2018 – February – Bollywood Blind Item 7

This blind item is about the fight between two male adults, one of whom is just acting pathetic and childish for his age. First of all, let us say that this blind item from PinkVilla is misleading. These two grownup men have been fighting like cats for months now. Actually, it’s this actor who couldn’t take it when the filmmaker announced his next project with a young star. This senior actor enjoyed being in this filmmaker’s movies because they brought him the respect that his other silly films didn’t bring him.

This filmmaker literally changed the way this senior actor is viewed in this industry. It seems unfair that the actor is pissed off because he does a gazillion of films in a year hence working with other directors, so why should he have a problem if this filmmaker signed someone else in his film. This is the issue that this senior actor has with this filmmaker and it’s why he did what he did to make the life of this filmmaker hell. Frankly speaking, it’s not nice at all because it is pathetic and makes him look bitter. How can he expect to be successful when he is misusing his power to bring others down? Others, who are not even well-off like he is. Check out who we are talking about below in the blind item by PinkVilla.

You know what? It’s funny that this senior actor keeps talking about how people did him wrong or how much he struggled in a bid to promote his films. Maybe it’s the approach that his new manager is using to make people sympathise with him. We can’t because we know how he pulled down other people or how he used his power to bring someone else down. This brings us to this incident in mind. It’s about this big underwater film that he was working on. He acted so cocky in that film, but that’s just him thinking he’s white sometimes. In that film, there was a beautiful song that was promised to the youngest male actor in that film. That actor was excited about it, but when that day to shoot that song arrived, the director told him that this senior actor heard the song and wants the song to be picturised on him instead. The director discussed and managed to let the senior actor allow the other actors in the film be given some screen time in that song. That young actor was mad and angry about what the senior actor had done. We remember vividly, he said, “In this industry, the big fish always eat the small fish!” Couldn’t have said it any better!


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - February - Bollywood Blind Item 7


Did this superstar pull strings and manipulate his way to get a solo release for his film?

Films have been clashing at the Bollywood box office a lot this year – more so because of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus Padmaavat getting postponed from last December to January this year. Now we have heard that a superstar whose niche film (and home production) was clashing with an action drama has managed to get it postponed to avoid coming on the same day – just to get a solo release for his own film. Despite many celebs pitching in to promote the film, his niche film has not whipped up enough frenzy to pull in the family audiences as yet.

While the action drama seemed to have its permissions in place when the crew started the shoot, suddenly problems started cropping up out of nowhere for the hapless filmmaker (who had already postponed his film once). The film was all set to release along with the niche film when they got the news that certain changes in the film were required as certain scenes would have to be edited out. The team waited for three days to get the required changes (minor ones) from the concerned authorities but they were kept waiting outside for hours till the office shut down for the day. Finally, when they were given the list of modifications it was too late for them to release that particular week. Rumours have been rife in the film industry that it was the superstar, who is known to be well-connected with everybody, had his way, as he pulled some strings to make sure that the film got delayed. The fuming filmmaker has no choice but to grin and bear it.

The strange part is that the superstar used to be good friends with the director whose film was clashing with his own but due to an actress (both had worked with in the past), they had a fallout. Buzz was both had developed a soft corner for the young, bubbly actress. While the director has stopped signing the actress for his films, the superstar and the actress continue to be in touch.

The filmmaker was upset with the superstar and stopped working with him for some time till rumours of their patch-up started coming and their next film together. But now with the developments that have taken place, the rift between the two seems to be completely beyond repair – the filmmaker won’t certainly work with the superstar again for some time.

Nobody knows the truth of what really happened – everything is pure speculation right now. But as they say – the truth always comes out and one day it will.


OSOP Guesses

Action Drama: Aiyaary

Superstar: Akshay Kumar

Actress: Taapsee

2018 - February - Bollywood Blind Item 7

2018 - February - Bollywood Blind Item 7

2018 - February - Bollywood Blind Item 7

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15 Responses

  1. Monalisa says:

    All of Akki’s past flings like Jacky, PC, Nimrat, Esha etc.. were tall, hot girls with great figures. Taapsee does not strike me as Akki’s type at all. What is this soft corner he is having towarda her? He even fought with Prerna Arora for this Taapsee? Now with Neeraj Pandey even? What’s the big deal with her that Akki is fighting with people for her.. Heard that Taapsee have some foreigner badminton player as a boyfriend.

  2. Deepak says:

    bhai….. Khiladi ki @$$-licking rang layi hai…. Not for nothing is he getting close to the Ruling party.. I am very sure he is enjoying some kind of advantage regarding his being a Canadian……but he is still a sh!t actor…..

  3. Pooja says:

    That film add u talking is blue n actor is sanjay dutt I’m right???

    • Admin says:

      Yes, and no it’s Zayed Khan. Come on, Sanju and young?

      • pooja says:

        U get wrong Im saying that older actor was sanju n I thought younger one was is akki ohh I forget that zayed too was in film I totally forget him.add I was talking about older actor n guessing younger one was akki but u prove me wrong.

        • Admin says:

          Nah, Sanju is not that involved and is nicer to young actors.

          • Pooja says:

            Everyone say this but I don’t believe seeing his criminal records n romour of his involvements in divya bharti’s dead.

          • Tina says:

            If I am not wrong, AK pissed off Sanjay on this movie too, trying to hog more screen space. There was a meeting and the issue was straightened out.
            But yeah, it’s high time both the pretentious twats, AK (Akshay Kumar) and AK (Aamir Khan) are outed for their lack of ethics. Both take credit for, and sabotage other people’s work. Not okay.

        • Helen says:

          It is not at all your fault that you forgot about Zayed. πŸ˜‰

  4. Pooja says:

    Akki will pay just like srk.rajesh khanna is best eg.karma always hit u like its hiting damm hard to srk he has misused is power many times.

  5. Amanda says:

    That’s unfair to neeraj.. Though I don’t like sid and I wished Rajkummar rao was it, I still wish this movie works well at bo.. Just to teach ak a lesson…. Abusing power is not acceptable

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