2018 – June – Blind Item 3

There have already been tons of blind items regarding this young actor and his sudden breakup over his mentor. We don’t know how many more blind items we need to make us understand that these two have parted ways in a bitter way. This time, it is by Mumbai Mirror and the blind item is confirming again that these two won’t work together again. They said the actor has found solace with Kebab Jo while the director felt secure when Raymond agreed to work with him.

Speaking of Raymond, just yesterday there was news of that their film together has been postponed to next year. Raymond confirmed it as he said he needs to complete two projects first before jumping into this director’s film. Previously, it was said that the film will start shooting in December 2018 and now it will be in April 2019. Actors should learn not to be greedy and finish the projects they have already signed before jumping into new ones. Raymond should remember how he hastily signed so many films only to almost backtrack and get out of doing these films when he realised his vision of knowing what works has gone wrong.

There is nothing more to say about the young actor in the blind item and his director. We should all move on now and by we, we meant this actor, director and the girl. Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

WORD has come in that this handsome new actor and his successful mentor have had a falling out of sorts. Turns out, after two successful films with each other, they have decided to switch camps. So, while the actor has moved on to another producer, known for supporting his group of young actors, the director has found solace in another well-known and established actor. The actor, who has been looking for a hit for a long time, is only too happy to be signed on by a director the box office loves. Frankly, we don’t see any reason for a spat here, the arrangement seems to suit all parties.


OSOP Guesses

New Actor: Kartik Aaryan

Mentor: Luv Ranjan

Director: Karan Johar

Actor: Ranbir Kapoor


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  1. sharuna says:

    adla badli hehehe both director’s tired with pulaow they wanted to taste biryani now.

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