2018 – March – Bollywood Blind Item 5

The blind item below is by BollywoodLife and is about a certain situation that is affecting the household of this star couple. The blind item is fine, but they have misled us with their “muscular actor” description. If you think that it’s about the other actor, this actor’s enemy/competitor, it cannot be as all the clues match this actor.

Check out who this blind item by BollywoodLife is about.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 5


This superstar’s wife has banned her husband from doing any more films with this hot actress

This actor has backed off from the third film after getting his wife’s diktat

This is nothing new in Bollywood. We are talking about the concept of star wives banning husbands from signing more films with a particular actress. Obviously, such diktats are issued after a wife hears that the onscreen chemistry is spilling on to real life as well. At times, it happens solely because of sheer insecurity. Well, this star wife has banned her husband from signing his third film with this actress. He worked with her in a couple of films and was on the verge of signing another, when his wife said that this is enough. He has been strictly told that his latest film is the last with this actress.

Well, the muscular actor’s chemistry with this sultry actress was much appreciated in the first film. Pretty soon, we heard that they had teamed for a second film as well. Industry sources were abuzz about how a full-on affair was on between the two. Gossip reached his wife’s ears and she spared no time in giving her husband the final warning. The actress in question is slowly climbing up the rungs in Bollywood with back to back box office successes. People say the wife’s concerns are justified as her husband has a huge roving eye. Though he has managed to maintain the image of a family man since a few years now, once he was in the middle of a huge scandal involving another A-list Bollywood heroine.


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Actor: Ajay Devgan

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 5

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 5

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 5

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21 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Thought Ileana had a steady boyfriend and rejected few offers because those involved “entertaining” the mail lead? Whats happening!

  2. Nefarious says:

    Umm so basically ileana who exposed how she lost on offers cos some star wamted her to be his gf during the shoot is OK sleeping around with Ajay? * Rolls eyes*.

  3. Jumna says:

    Kajol is not dependent on ajay. Why is she still sticking to him??

  4. Samantha says:

    Ajay Kajol . Akshay Twinkle have soooooo many similarities

    1. Both Ajay Akshay were huge casanovas BEFORE marriage! Ajay (Karisma, Manisha, Raveena) Akshay (Raveena, Rekha, Shilpa, Ayesha)

    2. Both Ajay Akshay r huge womanisers AFTER marriage! Ajay (Kangana, Ileana) Akshay (Nimrat, Taapsee)..basically any starlet they can lay their hands on!

    3. Both Kajol Twinkle r supposedly such feminists n powerful women; n despite knowing their husbands shenanigans, still play along! (I assume fr the betterment of their kids).. by this logic, hats off to Susanne fr having th guts to walk out of crazy Roshan family!

  5. Manisha says:

    I thought Ileana got married to her long term boyfriend?

  6. naughtytrini says:

    Hahahaha these yesteryear but still going superstar actors aint easy nah. It seems they are all vying to see who could cheat the most or who could do all their heroines lol and it is helping them so much because there is a lot of good looking girls who are trying really hard to get into the movies and are willing to give in to the obsessions these men have. I think so far Akshay is beating them back because Twinkle who have all the mouth in her blogs is blind and tongue tied when it comes to Akshay cheating. Just goes to show how gutless she really is. And now after that pathetic show called Padman she have to stay quiet and akshay could throw that in her face and he will go wild with his cheating. What can Kajol do? she could do what she did last time…threaten to leave the house lol but honestly I dont think that will stop him if he wants to cheat. I think he looks up to Akshay and wants it akshay’s way too. Good luck honey. I hope you are successful just because I cant take Kajol’s loud whines anymore. As for Aamir, it seems like he doesnt care anymore. In his mind he is bringing in the money, so take it and leave him alone to do what he please. Something is really wrong with these relationships and I know that Int’l Women’s Day was just yesterday but nagging is really a big thing in relationship, some men cant take it and turn to other women, usually younger women who will kiss them and make them feel like the king of the world. Which direction will you take? go home to your nagging insecure wife or into the arms of someone who worships you, even if that worship might just be a pretense to get something in return? This is me who says it as it is.

    • Rad says:

      @naughtytrini – I feel its very demeaning when you say women nag and that’s why men go to other women. So you think that if women didn’t nag men won’t stray? i’m not saying nagging is ok but using that as an excuse to cheat is taking the easy way out.

  7. Monalisa says:

    @admin Was Ajay a known serial womanizer and serial cheater just like Akshay before marriage? I know he dated Karisma before Kajol.

    Saw that throwback article on pinkvilla about Ajay denying Raveena’s claim of him writing her love letters. Also did he date Manisha as well?

    • Kiran101 says:

      yes, everyone knew.

