2018 – February – Bollywood Blind Item 5

This is the second time this year that this lady has been mentioned in a similar blind item. Not that it’s anything to be proud about, she seems to think it’s some sort of achievement. Maybe she wants to compete with the men in the male-dominated world that she works in. Still, it’s something that she’s taking advantage of and the fact that she’s a woman shouldn’t stop others from making her face the consequences misusing her position to get the position that she is lusting for.

Behaving like what the blind item is describing is nothing new in Bollywood. It used to be the men and now it’s this woman. So far, only one woman has been behaving this way. It could be that she feels the need to show off to compensate for the way she looks. This is what happens when people mess with your head, you feel the need to prove to them that you can still get what you want despite what they told you. You get where we are going with this. Like some men, who do this, this could be something she does to make herself feel better. Actually, she talks about it freely to make herself look better. In this case, it’s almost like peer pressure. The fact that she’s talking about is proof that she feels the need to show to people that she too can get the best ones, except it’s not the way she thinks it is if she is forcing herself on them. It’s similar to when the men do it to compensate for something they never had the chance to do before.

Let’s hope someone puts a stop to her actions because if she preys on the wrong person, her career could be over. As for this bad boy, we know it’s not true. She’s just desperately showing off because he’s hot property right now and she is the one, who discovered him. Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - February - Bollywood Blind Item 5


RUMOURS of a casting couch have long dogged the movie business, and several wannashine actors, both female and male, have been subjected to their pressures. But there has also been much talk of a female casting director, who is taking full advantage of her supposed occupational privilege. We hear she has been talking of her acquisitions quite proudly, among who (according to her) is Bollywood’s hottest bad boy, also a superstar. Whether there is truth in her claims or is it just wishful thinking, we’ll never really know.


OSOP Guesses

Casting Director: Shanoo Sharma

Superstar: Ranveer Singh

2018 - February - Bollywood Blind Item 5

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58 Responses

  1. Samantha says:

    1. Lets not get into how Shanoo ‘looks’! Its irrelevant tbh!

    2. Being a superstar now, does Ranveer need to do such stuff at pinnacle of his career?

  2. kiran101 says:

    Finally, this is what i feel. Ranveer has wealthy parents…probably willing to fund his acting career. Maybe paid YRF. Since he is a wealthy mumbai guy , he is acquainted probably has some BW friends. But no one is gonna launch him like Kapoor Scion.
    Tried from sending his profile to auditioning roles…landed a YRF role. Maybe even part funded it or full funded it.
    Far better than some star kids who think they debuted as superstars. Ranveer if paid for his launch then owes no one anything but his family only.

    Anyone know how rich is Ranveer’s family ?

    • Monalisa says:

      @kiran101 I think he did try to break in to mainstream hindi cinema but got rejected because of his looks. Got offered indie roles after audition but didnot want those roles as he always said he wanted to be a mainstream hindi film hero. So he did what he did to break in to the industry who uses aspiarant actors (some get casting couch he had to bribe or if the above blind is true he got the casting couch as well and had to bribe). He kept his mouth shut because he did not want to anger bigwigs of bollywood just like people who get through casting couch to get roles never speak. Go watch his ” look whos talking with nirajan” episode on youtube its informative. Also read my comment in response to Anisha regarding her insider info about him being offered movies before bbb. He had stated the same thing in niranjan show.

      Donn’t know how rich they are. At this point how rich they are does not matter. Certainly not gonna believe what Anisha the insider claim to know. She seems to be talking about stuff RS had already spoken about. She seems more like a RS hater!!

      • jumna says:

        once i saw a comment on quora saying that ranveer and the commentors fathers are friends and he did pay 10cr to yrf

    • prvilla says:

      Point is he is who he is because of his talent and no one can take that away from him!Having wealthy parents or a few minor connections can only get you somewhere..the rest is wholly and solely on one’s self!Fact is he caved his own path and carved his own niche with the very little he got!Ranbir kapoor,Abhishek bachan,hec even Uday chopra himself (and a hoard of others)had money,the best of connections and basically a red carpet laid out for them but we all know how that turned out so yeah..The sad part is some of these aforementioned still continue to get offers and forced down our throats despite repeated failures and yet if Ranveer or any outsider for that matter would so much so have one dismissal boxoffice turkey,they would be in the red!PS;I;m from a wealthy family too,maybe I should ask my father to pay for a bollywood career too,lol!

