2018 – January – Bollywood Blind Item 2

The blind item below is by and from PinkVilla. We are not sure what was the point of this blind item. For starters, we thought that perhaps PV got some scoop that more or less confirms the disgusting affair that has been going on between this dirty old man and his young co-star. But then, they take a u-turn and claim that the wife has no idea and that the affair might just be one-sided.

How do you directly say something and then turn around to say something else? What is this? Satyamev Jayate? We are going to take this as confirmation of the affair because when people in the house know and have confirmed, why is this a rumour anymore? Still, it does not stop this whole thing from being creepy on both sides.

Check out the blind item below to know what we are talking about. Situations like these are tricky, especially for loyal people. Once they have gone through this, they might not fully enjoy working at that place anymore. How come no one thought that perhaps he was the one who gave the young lady the missing item? Could be. Since she’s blackmailing him, she might as well have the audacity to do something like this and he had to give in.

Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - January - Bollywood Blind Item 2


The police report of theft at a Superstar’s house names his co-star

This superstar and his wife had filed a police complaint a year ago about the theft that had taken place at their residence. The actor’s wife was said to be distraught as some of her precious jewelry pieces were stolen. A police investigation was launched and the actor’s family had duly cooperated. The matter was under investigation for a few days, however after questioning the suspects multiple times, police had suggested the actor to look for it again in his house.

However, there is a twist in the tale. The prime suspects were the actor’s house-helps. In their statements to the police, the maids revealed the names of the people who entered the actor’s bedroom, from where the jewelry was stolen. The ladies mentioned the name of the actor’s then co-actor. This actress debuted in Bollywood with the superstar and also has a film lined up with him.

The wife of the superstar is said to be paranoid about this actress and has been following her husband across the globe. She accompanies him on his film shoots to keep an eye on him. This actress developed feelings for the superstar while shooting for her debut film and has been clicked with him time and again at various places.

Well, sources suggest that the wife has every reason to be suspicious of their growing closeness. Insiders fear that the actress may take the wife’s place in the near future and this police report also proves the same!


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Aamir Khan

Wife: Kiran Rao

Actress: Fatima Sana Shaikh

2018 - January - Bollywood Blind Item 2

2018 - January - Bollywood Blind Item 2


2018 - January - Bollywood Blind Item 2


2018 - January - Bollywood Blind Item 2


2018 - January - Bollywood Blind Item 2


2018 - January - Bollywood Blind Item 2


2018 - January - Bollywood Blind Item 2

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48 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    Oh we really don’t know if Fatima really took the jewellry. Maybe Aamir gave it to her or maybe she took it so she could have proof that she have been in his bedroom, you know like collateral 🙂 hey am a girl of the new era, my imagination goes wild. Or maybe the help really took it and of course they would know if there really is an affair going on the looking to place blame on fatima because if she is now a suspect the family will drop the case because they wouldnt want to be shamed. On another note, the blind is a bit confusing for me. It is said that the wife is very paranoid and following the husband all across the globe. Does that sounds like Kiran? I am kind of swaying to Akshay and Twinkle on that front.

  2. Tina says:

    Eeeewwwww…..why would you be with someone that cheap…stealing the jewelry of the woman whose husband you are having an affair with…from their bedroom. The house help have more scruples than Aamir and Fatima.

    • Nars <3 Kangana says:

      Very true. Make us wonder what the hell is happening. Aamir is trapped? Kiran & Aamir acts like all is fine and normal. Fatima acts the same. Its just weird stuff. Did they find the jewels in the house after all?

      What hapen on the Dangal sets? Something seems off about both girls who played Geeta!

  3. Golden girl says:

    Now whose PR is this? Ppl here now trusting this blind but same ppl called the blind about KR faking an injury fake and by her haters PR. Hypocrisy at its best.

