2018 – June – Bollywood Blind Item 8

Media has been reporting for a long time now that this actor will be getting married soon to his longtime girlfriend. While he has said that there is no immediate plans to get married, journalists are still hinting that the wedding will happen later this year. Maybe it will since his brother just became a father, maybe that will ignite that marriage fire in this actor. So far, he is happy playing the perfect boyfriend to his girlfriend. They got back together after a small hiatus and things seem to be doing just fine.

Let’s hope it is still the same when he works with Aloo Paratha because y’all know this robot only comes to life when she is surrounded by him. It’s something that even Kebab Jo can’t control.

All the blind items relating to this actor has her linked in it. This one too is saying that this actress is not too happy that the actor has patched things up with his girlfriend of many years. This actress seems like the kind to always get what she wants, so this might be a big blow to her – the fact that she was rejected. But again, they are going to work together soon so let’s just wait and see.

Check out the blind item from Hindustan Times below.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - June - Bollywood Blind Item 8


Following reports of his alleged announcement that he will be tying the knot with his long-time non-filmy GF before the end of this year, this good-looking Bollywood hunk, one of the few bachelors left in the industry, has been going out of his way to woo his lady love. This weekend, the couple took off to a resort outside Mumbai for a quiet weekend away from the madding crowd, to chill, swim, and bask in each other’s company. And, from what sources say, they appeared to be exactly the way a couple on the verge of marriage ought to be: madly in love and with eyes only for each other. Which will not only break many hearts amongst his legion of female fans, but also the hopes of one particular co-star of his, who we hear, has had more than a passing interest in the good-looking actor who has had back-to-back recent box office hits.

Oh dear.


OSOP Guesses

Hunk: Varun Dhawan

GF: Natasha Dalal

Co-Star: Alia Bhatt

2018 - June - Bollywood Blind Item 8

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30 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Till not so long ago, Dhawan apparently was unhappy because his family forced him to get back to ghar ka khana and leave Aloo paratha.
    Now he is all in love for ghar ka khana and Aloo Paratha has been listed on Raymond’s menu. Strange ways of Bollywood!

  2. Su says:

    Actually Kjo himself is a “Kalank” on this hindi film industry.

  3. LondonThumakda says:

    I think Alia really liked Varun and had a fangirl crush on Ranbir. For her it makes sense to agree to the Aloobir-PR – it fulfils her childhood fantasy and Varun seems to be getting serious about Natasha anyway. I bet she reaaaalllly regrets doing the bff episode with Kat though!

    And you guys hit the nail on the head about Ranbir-Kjo in the comments above. They cant rely on Deepika much longer (although they tried for one last shot with the Mijwan show and Asian Paints event). So Alia just makes perfect sense. God forbid Ranbir try for even one movie release without having relationship-drama to dominate the headlines…

    I really hope the Tamasha backfire happens again with Brahmastra….I think Alia will survive it, Ranbir may not…

    • Leaps says:

      @londonthumakda 90,% of her movies are produced by dharma and linkups is how dharma does pr so when was the last time Alia didn’t agree to linkup for PR so why would a made up linkup with Ranbir be any different for her.Her linkups include
      Varun,Sid,Arjun,Kevin,Ranbir and having fun with the above list in addition to shahid / srk.she literally is the brand ambassador for fake it for PR in bw.

  4. Nars says:

    Admin you have described Alia perfectly. Robot – that only comes alive with Varun. Its too bad they dont hitch up. He is going to marry Natasha cause he thinks that the best / old school way. Marry a non actress/unsuccessful actress for a florishing career.

    She owns Kjo everythink, so she has to do as he says. Sometimes I dont know if to feel sorry for her or to spite her.

  5. bluegreen says:

    I love the nick names that you gave to certain actors like aloo paratha and raymond πŸ˜‚

  6. Monalisa says:

    This blind is released to keep the Varia shippers happy. To give them a glimmer of hope that Varun and Alia might get back together. Kalank is also releasing next year. I have a gut feeling that we are gonna witness something similar to Tamasha promotion during Kalank promotion. After all, the RKDP shippers are still hanging on to that ship in real life, thinking that the whole charade was real and DP is still despo for RK. (And RK is still milking it by releasing articles and blinds to keep the hope of the shippers going).

    I really wonder why RK is going along with fake Aloobir for Bhramshatra promotion when the OTT RKDP charade during Tamasha promotion turned off a lot of neutral people and fans of their respective partners at that time from watching the movie. He still did not learn from it seems. As Ananya mentioned Alia’s reputation is getting tarnished and she is losing fans and support of neutral people. Ranbir’s reputation is already tarnished so no one is surprised anymore.

    • Monalisa says:

      **I meant Alia’s image is getting tarnished

    • Leaps says:

      @monalisa I do think Varun will marry Natasha. Varun has a career independent of kjo he goes along with PR when he works with Dharma . Also it was kjo who told him not to appear in public with Natasha it took the shine away from Alia/Varun. Now that kjo is desperate to sell rk/Alia Varun is able to appear with natasha.

      Rk/Varun/Alia kjo has modeled to replace rk/rs/dp because with dp/rs married rk/rs/dp will they won’t they end and rk need to look oh so desirable. Alia had Varun/ Sid with Sid flopping she needs a replacement to look oh so desirable and what better thn the Kapoor Casanova. So problem solved for both rk and Alia and kjo the goissp master of bw has unlimited blinds/ gossip about rk/Alia/Varun will they won’t they.