    • jumna says:

      @kiran101 this is a comment in pinkvilla.
      Jagjt Singh Bhavnani is a very successful businessman with interests in real estate and pharmaceuticals. He is also Chairman of Harisons Motors, Karad, who manufacture the “Funty” range of offroaders-a first in India. This factory alone has an investment of Rs. 300 crore plus. Jagjit Singh Bhavnani is married to Anju, who is the mother of Ranvir and his older sister, Ritika. Jagit Singh married Anju when he was 22 years old. They lived in Bandra the initial days, now live in Khar.and Ranvir worked in the advertising industry in India before going off to the USA to finish his higher studies. He then returned to India and after a lot of struggle, became an actor. Ranvir’s paternal grandfather was in the construction business in Bombay, heading a company named Gambs Construction Co. Jagjit Singh Bhavnani is approximately 57 years old as on date and conservative net worth is about Rs. 1200 crore, so Ranvir’s parents are fabulously wealthy in their own right. Nonetheless, Ranvir is his own man in all respects. His mother Anju went to Bombay Scottish, if memory serves me right. Ritika is not married as on date. Hope this sets the record straight with regard to Ranvir Singh and his family.

      • Amanda says:

        @jumna,thanks for the info… Good to know Ranveer’s family is financially strong.. No issues in that☺️

      • Monalisa says:

        I’ll take this comment with a pinch of salt. comments by people claiming to be insiders or friends mostly turn out to by haters as evident on this post. I already knew he was rich because he never hid it.

  3. Sara says:

    Wow. So many comments to give clarification, defend Ranveer. Fans or lawyers or insiders, I wonder?

    • kiran101 says:

      looks like he is gaining fans. I guess u would say his PR is buying his movie tickets too…gareebon ka ranbir kapoor. No one is defending him….i am actually more inclined to believe he paid 10 cr to YRF

      • Pooja says:

        For quidy band armaan jain father’s paid 10crs n female lead father’s 5crs.kriti was offered sultan but condition was she have to sign deal like newcamer pari n anu n share big share in her fees of endorsements n films n other with yrf which kriti rejected n said she already gain name for herself y would sign such deal with yrf talent agency later she always denied that yrf offer her sultan which is truth.y samebody accept such fact that bring defame for both parties involved.kangana who openly said she rejected sultan then adi called her n give her earful rant to how dare she said this in media.

    • Monalisa says:

      Not his pr either. A big fan who actually likes to read and watch his interviews as well as news about him. Even I said the only thing he is vague about is wheather his father invested in BBB
      If you are so bothered @admin can even confirm that I’m not from India from my ip address.

      • Missreader90 says:

        yup! im so sick of being called someone’s PR. I am a fan of RS’s acting, plain and simple. Couldn’t give two hoots about his personal life. I just wish ppl would get their heads out of PR-villa and see that a person appreciating an actor does not mean they are paid comments. It is evidence that this actor is connecting to his audience

      • prvilla says:

        Guys ignore her,even I’m from Pakistan..Some people just cannot fathom that another person is well appreciated and actually liked!

    • prvilla says:

      @Sara This is not prvilla or a kjo invested site!I think you stumbled upon the wrong end of the stick honey bunny!This is sadly a site for real people and real views so you can fly off a one-way route to whichever (dharma) fantasy land you came from,safe landing!Guess what those are real people which go and watch Ranveer Singh’s movies in the theater’s or according to you are paid aliens,who make them successes?!

  4. lince says:

    only way to succeed in showbusinees is to sleep around with casting directors,actors,producers,directors

  5. pooja says:

    Don’t think so its true bcz ranveer’s father have given money to yrf for his launching him so she just trying to get same kind fame or something else but its doest true with rs may be other boys who she launch n doesn’t take money.

    • nefarious says:

      Wouldnt he still need a mediator even in that case? You need someone to let Adi know you are willing to sponsor your debut

      • pooja says:

        Arjun kapoor n rs r 2nd cousin brothers childhood friends don’t thinks so its true.they came from filmy background like armaan jain he is cousin brothers of rk bebo n armaan father have funded his debut film which make under yrf n female lead father too contributed 5crs.

        • Monalisa says:

          @pooja Arjun is not Ranveer’s cousin. Ranveer and Sonam are 3rd cousins from there mother’s side. Sonam in vogue bff and Ranveer in a print interview said the same thing. And the families are not close.
          Why else would Harsh Kapoor say as an example Ranveer is an outsider who has a successful career when he was asked about if being a star kid guarantee success or something in an interview. Sonam and Arjun are cousin’s from their father’s side. (Anil and Boney)

          Arjun and Ranveer knew each other even before they were both actors because they have mutual friends and sometimes attended same parties together. They both said that in KWK.

