2018 – March – Bollywood Blind Item 6

Today’s Mumbai Mirror blind item is about these two actresses, who are far apart in age and yet claim themselves to be BFF. We don’t know whether it’s the truth or just a ploy to make young fans like them more. The blind item below is about this senior actress, yes she is senior now, and this junior actress. Since the junior actress started shooting this movie with the ex of this senior actress, the media has been linking them together. The media or her mentor, only she can tell!

As it turned out, nothing is going on between these two and according to this blind item, senior asked junior to keep an eye on her ex. Why? It doesn’t make sense and is almost like stalking! Why did she ask junior to keep an eye? Junior has been reassuring her that nothing is going on in the ex’s love life. We can only think that Senior is perhaps planning something to make her ex get back with her because it really doesn’t make sense that she is asking a little girl to make sure her ex-boyfriend doesn’t date or sleep with anyone!

Maybe her efforts on her other ex haven’t been successful since the wall of Romania is strongly blocking any advances towards that ex. Maybe that’s why! But man, Senior needs someone to help her move on and forget about him. She needs a pep talk; someone needs to remind her what he put her through. She’s playing with fire and she is the one who will end up getting burned! It’s sad that she has hope that they will get back together. Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. Come to think of it, this might just be a blind item planted by him to make it look like she still pines for him! He’s been known to do that and MM was also the same paper that carried the blind item about his parents discovering the girlfriend’s scandalous past.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 6


YES, we admit we’ve been scratching our heads about this newfound friendship between two highly sought-after leading ladies. More so these days, since there’s a common boyfriend in between the two. And yet the gals insist on being BFFs. Well, it seems that Leading Lady One (not particularly known for her friendships) sought out LL Two as she had signed on a film with One’s former lover. She wanted someone to keep a watch on the ex, and she also thought that Two wouldn’t break the girl code by dating a friend’s former boyfriend. But Two is smarter than all, she keeps the BFF and her ex close to her. She maintains that all is well on the sets and the romance rumours are just that.


OSOP Guesses

Leading Lady One: Katrina Kaif

Leading Lady Two: Alia Bhatt

Ex-Boyfriend: Ranbir Kapoor

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 6

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42 Responses

  1. Alice says:

    One thing is for sure, RIshi-Neetu are Not duddh ka dhula…
    Salman is much better than RK any day – 1st Salman is clear that he aint going to marry and I Respect him for this; alteast he is not making Fake promises. He has a Big Family to feed and also has a lot of cases to deal with; so he is very clear that he does not want to ruin any girl life by marring, atleast by the time all court cases Solved and he got relieved. (His Libido is weak that a different story though 😉 )

    2nd RK leaks his own story , oh yes He doesnot have PR because he call them Image consultants… Period!! ek hi baat hain, but yes he is Manipulative. SO I m pretty sure this Blind released just for sake of making RK desirable. SOrry But NO RK!!

    3rd – I don’t have any take on RK ex GF list, I dont care… But yes, I hate the way he broke these girls heart ; SO mean.

    4th – I hope most of ppl know that Rk was caught making out with the daughter of a CEO of reputed bank (sneeze : YES) , while he was dating kat. he was partying in Arjun rampal’s disc in delhi

    And when this news got published in the past, dad harassed that reporter thru different means . I Love reading his blogs, but now-a-days he does not post anything due to some problems happened by some infulential ppl.

    Admin, do you know rk BIL is Bi. its a known thing in his city and their circle and even sissy also makes stupid designs (Shhhh… she just sells them under her name, not design) BIL doesnot have good repo in circle, sissy is stuck just coz dad is still orthodox…. (ladkiya sasural mei hi achi lagti hai )

    Also, one more thing , Admin, do u know there was a blog bollywoodbasket and he/she deactivated all of sudden. Do you have any idea about that person.

  2. Nikita says:

    Whoa look at the number of comments. Love her or hate her but you guys certainly cannot ignore her. Everyone busy dissecting, deducing what Kat wants,calm down guys.

