strangest-thing-you-will-watch-today/. He took over the company and refused to give loyalties to singers. It’s how Sonu Nigam fell out with him.

          • Lol says:

            Not Tips but T-series! Tips have become a small outlier since a long time. Bhushan Kumar and his gang have killed the Hindi music industry with repeated remakes and Punjabi “rappers”.

          • Admin says:

            Yes, true. Tips is by Tauranis. Thanks for the correction.

          • Universal says:

            It’s so sad seeing the level of music in Bollywood right now. All 90’s-2000’s songs rehashed with some rap and daru-whiskey in the background. Not one memorable song in last 2-3 years. And all this because good musicians and singers are kept away by some cartel of music mafias. Sonu nigam isn’t seen in be songs since long, shreya ghoshal is there rarely, classic voice like KK has disappeared. All we get is same sort of music, same sort of auto tuned voices.
            Also, @admin – Didn’t Abhay deol had some fallout with these guys and claimed to be beaten up? Any inside info on that?

          • Amanda says:

            Yeah, abhay deols home production’s music was not allowed to be released on time.. Because of which movie promotion suffered and the movie flopped… Some disagreements between shankar ehsaan loy and t series regarding money.. I feel bad for abhay… He might have lost good amount of money… Plus he had to stay away from India for a while… Abhay is one of the fine actors.. too bad..

          • Amanda says:

            Admin, What are the other music labels doing? I mean Sony,Universal,Shemaroo,Tips etc… Bw is monopolised by only T-series?

          • Pepeas says:

            Also earlier generations of singers and composers used to be offered a whole film. One singer for the hero, one for the heroine, one for the vamp. So they could craft a whole sound and feel for the film and characters. For the last ten years the producers give one song to someone, another song to someone else. β€œYeh Western accha ga leta hai, woh EDM ghazal doosre ko de do.” It creates a formulaic, by-the-numbers feeling.

          • Alice says:

            Damn!!! The exact conversation I was having this morning.. All famous punjabi songs are being Re-mixed and All are Flop … Kaala chashma was hit coz they kept the male part as it is and added female version into it….
            One is being played now-a-days featuring Tiger shroff and his GF Disha; Oh Man! they ruined that beautiful song…. Even the punjabi song featuring Irfaan khan for the movie Blackmail is SO Blahhh… BW ruined old Punjabi songs….
            In 90’s people re-mixed old songs and they got famous like Kaata lagaa and other songs …. BUt now-a-days they add Daaru, foreigners, a lot of skin shw and Nepo Kids .. ahhhh Its really annoying.
            Apple CEO is right, Indians has zero creativity (now) :/

  6. Deepak says:

    yeahhhhhhh!!! Kjo got a new toy-boy to play with….I think KJo has a type…. boyish face and manly body…. Sid M, Karthik.. even SRK had boyish looks once upon a time….heck.. I guess if I build a 6-pack, even I can compete for his “AFFECTIONS”… hehehehehehehe

    • Admin says:

      Boy, you are heading on the path of Satan. You need to find God! :-p

      • Amanda says:

        News is that Kjo has signed Priya Varrier opposite RS for Simmba… Then this news of him signing Karthik for 3 film deal…. He has also promised Sara Ali khan a film… Are these all true? I am sure KJo has signed a three film deal with Janhvi as well… He needs to make two more movies for her apart from Dhadak…. If his production house cant even fully produce a movie,why all these offers for various people… Where will the money come from?

        • Admin says:

          Three films deal doesn’t necessarily mean that the projects will take off. He’s stealing YRF’s habit of doing this and he’s smart since he’s only doing it with stars and actors who are successful. By doing it, we obviously mean making them sign a contract.

          • Amanda says:

            Are janhvi and Sara are stars? They have a long way to go… Priya is also very new.. Karthik just had a mega hit… He is yet to show consistency in performances and bo results..
            KJo is playing gamble… I don’t understand his math… Anyways, if any of his horse fails, then, not many will be interested in saying hi to him….

          • Admin says:

            All these are rumours with the exception of Karthik. KJo is banking heavily on Janhvi’s debut to be able to proceed with his next projects.

          • Amanda says:

            Good luck to KJo…. I prefer watching original movies than remakes… Curious to know how janhvi’s career will take off… Will wait and watch

          • leap says:

            @admin what about the dharma web series those are rumors too ?

          • Nefarious says:

            But dint kj0 say he signed him.for 3 film.deal.which dint work out?:o

      • Nar says:

        haha. Be careful was you wish for.

    • trinity says:

      Go for it !

    • sharuna says:

      add to it Karen tacker, priyank sharma

  7. Amanda says:

    I hhavent watched sonu ki…. movie… But all the reviews wrt Karthik Aaryan were positive… I think he has done a good job in the film…. But,he is not star material… But it will be a welcome change in BW if he makes it big despite his lack of good looks etc…. More than anything,I hope he pays all his bills/dues and not use influence to wash his hands off them…….

    • Pooja says:

      Generally Bollywood rule by average looking guys as kid I find jugal hashraj n fardeen khan damm good looking but they go down so early.only hritik who service being handsame guy now sid n adi two most good looking guy we have all r going down.srk ajay salman now ranveer arjun varun tiger r average looking guy.I’m happy that non nepo kid getting hit came to his acting I didn’t see any his films so can’t camment.lookwise I find even tiger look gay to me.

  8. Nar says:

    My twitter mutuals are loving him but I don’t see it. I will have to watch the movie to give any real opinion. As far as attractiveness goes – I don’t really dig the skinny guy look.

  9. naughtytrini says:

    He looks like a Ranbir Kapoor….kind of full of himself but we cant judge by looks alone I guess, it says he doesnt do something but yet there is proof that he did so I think someone is setting him up but admin you are right, there is something about him…my blood just dont take to him.

    • Monalisa says:

      @trini He does hang out with RK. Saw pics of them playing football together. Maybe it is the RK effect rubbing off on him. Haha

      He is kinda cute but I feel he just don’t have the x-factor and very bland. Watched one of his interviews on youtube he was so blah, no screen presence.

    • Admin says:

      haha..glad we are not alone πŸ˜‰

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