    • Kali says:

      You’v never heard of the Ajay Devgnnnn (na jane kitne N’s uske naam me hain) – Kangna Ranaut and apna Sanju Baba’s saga? It’s a little old kahani that happened once upon a time in Mumbaaaaai.

      • Nar says:

        So Kangana was with Ajay but what is the Sanjay story?

        • lightsaber says:


          According to Rajeev Masand: Since the break-up (Ajay- Kang), there have been rumors linking the actress to two other male stars, one married (Sanjay Dutt), the other Bollywood’s perennial bachelor (Salman). Incidentally, both these actors are thick friends with the actress’ married ex-boyfriend (Ajay D), who recently dumped her. Worse still, all three men suffer from that terrible disease described as β€˜Kiss n Tell’, which puts the unfortunate actress (Kang) in a messy dating situation.

          Sanjay Dutt had the galls to even slut-shame her on KoK (notwithstanding the huge f**** up that he is both privately and professionally):
          KJo: If you woke up one morning as Kangana, what would you do?
          Sanjay Dutt: Wear a salwar kameez.

          Come to think of the blind, both Ajay D, Akki have an unmistakable pattern with their extra-marital affairs. πŸ˜› Carry on as long as the wife does not threaten to leave. How many movies does that take? 2 or 3? LOL

          • Deepak says:

            and that is why my blood boils everytime I see K.Jo anywhere…….The only thing he knows is how to put down people who don’t kiss his @$$… and the less said about Sanjay Dutt, the better… but our film industry is hell bent on showing him as some kind of martyr (with his upcoming bio-pic)……Baba is nothing but a douche-bag and a MCP…..all he needs is a bottle in one hand and he is set for life…..

          • lightsaber says:

            @Deepak: Amen! Bollywood’s continued “advancement” of actresses with mediocre acting ability, that are products of nepotism/beauty industry but kiss-a$$ big time, is very frustrating (likes of KJo). That also extends to these actors. Sanjay Dutt is 59 and at best, a “had been”. His career is over. And in spite of his lifetime of douche-baggery and misogyny, Btown rewards him with a “biopic” to whitewash his existence! SMH

          • Nar says:

            Kangana was too damned troubled. I don’t think she had an affair with Salman or Sanjay tbh. She was friends with them. Apparently, she is still friends with Sanjay’s wife.

            All three of those men were disrespectful to her on that show. Kjo treated her like unwanted trash, Anil and Sanjay acted as if she was some whore piece.

            She has come a long way. I think she tried very hard to fit in to establish a footing in Bollywood. She befriended all the wrong people, kept close to Sanjay, Salman and Ajay all of which didn’t expect her to amount to much.

          • lightsaber says:

            @Nar: You are right.

            All of these Bollywood insiders treated Kangana extremely poorly, including the talentless weasel Emran Hashmi.
            Another kWK true story:
            KJO: What would you find if you entered Kangana Ranaut’s bedroom?
            Emran Hashmi: Dictionary

            She was quite naive to have associated with these serial cheaters (Ajay, etc etc). Unlike the nepo kids and models who have godfathers/stars promoting them every step of the way, she learned the game harsh way, with not even the support of her own family. That’s why I feel like she was forged in fire and her success is so hard-earned.

      • Monalisa says:

        @kali I did hear about the Kangy-Ajay affair but that was after marriage. Wanted to know wheather he was a known cheater before marriage. But it seem like he was one even before marriage and yet Kajol decided to get married to him. Go figure!

    • leap says:

      @monalisa your comment on raveena reminded me of reading an old statement by raveena on this on pv .After Ajay dumped Raveena and moved on to Karisma, Raveena taunted them with a headline on the cover of Stardust

      “She can keep Ajay. I am not interested. When Ajay Karisma have babies, they will look like Zebras”… not a pleasant break up
      guess what raveena dated both ajay and akshay

      • Kali says:

        Thanks for writing that so succinctly… Also Devgnnn and Sanju Baba banned Kangu from the promotions of Rascals. Their reason? Apparently according to them Kangu was using their name for publicity reasons. Kangu responded saying something like ‘Why should I take anyone’s name for my career/publicity. I can understand taking Tom Cruise’s name but why theirs?’

        Hahahaha. Basically a bit of tatti flinging from all sides.

        Also, I really miss Raveena. She did Bollywood tabloids a big disservice by retiring from movies so early. Here’s another one of her gems, re. Mr. Bajao and Rekha.

        I don’t think Akshay ever had anything to do with Rekha. As a matter of fact, he would run away from her. Akshay tolerated Rekha because of the film. At one point she wanted to get lunch dabbas for him from home. That’s when I put my foot down. I felt it was taking things a bit too far. She’s a wonderful person, but she should learn where to draw the line.

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