2018 – March – Bollywood Blind Item 3

Mumbai Mirror’s blind item is about this actor, who has gotten some good reviews of his performance but has not managed to get a good box office records. Still, he gets films to work on. He has created his own path where producers and directors get to him when they think he’s good enough for the roles they are casting for. Some of you might not know this, but this guy became famous in the public eye when he started dating one of the most beautiful women in the universe.

They did a film together and ended up falling in love and moving in together. He played daddy to her adopted daughter and together, they played the happy family. We have to mention that this blind item is about this guy before he met and dated this lady. So, it’s not in reference to the other famous lady that he dated. So read on keeping this in mind. Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 3


UNKIND are the ways of the movie industry. This well-established actor (he calls himself a star, but possibly only his mother will echo the sentiment) has had quite a scheming past. When he arrived in Mumbai — and well before he got into his most public relationship that ended in an equally public break-up– he was hanging out with this indie female actor. She was rather well-networked and had a reasonable career. He started dating her and began to live with her, with her running the kitchen of course. Now that he is a leading man (and she is still an indie actor), he has begun to refuse films with her. But perhaps this is a good thing, his last hit was years ago.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Randeep Hooda

Public Relationship: with Sushmita Sen

Indie Actor: Not Neetu Chandra

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20 Responses

  1. fanofblinditems says:

    Hi Guys,
    Does anyone have any inside dish on Ms. Aish Rai. Something about her in my head triggers “Caution and Beware”. In public she is all nice and sweet and its good to see someone behave decent, polite, feminine etc…tired of IG, Snapchat honeys and thotish behavior. aish rai is a delight but also feel she has a dark side. would like to know more about her real self…..does anyone feel Salman Khan still loves her??Also how she managed to keep her career afloat without Khan help. I was recently reading OSOP old posts about Jiah Khan and saw an interview from Mr. Raza Murad where he said in this industry heroine has to keep camps, heroes happy. even if heroine is not talented she has to be manipulative. The only hit actors Aish worked in last 15 years are Akshay Kumar (Action Replay) and Rajni Sir(Robot). Does Mr. Bacchan Sr have more clout than Khans??

    • Admin says:

      From all the actresses, Aish has managed to keep herself in the public in a dignified way. The backlash she received after coming out in public about the Salman Khan fiasco and the whole Vivek accusations on her, she managed to stand her ground and not give up. She keeps to herself and it’s not a problem since she has a good family support behind her. We don’t mean the Bachchans but her own family. Any other actress would have cowered down and given in by apologising publicly, but not her. She married AB Jr for the name and security. She didn’t expect that his career would go down like a failed rocket launch. She would rather spend time with her daughter than going to work but she has to otherwise AB Sr would be the only supporting the family. What we like about her is that she is very serious about contributing and helping the charity organisations that she is attached to. Most of these organisations focus on children and she has been regularly contributing to their cause without making much noise.

      • Ananya says:

        She married him for money? I thot it was a fairly decent love.

        This is the reason I respect Ash for. But she’s not the only one, Deepika, Kangana an all have remained unapologetic despite the backlash they received. Rishi literally pounced on Deepika back in time but she didn’t apologize. Kangana, even worse, whole industry got against herher, she still holds ground. I don’t like many other things about her, but it’s commendable how she held onher.

      • Ananya says:

        If that’s so shouldn’t the ffamily be more supportive to her. That she is also working and bringing in bread. At least Bachchan should be considerate right. Why is he indifferent to Ash?

        In a way her career will give him the relief that even after him there’ll be someone to look after the family.

    • Hmmm says:

      I have no inside dish but apart from being beautiful Aishwarya has not contributed anything to cinema. Her acting is very mediocre the only film she did a decent job in was the one where she played an abused wife. Otherwise she hams like an overoasted pork chop. Screams dialogues or makes weird faces. She also comes across as very fake and never says anything nice about any actress. Nothing about their looks, performances not one thing, yet her fans keep saying how real, nice and sweet she is. I think she is so self absorbed she has no idea how to compliment anyone. Her PR is also annoying trying to make out like she is a boxoffice queen and most popular even though she has not been relevant for the last decade.

      • Alice says:

        @Hmmm I Totally agree with you that She is self absorbed. I remember when a journalist asked her about PC performance in Quantico, she said “Oh I didnt have time to see anything as I Aaradhya keeps me busy” PC has achieved a LO more than Aish in Hollywood.. Thats a Fact… WHy so jealous to see someone happy.