          Also Shahnoo Sharma brags about she discovered both Ranveer and Arjun. I don’t know wheather casting couch was involved or not but hope that it is a rumour as well.

          • Anisha says:

            They are not third cousins but second cousins. Knowing how fiercely protective he is about his “image”, did it ever occur to you that Ranveer could ask his cousins to play along with the narrative that he’s an outsider?

          • Monalisa says:

            @anisha there are lot of people like Richa Chadda (she said she and RS attended acting classes together when they were strugglers), Aditi Rao Hydari (she said they acted in a play in Paris while they were both strugglers), Kabir Khan (who said he saw Ranveer walking around with his portfolio showing it to everyone before he became an actor), Shaad Ali (with whom Ranveer worked as an assistant director during struggling days) who tell anecdotes of how they knew Ranveer during his struggling phase.

            Are all these people lying too because Ranveer asked them, so he could protect his ‘image’?

          • kiran101 says:

            @Anisha is a Ranbit fan…where she already mentioned how Ranveer is a bigger douche-bag than Ranbir can ever be. Sonam and Ranveer are third cousins.

          • Anisha says:

            Hi Monalisa, I went to school with Ranveer, so I know all about his “struggles”.

          • Monalisa says:

            In another post you said you worked in a field where you deal with celebs where you bashed RS. Why didn’t you mention you went to school with him. I’m not saying he is a poor boy who struggled all I’m saying is he struggled to get in to bollywood. Even RS himself say his struggling phase was different because he had a home and his parents never asked him to get a job. Unlike other strugglers when they run out of money have to go back to their city or find a paying job.
            Read my other comments on this post.

          • prvilla says:

            @Anisha Are you kjo or ranbir himself disguised?Wouldn’t be surprised cuz their known to frequently visit gossip sites!Anyhow why all of a sudden so many negative blinds about ranveer singh are popping up?Starting with the alleged coke habit,to verbally abusing deepika,taking a girl for an abortion now this?It seems to be a pattern and looks to me that some people(kjo gang) cannot fathom that he is hugely successful right now!I’m not saying sexual harassment is acceptable,it’s ABSOLUTELY not,male or female but why specifically point towards ranveer only and try to muddy his achievements by making it look like he climbed the ladder through casting couch..I mean how come we never hear about Ayan or ranbir,or kjo and siddharth in such blinds?!Why only outsiders?Also apart from the fake love triangles and the highly romanticized escapades of his favs,when was the last time we got a raw and real blind item revealing the negative aspects of karans own mafia gang?None!Ladies and gentlemen stay woke!

          • Monalisa says:

            @prvilla anisha the insider is only revealing info about RS which he had already spoken about. She think like her own fav, Ranveer try to hide stuff from his life to look better. But he already had spoken about all these stuff at the start of his careera his haters accuse him of. Him having industry friends before joining bw, sonam being his cousin, his family being rich… etc.

            Will never ever believe anything people claiming to be insiders write in gossip sites ever again.

          • Anisha says:

            @Monalisa I never claimed to be an insider. Insider would be someone who gets invited to all the industry parties, is part of their WhatsApp groups, hangs out with them. My work needs me to interact with these celebrities and their PRs on a day-to-day basis, but that doesn’t make me these celebrities’ friends — and hence I’m not an insider. And yes, I went to school with Ranveer — we were in the same class but we were never friends — and our school was full of Bollywood kids. So when Ranveer spouts bullshit like ‘I was never prepared for stardom because I didn’t grow up around famous people’ it gets my goat. When he started out he was totally selling himself as a complete outsider like Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar. It’s only when his Bollywood connections started coming out one by one that he began to acknowledge them. All these things you say that he has already talked about was because he was asked about them and not because he was forthright about them from the onset.

            Since you love Ranveer so much, here’s another titbit you should know of: he used to come to school in a Jaguar but would call it SHaguar. He’d ask the girls, “Ladies, can I drop you home in my Shaguar?” (And oh, that Jaguar was just his.) So, when he put up this teary-eyed act in Niranjan’s interview that his family was going through tough times financially when he was trying to break into Bollywood, it just made me.

          • Monalisa says:

            @anisha If you read my other comments you will know I never said he was a poor boy. I’m still on the fence on believing wheather his dad did not finance BBB because he was vague about it. ( I’m not some blind die hard fan who put their favs on a pedestal. That’s the main reason from the begining I was skeptical about the BBB rumour. But I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. Frankly at this point I don’t really care. It’s basically a moot point now). I don’t think RS or his ‘image’ team is stupid enough to sell a fake story about his background coz he is from Mumbai and as you said and there are lot people who knew him and his family. Also one can only answer questions when one is directly asked about it so when directly asked can he answer not before it.

