2018 – February – Bollywood Blind Item 6

The blind item below is a case of no one wanting to spare the golden goose while he is still giving out hits and making money rain. To be fair, when these two announced their breakup, it was written in the press release that the company will continue to manage his contracts, including brands’ endorsement. Maybe this is what the actor has been trying to get out of. It’s funny how he is an old man himself and has to seek the help of his even older father to make things better.

The owner of this company does not even want to come face to face with him. It is said that she is avoiding him. Well, if she is the one who went out to get him that brand endorsement deal then her company does deserve their share. It’s not easy to manage this actor and this lady made it work for 9 years. Now that his family is managing him, let’s see how long he is able to last with their support. Check out who this blind item by Mumbai Mirror is talking about.


Bollywood Blind Item


2018 - February - Bollywood Blind Item 6


THIS superstar who parted ways with his long-time talent management agency on a not-sopleasant note some time ago, finds himself still bound by an old contract. The agency still gets a share of money he makes on a big brand, that he had signed while working with them. The actor and his dad are trying their darnest to get the agency out of the picture by cracking a deal with them. But the agency is simply refusing to let go of the prized contract that has been getting them big bucks, at least for now.


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Salman Khan

Agency: Reshma Shetty’s Matrix

2018 - February - Bollywood Blind Item 6

2018 - February - Bollywood Blind Item 6

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7 Responses

  1. Pooja says:

    If maxrix help him to get all this brand then they deserve share.

  2. Amanda says:

    Admin, what about this blind

    I will watch a neeraj pandey film any day because he knows how to make a good film whether stars are present or not

    • nefarious says:

      Admin posted this blind about Neeraj, Akki and Taapsee. I am still not clear as to what does soft corner for Taapsee mean here. Also, were both vying for her attention, What is the backstory to this am most curious to know

  3. nefarious says:

    Is there anyone not taking advantage of SK πŸ™‚

    • Amanda says:

      It’s not about advantage, reshma shetty did change Salman’s image and helped him rebuild his career… If the contract is valid between her agency and Salman, there is no reason to terminate it under pressure… Once the contract expires, she can’t claim any money….. If the contract was illegal, I am sure Salman knows enough people in judiciary to end this contract legally…

      Whereas Salman’s family members can’t do anything on their own… Salman should monitor the benefits he passes onto them

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