2018 – June – Bollywood Blind Item 2

The blind item below shouldn’t have been categorised as a blind item, it should have been more of a “In case you were wondering” because it seems to be an update about this actor and his comeback to films. We are trying to understand whether this blind item was send to Rajeev Masand so that he can promote this actor on his blog or did Rajeev genuinely write about what this actor is working on? If it’s the latter, it doesn’t make sense!

First, how many of you are fans of this actor? If not fans, did you miss him onscreen? Honestly, for us, there hasn’t been much difference. It is true what they say: “Out of sight, out of mind”. Just earlier this week, we were thinking of his old film in which he physically abused his wife. Directed by a famous South Indian director, the film starred two other famous actors and three very famous actresses. It was the first film of his that generated praise and accolades from his colleagues, critics and the audience.

Actually, we were thinking about actors who have raised hands on their female co-stars onscreen hence his part in that film. But this dude is a nice guy offscreen, he might have bullied his male colleagues when they were younger (among them was Kebab Jo), he has been a gentleman to the ladies. Wait a minute, not to everyone. Just probably not that model he was dating when he decided he wanted to be with this actress and proceeded to drop that model like a hot potato.

How many of you read this in Michael Jackson’s voice? 😀


They were together for some 10 months after being introduced by a close family friend of his. He lost interest in her and instead of telling her that the relationship was off, he did this: It was his birthday and she planned a party for him. He said that his father wasn’t well so it was not right to have a party so she cancelled that party. That same day at night, he had a birthday bash where he invited all of his friends including that actress that he was interested in; he didn’t invite his model-friend. When mutual friends of theirs contacted this lady and asked her why she was absent to this party, that was how she knew he wasn’t interested in her anymore, so she decided to move on.

Don’t feel sorry for her, though. Soon after, she married a rich guy, who treats her like a queen! This lady was in a Yash Raj film that also starred this bubbly girl, who went on to win all the newcomer awards and also supporting awards for this role. Keep guessing who she is. This movie also starred two of Bollywood biggest stars as its lead actors, who at that time were just newcomers. Well, to be fair, the lead actress was more popular than the lead actor.

Anyways, this actor is making his comeback to films after years of being away from it. It is never easy to be the wife of a man who has not had much success in his career. It is the same for every wife out there with a husband, who goes through this struggle. For him, it must be hell of a difficult time because of who he is and because of who his parents are and not to mention, of who his wife is. But again, no one forced him to choose this occupation. He should have weighted the pros and cons and decide whether it was going to be worth it.

No connection at all with the text above, she just looks very pretty in this one!

Check out the blind item below by Rajeev Masand to see the updates on the career of this star kid. Rajeev must be connected to this actor’s famous manager because that is the only way we think he got all these details. Also, he wrote the blind item in such a positive light compared to all the blind items that blasted this actor’s unprofessionalism ever since he decided to make a comeback. See for yourself below.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - June - Bollywood Blind Item 2


Image Makeover Time

This star son, who’s been going through a rough patch in his career for some time now, is working towards an image overhaul. His first step towards that was signing a movie with the poster-boy of indie cinema. It’s a Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam-style love triangle in which he plays the sympathy magnet.

Next up, he’s being strongly pitched to star alongside our ‘global female star’ in a film based on the true story of a girl with a fatal health condition who had great success as a motivational speaker before her passing at the age of 19. The actor, along with the female star, will play the parents of the protagonist, a role that has gone to the child artist who made a huge splash in two movies produced by a top superstar recently.

Apart from mixing up his film choices and picking material that makes him step out of his comfort zone, the actor has also signed up to be ‘handled’ by one of Bollywood’s top agents, who was responsible for the image-reinvention of one of the industry’s most infamous bad boys. Sources reveal that the agent—who had a falling out with the bad-boy-turned-superstar— has taken up this actor’s work as a challenge, and is determined to turn around his career and people’s perception of him. By all accounts the actor himself has taken charge; the indie director whose film he next stars in insists that on the set he was professional, committed, and hungry to be challenged.

Well, who doesn’t love a good comeback?


OSOP Guesses

Star Son: Abhishek Bachchan

Top Agent: Reshma Shetty

Superstar: Salman Khan

2018 - June - Bollywood Blind Item 2

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21 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    I am stumped at that wife beater movie you mentioned though, the only one I can think of is Yuva but you said 2 other famous actors, I would call Ajay a famous actor but is Vivek Oberoi also a famous actor? rofl and 3 very famous actresses rofl??? you kidding right? Rani and Kareena acted in that movie, are you calling esha deol a really famous actress too??? hehehehe this is too much lol

    • Admin says:

      Listen, this was at that time. All of them were hot and happening except Ajay.