            As I said before I will never believe comments made by people claiming to be insiders or knowing stars on personal level and it’s not something personal against you. It’ my perogative to believe what I want to believe or not want to believe. Let’s just agree to diaagree on this matter.

          • Steffi says:

            forget it Anisha…no one’s going to believe you as you are talking about The Lord Ranveer Singh here so just chill…..everything he does is “not an Act” and well to be honest he is a great Actor onscreen too and doing amazing so….offscreen looks like he can get away with everything you see as per this site.

          • Amanda says:

            I think ranveer and his family knows a lot of people from film industry and Ranveer might have been attending social dos and functions which Arjun and sonam might have attended. It’s not like he didn’t had any contacts in film industry… But even then, stars have to struggle to launch their kids.. For an outsider with loose connections with film folks, they need to really struggle to get launched… Among all the sponsored new comers launched by YRF, it’s only ranveer who turned successful and Aditya Chopra also takes pride in that… Not all relatives need to be close to anyone.. I am not close to anyone from my father’s side… I just meet them once in a while and exchange basic greetings,but I cannot ask them any favors….
            At the end of the day, whether you are a star kid or not, your performance should be worth paying for… Audiences shouldn’t be robbed of their money for bad movies and bad performance

          • Monalisa says:

            @amanda Exactly my point. If you have followed RS career since his debut you will know he never hid the fact his family is wealthy or that he is related to Sonam through his mother or that he knew people like Zoya Akhtar (they met at a party when he was 16), Shanoo Sharma (they met at a party while he was 18 and when she saw his dancing skills asked him if he wants to be an actor and he said he was going to US to study), Arjun Kapoor, Shaad Ali even before he became an actor. Also the fact his grandmother acted in Raj kapoor movie is in his wiki page and some other interviews even. The only part he is vague about is wheather his father invested money in BBB which he deny and say his father was going through a lean phase or why would Adi Chopra needs his father’s money when YRF is a big banner. (Even if the rumour is true I think this is more to do with the fact of protecting YRF’s image than his own image).

            I really don’t like his haters trying to undermine his success by saying he lied about all the above mentioned things. The info has been out there all this time and people without researching throw accusations at him.

          • kiran101 says:

            It is possible Ranveer Signh Paid 10 cr to YRF for Baand Baaja Baraat . Frankly he has nothing to lose divulging this info…but i guess did not since that would tarnish YRF.
            I heard Ranveer comes from a wealthy family…how wealthy are we talking about. If his dad could fund a US degree and 10 cr movie that has to be fairly wealthy…i am guessing.

          • Admin says:

            Ranveer was asked this question when he came for an interview on the Komal Nahta show after BBB has released. He didn’t even have a film to talk about as the promotions and release of BBB were done. He just came out of courtesy of being called by a senior film critic. Mr. Nahta asked him that very same question and Ranveer said that it was insulting to think that the top production house in this country has to used his father’s money to fund this film. Besides, his dad doesn’t have that kind of money. He said he auditioned and got the role, same like Anushka got RNBDJ. By this account, why don’t they say the same about Anushka too? Ranveer did mention that they were not always well-off but his dad was understanding enough to let him follow his passion instead of looking for a steady job.

          • kiran101 says:

            why such a rumor even started even before the film released and he became a known face ? there probably is some truth ? again…only insider can give such info. Anushka was launched opposite to SRK…She already signed a 3 film deal during RNBJ. Did Ranveer sign such deal ?

            Anushka did not have Box office pull during BBB, RS was a newcomer…Maybe the money was like a safety deposit…the film solely had to be sold as YRF was it not first offered to Ranbir ?

          • Monalisa says:

            @admin and @kiran101 I read or saw (can’t recall which) an interview where Ranveer said when people got to know his father was a businessman and before Ranveer YRF never launched a newcomer in a solo hero movie, people made the assumptiom that his father financed his debut. He did mention that his father was going through a lean phase financially at that point and his business got on a better phase after BBB released. He said the rumour really hurt him because he started getting messages from random strugglers wanting to know wheather they could debut with YRF if they give money too. He did say in Simi select that his father is a business man who mainly have interest in automobile industry.

            So most probably people who knew his family was rich must have started the rumour. As Karan Johar once famously told Adi Chopra during BBB release, Ranveer does not have the type of face (conventionally handsome face) that will draw people to watch his movies. But most of these bollywood folks forget good acting, screen presence and a connection with audience is what is needed to be a successful actor/heros) Ranveer proved that by BBB becoming a sleeper hit. Anu was a forgotton heroine at that time and Ranveer’s Bittoo and his personality was what people connected with.