    First of all let me start by saying this blind comes from Mumbai Mirror, the same tabloid which has published numerous blinds on Kat since last two years like the escort blind,the begging to be taken back to rk,begging to Rohit shetty for work,begging to bhai for work,her cosmetic procedures blinds,crying to friends over break with rk etc etc and this is the same Mirror which daily publishes glorifying stories about Neetu and her friends having lunch, Neetu posting her lunch pics on Instagram and how many likes it got(no kidding),Neetu’s workout regime and the secret behind her fitness, RK learning how to cook and feeding his family, going to abroad like a diligent and commited boyfriend to meet mahira and Ridhima gifting her designed jewelry to Justin Beiber’s mom lol,you guys can check to see if I am saying the truth or not. This is and has been Mumbai Mirror’s modus operandi for quite a while now and it doesn’t take a genius to know what they are doing and this is just another instance of showing Kat as the desperate one and RK as the desired one.
    And as far as the “opportunist” Kat is concerned whom you all love to hate and has dehumanized and stripped her of any dignity, human emotions and feeling while simultaneously calling yourselves feminists and woke, well she has made it very clear in past one year over and over again that she is not looking for any relationship in near future and her only focus right now is her work and her sister’s career.
    And as for why she’s still close to salman’s family, why don’t you guys ask that to Alvira and Arpita as to why Arpita posts Katrina’s pic on her insta account and uses the familia or favorite person hastags,what does she get from showing such public affection towards Kat.
    And let give Katrina some credit, she has survived in this unforgiving industry specially towards women,do you all really think that she’s stupid enough to wanting to go back to RK,that she doesn’t know what or who is he doing right now or that she will use Alia, a member of the Kjo coterie to spy on RK. Did none of you follow the JJ promotions,where Katrina made it painfully obvious that she’s done with him where else it was RK who tried to make it into another Tamasha promotions but Katrina thwarted him many of times.
    Anyway happy belated international women’s day y’all, let’s empower women and not drag them down.

    • Nimi says:

      Bravo! Thank you for saying it like it is. I am not a Kat fan but the hate the poor girl gets is unbelievable. Ironically, I like DP on screen but her off screen persona put me off and her aggressive PR games too but no one seems to dislike her so I am in the minority. Although I can never ever forget her behaviour with Vin for XXX film promotion. That was cringeworthy.
      both the women are happy in their own respective places and lets just focus on that!

    • Onlylurking says:

      I swear I feel exactly the same. I wonder how so many people here comment on her ‘intentions’ as if they know her personally. Too much hypocrisy in degrading one woman while talking of feminism & women empowerment. I remember people thinking I am a Kat PR or a bot when I defended her earlier. Everyone does stupid shit in relationships (I have done it numerous times), everyone goes back to their exes for comfort but doing these normal things make Kat so opportunistic in a way.

      SK is not a fool to support her, she is clearly not after him. I think she is a cool & fun person who went through some shitty things in life. & its become fashionable to shit on her somehow.

  3. Hmmm says:

    How dumb are Katrina and a Ranbir if Alia Bhatt is smarter than both of them?!

  4. Nefarious says:

    Y’all just one thing- what makes you think if kat wants to get back with Biru, he willl actually let her in ? He doesnt date has beens. He goes after the next big thing.

    • leap says:

      @Nefarious hmm Alia is touted to be the next big thing in the blind”since there’s a common boyfriend in between the two.” and ” But Two is smarter than all, she keeps the BFF and her ex close to her” in the blind tries to imply the two are an item or hes waiting for the cast to be finalized for Don3 Rofl.

      • Nefarious says:

        According to Jacks fashion scandal, ranbir and alia have already done the dirty. Alia for way to long wanted to date him. But i think her heart was really set on Varun. With biru she just wanted a ONS.
        She just wants this whole hype around her and biru cos biru dates pretty and hot girls and that would catapult her in that league.
        She hangs around kat maybe cos kat sucks up to her.

        • leap says:

          @Nefarious according to the same website alia ranbir had dated in 2014 so they had done the done the dirty thn

  5. Bollyzone says:

    I just don’t get what Alia gets out of this “friendship”? Katrina I understand, she wants to hang out with the young crowd to be seen as relevant and not old but what’s Alia’s deal? It’s not like Katrina is a very entertaining person. She doesn’t seem like a fun person to chill with. Is it some kind of London connection? They bond over their birth place? Bhagwan Jane, Bollywood is a weird place.