    • naughtytrini says:

      Imagine that, how the wheel have turned and ajay is now the better actor… do you think we will be saying the same for ranbir in the near future? :-/

  2. naughtytrini says:

    I solved it lol took a little researching but I think I got it. Girl whose ego was sadly bruised due to Abhishek total disregard for her feelings and him swooning over Aish is Dipannita Sharma. I am so glad that she got married to someone who as you said worships her. Karma is hitting Abhishek a nice sounding slap in his face. Movie she starred in under YRF, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, honestly I havent even seen that movie but I am now going to get it and look at it, I am intrigued, thanks to this blind. 2 biggest stars as lead who were just newcomers, Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma (anushka being more popular than ranveer at the time). And the bubbly girl who won all the newcomer and supporting awards, Parineeti Chopra. 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    What’s this thing going on between Salman and rishi kapoor… Can someone tell me what exactly happened between them and seema khan… I think sallu is already upset about rk breaking up with Kat, in addition rishi complained to seema about Salman not greeting him… Any thing more to it?

  4. TRS says:

    @admin – The latest track from Sanju where he is seen struggling at rehab, RK seems to have drawn from his own experience at rehab center. The despair and blank eyes, i might not like him as a person, but he definitely has a kapoor acting gene.
    Back to Jr AB, he seems happy, content and confident being Aish’s husband. That says a lot about him as a gentleman and person. Its not easy for a man to let the wife shine and be truly happy about it. Now the rest of the bachchan’s might not be liking it, but Jr AB deserves a pat on the back.

  5. SS says:

    Btw, I’m starting to think that RK -Alia is an arranged mare type of set up. That kinda explains the whole family involvement this early on. I think it’s making the most sense. I don’t think it’s fake PR anymore. It’s definitely not the dating- fall in in love – meet the families – get married type of scene.

  6. Nur says:

    He is better off in a side role. No longer lead role material. Sorry, Abhi.

  7. Pooja says:

    If he success I will feel more than happy I find him way humble n down to earth camp are to other nepo nasty kids I feel bad for him how he get troll day n night everyday on twitter for no reason just bcz he’s father is ab sr n wife is Ash.

    • Nr says:

      interestingly have read at quite a few places that trolls are paid to post and all this could be a strategic placement of tweets in order to encourage response from parties. This goes on to become news, so who really benefitted, you know the answer!


  8. sweettooth01 says:

    funny how rajeev masand cudnt get himself to lie fullon and talk abt how great he was acting in the scenes..the maxx he cud lie was to talk about his enthusiasm..lol..who cares if hes eager if his acting is bad nevertheless..he shud do some comedy films..he is super boring to watch if its anything other than comedy..maybe dostana 2 if john agrees..
    also why is it so difficult for indian men to survive when wife is more successfull/popular..or is it the women or society that drives them crazy if theyr more successful..??

    no matter how often i hear hes so humble despite being amitabhs son,which i totally agree….i cannot get over the fact how he treated ash during tht infamous red carpet photo session for sarabjit..she really handled herself with dignity thr while he ws just another version of jaya bachchan..

    • Jaggubhai. says:

      Is it really true that he s insecure about her success? He always claims in the interview s that he really doesn’t mind. But I suppose somewhere it is a touchy topic for him. Perhaps he does love her..but..but..
      Can someone explain?

    • leaps says:

      @Jaggubhai given how our society is its very common for a man to feel insecure of his successful wife even though he loves her.

      A man is expected and feels like he should lead in terms of success and when this does it not happen even though a man might not feel like but constant press/society reminders will put this idea in his head and eventually the man will feel insecure of his wife success .

  9. leaps says:

    this seems more like an advert for both ab jr and reshma to be honest

  10. Monalisa says:

    Admin, is the ex girlfriend Dipanita Sharma? I knew ABjr dated her but never knew the he dumped her in such a manner.
    Also it seem Reshma is very confident that she could turn around his career. I highly doubt it though. But let’s wait and watch if this is another success story for her.

  11. Lovely libran says:

    The model he dated and dropped was Dipannita Sharma..

  12. naughtytrini says:

    What? Ab Jnr did that to that model gf? And here I always thought him a saint after picking up for Aish when she fought with salman, though i know if he didnt had his father’s backing he never would have done so. And then there is also this news about some girl slitting her wrist claiming that ab jnr promised to marry her and instead married aish. Honestly his acting aint all that and he tries to much to be like his father and cant really pull it off and everyone thinks he should be amitabh reincarnate in the movies and he just cant pull it off…. you have gotta tell us the drama you wrote above admin, some of us, like me dont know what you are talking or referring to

    • Leaps says:

      @admin correct me if I am wrong but ash dumped Vivek like a hot potato after his press conference on Salman and went on to date his than best friend ab Jr .

      • Admin says:

        No, they broke up much after that. Vivek had no idea about Aish and Abhi. He refused to believe it because he said his brother will never do this to him.

    • leaps says:

      @admin thanks

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