            So Ranveer being a boy who is not a great looker by comventional standards and not being a star kid who got a big banner to launch him in a solo hero movie people must have assumed money was involved in his debut once they learnt who his father is. Because if you are not a star kid most newcomers launched are models with great looks. Ranveer is not a star kid nor a model with great looks.

            Even I don’t know wheather to believe that rumour or not. Even if it was true it would be more beneficial to his ‘image’ if he disclosed that info it would show the ugly side of bollywood and people would sympathize with him more and he will get more fans.

          • kiran101 says:

            @Monalisa…. i dont think Ranveer should have any qualms giving credit to his dad for funding his movie and is not indebted to anyone financially for making a flim. But, YRF will lose its credibility, it would be a black mark on them.
            Lean phase of Business in the sense ?? a few crores loss ? we dont know….but over all if he is a wealthy guy in Mumbai wealthy circles 10 cr is not that much…i am thinking. This rumor could be true or not…its just strange the amount of money invested is also revealed.

          • Monalisa says:

            @kiran101 10 crores is the budget on which BBB was made, it grossed 18 crores.

            You are right. I did mention it before that info coming out will harm YRF more than Ranveer’s image. I’m sceptical about the whole issue. That’s why I said RS was vague about.

          • Pooja says:

            Even reality show India’s next superstar charging 25lacs as entryfees.in Bollywood lots of things goes which ppl don’t get to know if ananya Pandey get launch it much bcz of chanky Pandey but if ahan Pandey get launch its all bcz his father chikky pandey who have steel business have funded film its work like that.if its flop they never get second chance like armaan n aadar jain.

          • Anisha says:

            So, here’s how YRF’s contracts work: if they are launching you, they will give you a three-film contract. Unless you’ve done three films with them you can’t work with other banners. Which is why, Anushka’s first three films are all YRF ones. Her fourth release was Patiala House. It’s the same with Arjun Kapoor. YRF gave the same contract to Shraddha but she broke it, which is why Aditya Chopra hates her guts. Saqib Saleem had the same contract but after two films YRF said he can go his way. Most recently, Armaan Ralhan was given the same contract, and is now waiting for YRF to cast him in their next film — the poor thing is just sitting at home.

          • Rad says:

            @Anisha I just looked up Armaan Ralhan and he looks like WOW!!!

          • kiran101 says:

            Lady ! we all knew he had distant relatives in BW. You clearly do not think Padmavati and Bajirao are hits because he and sonam are cousins ?

            Feeling bad that he turned out more than “Gareebon ka Ranbir Kapoor”

          • Pooja says:

            I just know its 2nd or 3rd gen whatever they r connected their famly celebrated bday together see many pic from childhood where all three ranveer sanam n arjun in one frame in baday party.may be rs not have that much linkage in industry that slb launch him but he have same.as kid rs was set of raveena -akki where they shooting intimate raining scene for song n rs watching them hawk eyes which make raveena uncomfortable n raveena kicked out rs from set even there pic rs as 12yrs boy with akki.

          • Monalisa says:

            @pooja you should watch Rajeev Masand Round table interview 2015 to hear Akki and Ranveer telling the story of what happened on the set of Akki-Raveena movie set while he was a kid. He went to the set of the movie with his cousins who were fans of Akki. Is visiting a film set considered as a thing only star kids can do. . He himself shared the picture of him and akki on instagram. If Ranveer wanted to hide the fact he met Akki as a child he would not have told the story or posted that pic on instagram in the first place. Even Akki told he met Amitabh when he was a child. Does that make Akki a star kid too.

            On the same roundtable interview where Anil was also present Ranveer said he has a pic taken with Anil as a child as well. If he wanted to hide there family connection he would have not mentioned it. Ranveer or Anil never denied they might have met at extended family wedding party or stuff while RS was young (as per an interview during DDD) and Anil did say that Sonam and he should do.a movie because they knew each other as children. they only say they were and are not close families. Even I saw the pic you are mentioning but the pic was not labeled as Ranveer, Arjun and Sonam, the pic labaled kids as Sonam, Ranveer and Ranbir. I have never seen them as children (of that age) so don’t know if the kids are identified correctly or not.

          • Admin says:

            Actually, before anyone was able to get on a film set. Heck, we visited Bachchan Sr. shooting many times because of our old lady’s infatuation with him.

          • Amanda says:

            Admin, whom are you talking about?

          • sun says:

            Admin, