2018 – July – Blind Item 2

Today’s blind item is about these two stars, who have just made their debut today. Well, technically, one of them made her debut today because the other one made his debut a while back. But still, this is like his first official commercial Hindi film so that counts as a debut as well.

First things first, it seems that Mumbai Mirror is really talking about these two because currently there are no young stars that fit this criteria. Coincidentally this blind item has been released on the same day that their movie is releasing. This begs the question, was it released to hype the film up or is it true? We all know Kebab Jo has the right blind item writers on his speed dial and we all also know how he has been wanting to link these two together to generate the right hype for this film.

So which is it? You decide! In the meantime, check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. How many of you have watched the film or will be watching the film? Eventually, how does it matter whether they are together or not? No one cares when they go in to watch the film.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - July - Blind Item 2


FLYING into Mumbai the other day (business class, naturally), the diarist experienced some air turbulence, but the monsoon clouds were not to blame this time. Right next to us was Bollywood‘s newest couple indulging in some serious PDA. Things got a bit tricky when the inseparable twosome insisted on cuddling together on the same seat, even as the plane readied for take-off.

This raised the hackles of a senior co-passenger who called out the actors by their names and insisted that the two take separate seats and belt up. The young male star, no doubt wanting to impress his debutante leading lady, put up a fight saying stars should not be singled out, but the older co-passenger kept up his tirade. Eventually, after take-off and once the seatbelt sign was switched off, the love birds quietly exchanged their seats with other passengers, no doubt for some giggles and quiet time.


OSOP Guesses

Young Male Star: Ishaan Khattar

Debutante: Janhvi Kapoor

2018 - July - Blind Item 2

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8 Responses

  1. Gummy says:

    When I read this in the Mirror, I thought it was about Ranbir n alia.. Newest couple… Janhvi n ishaan . Another fake couple. Tired of these blinds already

    • leaps says:

      @gummy unless a blind is not using terms like “handsome”, “A list actor”, “young”, “reputation as ladies man”, it is never about ranbir

  2. leaps says:

    After the successful launches of alia/sid and the nauseating alia/ranbir the makers of starpariwar bad films but creepy bw marry go around of star kid orgys, proudly present pr couple for teen relationship goals ishan/jhanvi.

    ROFL god kjo is pathetic but have to give it alia/kjo these two have perfected the art of faking it till you make for PR couples of BW . Here’s a thought for kjo he wouldn’t have to have such pathetic PR tactics if he actually paid for a decent effing script but thn again kjo’s mind lives in triangles of people in relationships when it comes to pr

    This is what he always does there is a pattern with kjo they had similar series of “hanging out” cooking for alia is ranbir crap thn and finaly the having fun in bulgaria. same he has done here .everyone saw this coming these two have been giving gym looks together since eternity, last week pv had a story ishan acts as gentleman to jhanvi it gt no hype because no one cared so here we go a blind about their PDA at end of the kjo uses OMG they had sex blind to sell his PR couple.

    • Monalisa says:

      @leaps If I’m not mistaken, there was a blind about Ishan/jhanvi before as well. Sridevi’s untimely demise put a stop to such pr because they got something better (in kjo’s twisted world) to milk for promotion. Kjo should see how other movies are being promoted these days . Namastey England’s pr strategy is based on Arjun-Pari friendship. Simmba is promoted using Ranveer-Rohit on set antics and commadaire.

      Jhanvi and Ishan are getting rave reviews. Someone please watch it and post a honest review of Jhanvi’s acting. I just did not like her from what I saw from the trailer.

    • Leaps says:

      @monalisa according to kjo the two people need to have sex to have on screen chemistry he’s deluded beyond reason I doubt he will ever change his idea of hyping Someone’s is them living in 50shades of grey.

      Reviews as usual seem kjo paid did you not see the open letter justifying nepotism where he compared ishan with Ranbir and forgot to compare jhanvi with Alia . Kjo literally went to jhanvi house to audition her. Kjo chose a hit film remake to launch two star kids to ensure their debut is a sucess. Their PR is papa kjo yet they claim these two kids didnt use privilege what bs.

  3. anu says:

    low class third rate people, not fit for being cast as leading stars at all, such shameful behavior, obviously the boy does not have the face to be a star so hes trying all these cheap tricks to get publicity and stay in the limelight. atleast nepo or no nepo kjo used to launch good looking faces earlier, now we have this monkey . and did he say stars should not be singled out? stars??? how delusional can ppl get. anyway dint intend to rant, but these ppl shd be mindful that the youth looks up to them as idols , atleast behave well in public places and respect the law of the land. or air as the case might be.

    • Isa says:

      Why are you getting all worked up? This blind might be more fake than real seeing that their film has just released today. It’s all written for the hype.

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