        Also, It was hell annoying how they didnot even told Aaradhya’s name (Media get to know the name thru Hospital and BMC records) and how she used to Hide her face until Viral Bhayani capture Aaradhya on her camera…

        And even the Tamasha they made during Abhi-Aish wedding, ohhhh….

        Even they are living in separate bungalows , but still so orthodox that even this news they denied. (Liar, Liar.. )

        And now as Reshmaa Shetty is Incharge for Jr.AB Bollywood career, they are again portraying a Happy Family face in media…. (JUst saw Jaya-Aish hugging thing on the internet)
        It is Normal to have differences , Its okay.. They are Humans… It happens with everyone’s Life. STOP PRETENDING

        • Amanda says:

          Ash never compliments anyone… Shows no expressions on face especially during award functions…. Rekha is generous when it comes to compliments..

          • Rashmi says:

            I think Rekha is sincere and kind, she says kind words with all her heart and loves all young colleagues. it seems so to me

    • fanofblinditems says:

      Thanks all for replying to my post. Interesting opinions about her. All I think is one can’t have it all. she is beautiful, world famous, rich, successful etc etc…but her hubby’s career is actually pitiful and she has to keep working to support her family. “Mam, no makeover can revive your hubby’s career, like Pri Chopra, y don’t you open a production house and ask your hubby to manage it. I think he can be good behind the scenes and network well. Guide him to work on his strengths”.

      Also good to know she does charity for real and not for show. we need more celebs like that. I wish all girls to have family support like Aish Rai and Pri Chopra. Mostly mental and emotional support and give courage to pursue their passion. I noticed if they have family support, girls flourish in this career. Forgot to mention Deepu Padukone’s family. Lucky girls.

  2. Amanda says:

    @Admin,who is this indie actor? I cant guess

    • Admin says:

      Clearly, it’s someone unknown not that popular.

      • Amanda says:

        What were the issues between Ash and hooda during sarabjit movie? … It seems hooda didn’t act like start stuck boy while giving interviews, because of which Ash took offense and refused to promote along with him…. Director had to give an additional interview praising Ash to the sky….

        • Pooja says:

          He is very close to lallu. close buddy of him.I also see that.

        • Admin says:

          Yeah, director was crazy in love with Aish and gave her more screentime to make the film all about her.

          • Amanda says:

            I heard she screamed and screamed in the film… The poster and the trailer was so off… How come omung was able to make watchable film Mary Kom is mystery to me…

          • Admin says:

            Not really, that was an exaggeration. She was fine in it. We watched it and were so taken aback at how a small mistake by someone drunk can turn into a life of torture in the enemy’s land. Aish was acting just like the person her character was based on.

          • Pooja says:

            Yaa I see daljit YouTube video ash played just like her she was loud in film just like diljit in real at YouTube video.thing is ash acted in jazbaa in same way so ppl can’t differentiate between character but diljit was loud Punjabi women exact what ash played in film.they r those who don’t see diljit’s real life YouTube video.

        • Tina says:

          Actually Hooda was really obnoxious in his comments on Ash. Although the movie was named Sarabjit, the guy was in jail, while his sister fights for him. .That and the fact that Ash, and not he were the star attraction of the movie, translates to longer screen time for her

          Hooda has had roles that were even shorter than the one he had in this movie. But he comes across as a ‘chance pe dance’ kind of guy. Like the school bully who will treat you like crap if he thinks he can get away with it. Proximity with Salman had more to do with the way he treated Ash IMO.

          • Amanda says:

            But Hooda was more praised for his short role than Ash…. Though I haven’t watched the film,this is what i read in reviews…..

          • sweettooth01 says:

            i personally loved randeep hooda’s acting in the movie..u can see the transition in his role (acting and body type everything)..u see his efforts,amazing expressions and he really acts welll..
            regarding ash,she was good when she emotes silently but immediately she begins to shout which is more like a screech,a very unpleasant thing to hear and see..and shes not a good actress when it comes to doing loud scenes..i had this uncomfrtble feeling everytime she says big big dialogues and screeches..its not the scenes or her role needed to do it, for me its just tht she cudnt act well in those scenes and the director dint know tht it was only bad for the film..

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