    • Rashmi says:

      The fanatics of Hrithik are obsessed with Kanganа. it’s a disease. all because you blindly imitate your idol. he is obsessed with Kanganа and his fans take an example from him. fact. By the way blind about Aamir is the work of the PR team Hrithik, Lol

      • goldengirl says:

        The KR bots are so obsessed with Hrithik. its insane. Just like your idol is so obsessed with him to get engaged in her head. You are blind and full of lies. one hand talk about feminism and on another bashing Fatima . KR is obsessed with Hrithik and her fans follow her. Hrihtik doesnt gives a shit about this woman.LOL at KR bots vivid imagination that Hrithik is obsessed by her. i raised a valid point but KR and her dumb fans start bashing and dragging Hrithik here proves they dont have an answer to it.and are way too obsessed by him like KR PHANSTASY By the way blind about Aamir is the work of KR PR team lol just she lied about him supporting her after he invites her for a movie screening but his PR deny it.

        • Rashmi says:

          I’m certainly not even going to read the delirium of the blind fanatics Hrithik, but my dislike you deserve))) By the way, Hrithik fans have a double morality to a greater extent, all the gossip about Kanganа – true, but all the blind about Hrithik – the invention of envious people, they are so funny))) by the way try, write your answer to me, I do not even read them)))

          • goldengirl says:

            i bet you have read it. blind and obsessed KR bots.You came here to read my reply and spend time to answer it. lol. You also deserve my dislike dear. BTW KR fans have double standards all the gossip and news about HR and others are true but all blinds about KR are PR agendas and KR is God . You are so hilarious and make fun of yourself, i have written and i bet you will read it. Stop being so obsessed by HR like your KR is. And han you didnt answer why KR falsely accused Jitesh and lied about been nominated and Soha winning that award when facts are KR was not nominated and Kokana won it. lo jawab zaroor dena lz

    • Nars <3 Kangana says:

      Let me list out the reasons y some readers at OSOP did not believe the KR fake injury blinds

      Some facts are listed:-

      1. KR, the team and the doctor described the injury as minor and adviced a weeks rest.

      2. Its a fact that the suppose injury happened two days before the end of outdoor schedule

      3. It is a fact that her first promotion/public event was 2 weeks after the injury

      4. It is a fact that this blind wasn’t the first blind concerning the “fake injury” – first blind said it was due to indefinite delays (i.e shelving of project due to her loud mouth nature, controversies & budget problems) and second was faking injury for insurance claims.

      5. KR & her team denied what the blind insinuated almost immediately, verifying the injury was minor and stating that neither her nor her movie producer claimed for any insurance.

      Having said so, the are many who believe the injury was fake because of the hulabalu and scene created when she arrived on the wheel chair, what many fail to understand is Kangana has a certain aptitude for drama.

      • goldengirl says:

        Got it, i m not saying this blind is tue or false. The majority are true, My point is why trusting it and accusing Fatima alone? where are the proofs? did police shows some evidences or kiran herself said.

      • goldengirl says:

        You have earned my respect by defending KR in a good way instead of dragging HR or other down unlike this Rashmi or other KR blind fans.

        • Nars <3 Kangana says:

          Its all fine and good but y drag KR here? Not everyone at OSOP is a die heart KR fan & Kjo & Hrithik haters. Most here are neutrals that enjoy inside gossip.

          • goldengirl says:

            i just ask an important question bcoz many like Rasmi kiran are KR fans and bashing Fatima. i m Fatima fan and fully aware how this industry works.

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            Kiran very much dislikes Kangana

          • kiran101 says:

            Dearie ! I am famously alleged as KR hater here…more recently Sridevi….and in future any actress i may recite old gossip from available sources…will also call me hater of their favorite.

            Guess what some people unabashedly speak on my behalf. If i do not find a particular actress captivating and enthralling its branded as dislike.

  4. NightGlory says:

    Aamir once used to be my favorite actor. However, after reading this I have lost all respect for him. One can’t consider your professional accolades if you aren’t a respecting human being. Plus this situation is so messed up.