    • Rashmi says:

      absolutely. this question is also very interesting to me. What is the benefit for Alia in this friendship? Who has any versions?

      • leap says:

        no benefit to Alia its just that keep you friends close your fellow actress closer just like KJO . Alia is a good actress the bff’s equation she has with all actress adds “aww alia the new gen actress who isnt bitchy/no cat fights gets along with everyone how wonderful”

    • Monalisa says:

      Being friends with Kat can get Alia an entry in to Salman’s camp. After the Keasari debacle, Kjo and Salman are not on good terms. Also if you notice Kat actually is close to kjo. Kjo recently revealed that ‘he seek relationship advice from Kat’ and he was the one who told Kat to join social media. This is a faux friendship but they clearly have some common grounds (Kjo) and them being friends is more believable than her friendship with DP.
      Alia at one point was latching on to DP and even spread rumours that they were going to collaborate on a jewellery business. DP point blank refused the rumours in one of her interviews. After that we don’t see her hanging out with DP. This whole charade was to get exposed to DP’s fanbase as her bff but DP was smart enough to nip it at the bud.

      • leap says:

        @Monalisa make no mistake kjo/kat are opportunist. kjo/kat both use people in a way that connects them as fake friends Alia has nothing to gain from salman camp only beneficiary would be kjo
        Alia is pro as faking it she fakes relationships to look desirable to men she acts bff’s to girls more successful thn her to get their fan base. the girls who are on the receiving end of her actually bitchiness are people like kriti who can have chance to question her “hotness” . also one reason i think alia likes to hang out with dp, kat is cheerleader effect.. ie A group of girls look really attractive until you separate them out and you realize that they are not as hot has you originally thought. Alia looks hot by hanging out with hot girls like kat dp.

      • Hmmm says:

        Deepika doesn’t need Alia to be relevant as she is currently the no.1 actress.Katrina on the other hand gains by being close to Alia as it makes her seem “more current”. What Alia gains from Katrina I have no idea but she seems to be happy to have Kjo do all the thinking for her with PR made friendships and boyfriends.

        • leap says:

          The point was alia needs to hang around them to look hot not the other way around. Dp kat are hot as is

  6. Samantha says:

    Alia is NOT dating Ranbir! FAKING it fr Ayan (n KJO since he is Brahmastra producer); FAKING it just like she faked being Sid M’s GF (fr sake of KJo).. Period!

    And yes, she has hots fr Varun Dhawan (or vice versa, who knows)! Thats y strictly told by Natasha to Varun to stay away frm Alia!

    • leap says:

      @Samantha alia can date whoever she likes its her life just stop treating audience as foold with fake duo stunts no one cares who she dates at this point let her work do the talking. one way she can stop being used by kjo start to learn to navigate BW without kjo she has a choice there .

  7. leap says:

    first of all alia/kat BFF equation is as fake as any KJO pr showmance because Alia if you notice gets along with literally everybody & kat seems now to believe keep your friends close but you ex’s ” friends “closer.

    Also this explains the article that were sent you on how ranbir will break alia’s heart she should be warned . Also there was article on on 14th Feb of all days titled “Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif: A throwback to their beautiful love story” really who would buy this both cheated on their respective partners to have the love story g . I am not a fan of either but considering how toxic this combination was going back to ranbir will be stupidity of the highest degree for kat considering how the wooden faced expressionless it has left her already but my theory is she will wait to see dutt’s sucess/failure to make another move back to ranbir and if she is doing it means she still wants the kapoor bahu tag.