      As for Ranbir he has nothing to lose I mean it’s not as if he doesn’t have a bad imagine already.

    • leaps says:

      @monalisa Alia’s PR descried Alia as the greatest Bollywood actress of all time that annoyed a lot of neutral/other actresses alia fans . It was unfair for her PR to put forward such a claim when outsiders had put in much more work to reach at the top. Although alia is a good actor her success is curated by dharma even her personal life is curated when was the last time you saw a negative blind on alia like you see for say kat, dp or anushka ?

      Alia is the female version of ranbir. both use personal life for PR and live by moto talk good or bad just dont ignore thats PR according to them I doubt Alia cares about what her image is she is 25 she knows fully well how kjo works at this point she is involved by her own will if she wants to change that all she has to do it swim in BW without kjo.

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap I feel the same. Varun will marry Natasha with Kjo’s blessing. But the Varia rumours will be kept going as long as tthey star in movies together. The rumours might be true even.

    • leaps says:

      @monalisa Varun marring natasha might have the problem that ranbir did that is his mother . varun’s mother on masand’s interview said she wants him to focus on career right now. of course kjo will contiue varun/alia rumors but the two already have chemistry as a pair since soty so wont matter much that varun is married

  7. Sp says:

    Inspite of raazi’s success alia dint look happy. . Also that was the time wen Vd was kinda of giving attention to his long time gf.

    • leaps says:

      @sp alia’s success for razzi has been overshadowed by her love-life with ranbir thanks tp kjo PR diarrhea

  8. kiran101 says:

    Hello everyone…. @Admin looks like OSOP is getting famous now. A lot of twitter stans are talking about you. Its bittersweet , now everyone will flock here and corrupt the comments section, but glad that it got its due recognition.

    It was a nice time when we all knew who each commentators were…who are who’s fans. I will miss that. I truly appreciate @Admin for trying to stand by what is right with watever knowledge Admin has.

  9. Sahil says:

    Guys Alia is a snake 🐍 and finally her skin of pretence purity and goodness is peeling off and we can all see the caniving, manipulative, backstabbing side that she was trying to hide underneath all that. I always felt like she acted like a retatrded kid for attention, but now everyone can see it and how long can anyone fake it. I think people are also soon going to be able to tell that she is doing the same thing on screen with every character, same graph and similar story lines with different backdrops.I can see her downfall has already begun.

  10. Ananya says:

    So isn’t she dating Rk according to her pr? So now if this news comes out how will people believe ranlia? Aren’t they trying so hard to make that work? Or is it to keep all sections of fans happy. Varia, rkdp along with ranlia?!

    I’m getting chakkar!!!!!

    What did God think while creating Karan Johar. I don’t want to be mean, but seriously yaar. What’s that guy made of? Why he believes in such tactics or he wants everyone to be fake like him and make people see how fake everyone is? Is it some kind of complex he has?

    Admin what do you think is Kjo’s problem? I think more than Rishi, we need to decode this man and his ways.

    And slowly Alia’s facade is coming off. We’re seeing her for what she is. Snarky snob who wants every thing that catches her fancy, be it films or men!

    But I have a doubt @Admin, kjo had very cleverly created a likable facade for her, why breaking it now?! Or he didn’t expect the repercussions?

    Huh, really, after all the Bff drama with Kat, didn’t Kjo predict the backlash Alia will get from girl fans for being the friend-backstabber. Saw many on twitter giving up on her as a fan. All can see the fake pr relation & it’s making neutral audience also see how far she can go. They knew Rk all along, he has nothing to lose, while she’s losing her face at rapid speed.

    • pooja says:

      @ananya… You nailed it about alia. I always thought there was something off-putting about alia, but never could clearly point out what it was,now since the facade is slipping off it’s easy for people to see the real alia.

      It’s funny that many people believed that alia-kat whole bbf act, no top heroine at the same level is friends with one-anathor. It was a charade from the beginning.

    • Golden girl says:

      Very nicely put. I agree with you.
      But want to know how alia is a back stabber ? Means she didnt break rk kat nor hurt Kat.

    • Samantha says:

      i soooooo agree with Ananya… @Admin : pls do a detailed analysis of Karan Johar (just like u did with Rishi Kapoor).. with all inside gossips… SRK/KJO, Sid/KJo, Ajay/Kajol actual fight wt KJo, Kareena fight wt him, Priyanka fight wt KJo.. plus his hidden secrets abt sleeping wt John, SSR etc, his open relationship wt Manish malhotra.. n all the hideous things he does to his actors linking them up! It so calls fr a detailed analysis!

      • Admin says:

        Samantha and Ananya: These topics are not like making paratha, it’s more like making Briyani. What we are trying to say is, something has to come up about him for us to make the topic. Out of nowhere, we can’t just make something up, especially if all is quiet on his end. Besides, most of the things you have mentioned here are published here in blind items or news or gossips.

  11. Hmmm says:

    Aiyo Kadavale ( oh my god in tamil) please make it stop! I can’t take anymore of this PR garbage.

  12. guest says:

    here we go with Bhramastra and kalanak papa kjo has gossip/blinds PR set with RK/alia/varun you will get rk/alia having fun blinds while she shoots with ranbir and varun/alia blinds and natasha getting insecure. The only reason varun was allowed by kjo to appear in public with natasha finally was to make alia/rk believable.

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