  5. prvilla says:

    Ek to chori upar se seena zori!This fatima what’s her face sheikh is a real creep..is she a sociopath or something?!Also amir is really fucked up and a hypocrite at that,practice what you preach man..The poor maid has been with them since she was EIGHT..a living,breathing example of child labour my friends.Yet this cheating,adulterer wants to act like some kind of martyr or saint on his fake ass social message mediums?!Feel sorry for the poor maid,so many of her life’s years wasted on these people.

    • Shivanisd says:

      I personally think its, better for a poor illiterate girl to be a, cook in a house where shes well treated. Rather than being a bar dancer or worse. Who will give her family the money to educate her? Its so easy to say ban child labor. But do you know how many kids poor ppl have.

      • prvilla says:

        Acha tou you can’t completely obliterate certain ill’s of society tou chalne do na jaisa chal raha hai,humein kya faraq pare?!..that is your point?Also,mind you these are the vary things that amir khan preaches about days on end,yet the duality of the situation is there for everyone to see!

        • shivanisd says:

          Will u give poor kids like this money for their education?? Tumne kya kiya unke liye besides giving me lecture?? In india ppl are afraid of even reporting child abuse. U urself have read it in the comments here. 100% that commenter wont complain.

          • prvilla says:

            Do you know me personally to state whether or not I’ve done anything or helped anyone!keep your silly comments to yourself cuz aint nobody got time!

          • Shivanisd says:

            What have u done for poor kids?? Nothing. Pls keep ur fake sass to yourself.

          • prvilla says:

            I happen to work at a foundation called SOS village back home which is for poor children and orphans so hope that shut’s you up!Also your really creepy and annoying in your constant hounding,just stop or talk to someone who want’s to talk to you,cuz I sure as hell don’t want to!You love my sass and you know it!Atleast I have some unlike you negative nancy!I’m done if you would like to continue then please do,know that your talking to a wall,I”ll just reply with a teeny weeny dislike and that is all!cheers

  6. Rad says:

    If Aamir gave the missing jewellery to Fatima and even if Kiran comes to know of it, the blame will still be only on the staff or maid as everyone incl Kiran won’t want the truth to come out. Surely Kiran will not want his image to get tarnished. Shame on her. After all the empowered woman crap, she follows her husband everywhere to keep an eye on him? Its just beyond pathetic. And needless to say I have not seen a bigger hypocrite than Aamir.

    • bucketbot says:

      That’s the sad part, imo. If at all fatty is in any way linked to this, I will be surprised if they let the truth out. Most likely the house staff will get the blame irrespective so as to keep the family image, and Kiran will be complicit if she wants financial security.

    • Saachi says:

      makes no sense. Aamir khan for once is filthy rich and does not need to steal his wife’s jewellery. If he is having an affair, still why would he give her his wife’s jewellry? and to save them from tarnishing image and all..why would Kiran report to the police if she had to hide the culprit? everyone was questioned..including the maid. the jewellry was worth a million and obviously the house help will be questioned too. and what women empowerment? where does this come from? there was a theft and the help being questioned happens to be a lady, thats it. how can you say she follows her husband accross the globe? man..Kiran rao is a loving step parent to his kids from his previous marriage. they were just pictured vacationing together. this fatima lady cant replace kiran as the article states. Aamir will never ever loose his children. he made sure they are comfortable around her before marrying her.

      • Amanda says:

        @saachi,you have a valid point 🙂

      • Rad says:

        Maybe Fathima saw the jewellery and liked it. And Aamir was forced to give it to her. And when Kiran reported to the police she didn’t know this. This is all conjecture. Just guesses. But the fact remains that the staff are being harassed though it could not be proven that they were the culprit. Pls google Kiran Rao and women empowerment. U can see for yourself how much she has spoken and written on this subject. That she follows her husband accross the globe is written by the admin in the blind. Pls read again.