    Salman is getting her movies with amir,srk even varun (odd combo) but everyone knows after the recent procedures the limited set of emotions she had have disappeared her project options are getting limited.He is also getting work for his sisters too. Also kat forgot one thing about salman he becomes friends with an ex but an ex gf never becomes gf. Kat can do herself a favor focus on work and date an outsider. Ranbir really isnt worth it

  8. Rashmi says:

    really love Alia, but sometimes I do not understand Alia. first she says that her idol was Bebo all her life and she even imitated her. Then Aliyag says that Deepika is the best in her life, now she and Katrina are friends, why does she act so, what is her benefit? Katrina left Salman when he flopped behind the flop, Katrina stopped working with Akshay who all the time helped her and was loyal, then Katrina broke up with Ranbir and again came to Salman. where is her dignity? How could Salman forgive her, what was she doing with him behind the scenes? Salman is vindictive , how could he forgive Кat?

    • leap says:

      @Rashmi kat has used the sun of rising star to keep her up there from salman, akshay, salman, ranbir , hrithik back to salman. Salman has supported all his exes with the exception of ash who never wanted his help so why be surprised kat is still helped by salman

      • Rashmi says:

        I do not think that Salman still supports Sangita or Somi Ali, they can be friends (communicate) but their career as an actress is long over finished. I do not know if Salman can help them in other matters. As for Kat, I therefore asked , Salman remembers evil and he is vindictive Kat had already betrayed him, why did he help her instead of revenge? What is the benefit for him?

        • leap says:

          @rashmi “benefit for him” it should be obvious along with fact salman was proven right when he told her ranbir will break her heart when she was leaving him for ranbir. salman is vindictive towards people who out him kat if you remember didnt mess with him , kept on good terms with his family. He knows she needs him

          • Rashmi says:

            leap Yes, I remember that Katrina maintained a good relationship with his family, but still I can not understand. Kat left Salman for Ranbir, how could the Salman family forgive it? why did they continue to communicate? what can Katrina offer them? why do they need it? I can not understand this. Even Salman, he logically should take revenge, but he helps, although Salman is the one who does not forgive even an imprudent word in his address. it all looks very strange to me

          • leap says:

            kat left salman for ranbir because ranbir had the kapoor tag and a brighter future salman was going through a career low. Salman “should take revenge” why she isnt a guy just saying. Salman family will forgive it WHY you ask because he is sole provider for that family simply put they will not dare go against why salman tells them .
            Why would kat not commute with the man who is the reason she has a career keeping . if you are dating a man you helped cheat on his GF you are bound to never trust that man fully. salman was her back up plan when dating ranbir. smart move communication has it not benefited bagging movies opposite salman, amir and srk after break up
            .kat knows very well how to survive in Bollywood she is doing just that she is clearly using him to get work for her and her sisters

  9. Monalisa says:

    I’m gonna say this is a RK cooked-up blind to make him look desirable and show to the world that Kat is still not over him. He has been doing the same thing to DP since their break-up by planting blinds about how she is throwing herself at him and still pining over him. Next we will get a blind about how Mahira is still not over him. That is how the Kapoor lad operate.

    Why would Kat the opportunist run after a flop actor who is no position to advance her career when she got the ultimate god father/sugar daddy wrapped around her finger. Salman is giving Kat and her sister so much left, right and centre I don’t think she will go back to RK now. She had made that mistake once and learned from it.

    • naughtytrini says:

      Kat will leave Salman in a jiffy just like she did last time if Ranbir says the word. She knows Salman aint marrying anyone and how long will he put up with her grovelling? Pretty soon his family will get fed up of her and when they do that it is over for her. She is still eyeing to be the Kapoor’s bahu.

      • Monalisa says:

        @naughtytrini Neetu and Rishi will never let Katrina become their bahu. I don’t think Katrina is stupid enough to fall for the promise of Kapoor bahu tag again. The professional perks she get from Sallu is enough for her and he is now helping her sister as well. She definitely will not do something to irk Sallu again. Her career and her sister’s career depends on him. Going back to Ranbir again will definitely stop Sallu’s help. She can find some other Salman-approved, loaded guy and marry him and still continue to use Salman to get movies. I think that is going to be her plan.

        • naughtytrini says:

          You give Kat a lot of credit. As much as I dont like her one bit, I do hope that this blind is not true and that is really Ranbir’s PR work to make him look good. No matter how I feel about her, knowing that she went back home and saw Ranbir had left her must have been really devastating and I think if she allowed him back in her life he will do the same thing to her over.

