2018 – July – Bollywood Blind Item 3

The blind item below is about the man of the moment, Baba. Like we said, the minute this film will release you will see him and his people everywhere. It was all part of the marketing in an attempt to make this actor hot property again. He already made good money from giving away his story. Supposedly, it’s at 10 crore and he will also get part of the film’s profits. That’s good money to replace back all these years of non-employment while he was away. Let’s not forget that his wife made the director promise that he will sign her husband for his next project. Ever since the film released, everyone on his side has been like this:

While he is like:

So now, the next project is still being planned. It’s either going to be another film from his hit franchise or a fresh new one that stars this senior actor and the actor who played him or a film in the hit franchise that will star both of them. Whatever it is, the focus is very much on the actor, his family and even his friend. We have seen your comments, thank you for that. We will just reply here since things are a bit chaotic at the moment with another virus situation at home.

Unfortunately, we got to see both ‘Race 3’ and ‘Sanju’ while going on a 16-hour trip last week. ‘Race 3’ was a Sajid Khan comedy while ‘Sanju’ was unbelievable. It was more insensitive and we are referring to the story. It is told from Sanjay Dutt’s side and he makes all the situation light and funny like your old people would do if they are telling a story of how you acted when you were kids. That’s right, kids! But here, he was a grown up adult and yet he finds many situations funny. For example, bringing drugs with him while going to visit his sick mother in New York with his sisters. He was recollecting this incident, like if it’s a funny thing to him that he didn’t get caught and if he did, he and his sisters would be put to jail. Blaming his father when he was in jail and sleeping with his best friend’s girlfriend just to show her true character, as in how cheap she is. And the best of all was the friend, who told Sanju’s dad how Sanju got into drugs and all that because he couldn’t be as good as his father was as a human being.

Bear in mind that this was about the story and now about the performances. It was strange seeing Manisha Koirala, don’t know why. It was just strange. VK was amazing and totally into the character. From the way his character acted in the film, we got the feeling that he is to Sanju what Ayan is to Ranbir and what KJo was to SRK, if you get what we mean!

As for RK, everyone was raving about him. He was good even though the character he was playing was shady. The only problem is, he tried to emulate Sanju’s gestures. He focused way too much on that. We see these things, so don’t know if you can see it too.

Like Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of Donald Trump, he is imitating but then remembers to bring him the gestures and facial movements, especially the lip part. It’s not subtle and you can see the process of the actor acting it while remembering that he needs to bring in the gestures. This was the same thing with Ranbir. He was acting as Sanjay Dutt, emulating him and then suddenly, he will remember to bring in the gestures, especially the hand and head gestures. It comes in late and if you watch attentively, you will notice it. The director should have probably taken another shot. When the DVD comes out, we will go through it and share the GIFs.

Like if an actor is playing Dev Anand, he will do those head and hands gestures. It is the same here, except Ranbir overdoes it at times. All these gestures were not needed, especially if Sanjay Dutt doesn’t really do it that much in real life. There was a song in which both appeared in at the end of the film. In that song, you clearly see that Ranbir does more than Sanju. He is being Sanju more than Sanju is being Sanju. Get it?

As for those, who think we have nothing better to do than to hate RK, we don’t have that much time to invest in doing these things for free and we are not being paid either to write all this, in case the wrong message is sent. Imagine worrying about making money and working just to pay the bills and take care of these strays. On top of that, one of them got a deadly virus and another one has been having respiratory problems for months with high fever sometimes that ended up in her getting an eye infection. That’s life and we ain’t got no time to make up things or have strong hate emotions against an actor. It is what it is!

Alright, so for this blind item they talk about this senior actor’s wife and what/who she was into when he was away. Speaking of the wife, her portrayal in the film is quite something. She does handle and decide everything when it comes to his career. Mumbai Mirror mentioned how she was busy in the company of someone else while her husband was away. This was reported some time back too, except that there was a producer involved while MM is saying it’s a singer. Maybe, it was both! But, no mention of what she keeps doing in Dubai professional. Looking at her Instagram, it seems she does not do that as often as she did last year. Probably that project ended. There were no other mentions regarding his exes and his first daughter.

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.





Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - July - Bollywood Blind Item 3


SINCE we are on the topic of this senior actor these days, his wife seems to be making the most of the limelight. She is basking in her husband’s reflected glory, what with magazine shoots and homey interviews galore. What she isn’t telling anyone is how she spent her time while her husband was away for all those years. We hear a certain handsome crooner was keeping her entertained. Of course, his soothing voice was a great balm to her troubled soul, but he also offered her a hug and a snug whenever she needed it. All of that was just a little pastime, of course, much like her kitty parties. Now it’s back to home and hearth for the missus.


OSOP Guesses

Senior Actor: Sanjay Dutt

Wife: Maanayata Dutt

2018 - July - Bollywood Blind Item 3


2018 - July - Bollywood Blind Item 3

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6 Responses

  1. Leaps says:

    Woow seeing hirani is a different light. Bw in hirani has officially found their image whitewashing powder.

  2. Pooja says:

    There was post about this in 2016 where one of friend of sanjay dutt visit very often n his sister priya dutt have same doubt about her.

  3. ssays says:

    She has her son in Dubai from her ex husband…

    • Helen says:

      I have not seen any mention of her having child from previous marriage. Though she was raised in Dubai. She has only two kids with Sanjay dutt.

  4. Mahima says:

    Would we ever find out the name of this crooner.. n if at all his name is public.. would the “baba” let him sing ever ever ever again ?

  5. Hmmm says:

    Witty post. Just want to say as an OG of this site there is no bias for or against any star here. The story is the story. Anyone who feels otherwise should go to the PR pages of their faves. Coming back to this post, I have always had a soft spot for Sanjay Dutt but he is one of the dumbest people in Bollywood and treated his wife Richa like crap when she had cancer. Having read some old stories about him he seems like just another spoilt mummy’s boy MCP. The only plus is that he is not sadistic like Ranbir or hits women like Salman.

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