      • bucketbot says:

        Of course @saachi. None of it makes sense. . That part about Kiran reporting to the police it was assuming she didn’t already know it was Fatima. We of course dont know the truth. Our imaginations were just running wild with possibilities over the little info we knew. We shouldn’t be indulging in this but this is a gossip site.
        Hopefully the truth will be out as a news item.

        No one has questioned how much Kiran/Aamir love their children/step-children, just his faithfulness to his wives/partners. I can’t say if Fatima wants to replace Kiran or not but she can (if Aaamir wants) at the rate she is going.

      • Shivanisd says:

        Why the hell was kiran pretending to be an, empowered feminist if shes an effing doormat?? Good her jewellery was stolen. Its not like it was her own money!! Shes with aamir only for his money and the kid., cut the sentimental crap

  7. Champak Bhoomia says:

    So much for being a social activist. For all the gyaan he gives about being a good citizen and all on that shitty talk-show of his, he’s an absolute pain in real life. A relative of mine recalls a massive tantrum by him at Bombay Airport where he got a flight delayed and abused the ground staff terribly. And now this. Despicable hypocrite.

    • Shivanisd says:

      I always knew he was fake and mean to the core. Poor ki ran. If she didn’t have kids she could have left him.

  8. Pav says:

    Farzana has been in Amir’s house since she’s 8 years old :O , was she working there since 8 ?

    • Nars <3 Kangana says:

      Was hoping no one would go there. Child labour is an excellent topic in social resposible tv shows- 🙂

      • Amanda says:

        I think Aamir must be jailed for employing a 8 yr old girl as maid… Where are the police?

        • Pepeas says:

          I think her mother meant that as she herself used to work for the family, Farzana has been at Aamir’s house (accompanying her) since she was 8. If Farzana is now 50 and Aamir 52, he would have been 10 when she was 8! So I don’t think he can be held responsible in this instance, even if his family did use child labour. However I agree that he’s a pseudo-intellectual hypocrite for the last many years.

          • Pav says:

            . I know these celebrities are not as good as they appeared to be but having a child as a worker is a crime hence I was shocked.Thanks for the clarification.

  9. Amanda says:

    OMG,If indeed this is true ,that Fathima might have stolen the jewelry, shame on her… If she had visited Aamir’s house for a hook up with aamir,shame on both… I really dont get it,why Aamir who is usually pragmatic,didn’t think of the consequences of having an affair..

    • bucketbot says:

      its not his first time. He has had extra- marital affairs before too. None really affected him or his career. It remains to be seen if he goes down with this.

    • kiran101 says:

      He is not pragmatic…he is a faker.An excellent one. His Ruse has been coming off since some time.

    • whatever says:

      Okay so let me write here, because I cannot say this in public. My previous landlord who is a wealthy person had a domestic helper , a girl of 10 to 12 year old, his wife used to beat this girl almost everyday. One day, I spoke to that girl and asked her some details and got to know if cleaning is not done properly or food arrives 5 minutes late, both husband , wife and even their old aged parents used to beat her and even I have seen they use such a bad language for this person.

      This little girl used to sleep under the dining table without a pillow or a sheet / blanket. I asked her how she came to delhi for work. She told me her parents sent her with some ‘Bhaiya’. I saw that’ bhaiya’ in their house and he used to come in every 6 months for collecting her wages but this girl is not being paid directly from the start. I am assuming he is some agent or something as some other people are using his facilities too.

      I even doubt that the old age Man touches this girl , whenever his son and DIL are out from the home, I have not seen this, but I have my doubts.

      I felt really sad and asked my Husband to speak about them, BUt we are really worried coz they are really wealthy and we are still living in the same locality but different house.

      Story of SO CALLED Wealthy Family.

      This is not realted to Bollywood , but this topic makes me sad, Really Sad!!

  10. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    So sad what they did with the househelps. What a mess of a situation.

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