          • Monalisa says:

            @naughtytrini More than my dislike for Kat, I hate the way RK and his parents treat the women in his life. I kinda felt bad for Kat after reading about the way RK left her and then remembered that this is the same cunning, manipulative, opportunist Katrina who slept with RK while they both were in relationships. I think she is smart enough to not fall Kapoor bahu tag again. But who knows…

    • leap says:

      @Monalisa mahira is enjoying work and life with friends all one has do is look up her ig or twitter. She clearly has moved on in life. kat would have dumped ranbir the moment his mom cropped her or his dad yelled at her or called her abcd come to his house if she was that annoyed by his parents treatment . the biggest favor she can do herself is focus on work only

      • Monalisa says:

        @leap We all know how RK operate. Even when his exes have clearly moved on, he still try to portray them, via his pr release blinds or news articles, as still hung up on him and pining away for him. He had done it with DP. Now Kat. Next Mahira who he had already thrown under the bus.

        Obviously Katrina got no self respect or else she would not have put up with RK’s philandering ways or the way his parents treated her for 7 long years. Also she would not have crawled back to the ex she cheated on begging for work if she got any self respect.

        • leap says:

          @Monalisa true but ranbir is more likely to present successful ladies of Bollywood alia/kat/dp pining for him thn mahira (who has served her purpose after jj flop) who is no longer part of bw and will slip out of people’s minds soon in india her huge success back home and her fan base everywhere around the world is of no help to him in bw.

  10. naughtytrini says:

    Ranbir will never go back to her. She was too controlling. I think she is just trying to keep her option open with him since it seems like she aint making any headway with Salman. She is hoping that maybe he might reconcile with her but if Ranbir have to go back with any of his ex he will choose Deepika. I think he have seen the real Kat for exactly what she is. As for senior or junior actress, I never saw her as an actress ever and thankfully I never paid a cent to see her act. This is one indian money who she not spending.

  11. goldengirl says:

    Well kat is known to use people for her benefits. She is manipulative and cunning. She cheated Salman for RK but he dumped her. Kat is faking to be Alia friend just to get close to RK. She hasnt move on and desperate to be a kapoor Bahu. This woman has no self-respect and can do anything for fame and money. Need one EX to save her career and another one to get his coveted surname. i feel so sorry for her fans who always claimed her to be dignified and classy while bash other actresses to be desperate and classless. Well RK has done with this woman and Salman is happy with his life. Kat loves to sails in two boats: kabhi salman rk, kabhi rk hrithik now salman rk.

  12. Random says:

    “The blind item below is about this senior actress” sorry admin but this is just sexist. Katrina(although even I believe that she is 40+) is too young to be called senior actress. Khan uncles never get called by these names. Com’on it’s 2018! we have left sexism behind and it’s not expected specially from people like you. Also by calling them names we people ourselves are lowering their shelf life.

    • Admin says:

      How is that sexist? We didn’t specifically call her an old actress! Senior is the word to use for someone who is ahead of you professionally. Or in school or college.

    • Kali says:

      Kat has been around since 2003. That was nearly 15 years ago. Let that sink in for a moment there are children born in 2003 that are probably writing their 10th standard board exams now.

      Hrithik is also considered a senior actor (Debut 18 years ago) when compared to someone like Tiger Shroff 4 years ago. Likewise Alia will be considered Jahnvi’s senior if and when she debuts.

      I think you are confusing senior actor/actress with senior citizen.

    • Rahul says:

      Taking it a bit too far aren’t we?

    • goldengirl says:

      Senior in terms of experience and career. Admin didnt talk about her age. Alia is for sure junior and kat is senior to her. Why twist?

    • Amanda says:

      @Random, the word “senior” is not a sexist term… It is a relative word…. Even a 16yr old can be senior to 15 yr old in schools and clubs….. Please stop giving wrong meanings to this word….

    • fanofblinditems says:

      @Random – Your “although even I believe that she is 40+” comment made me laugh so hard….dunno but its funny…

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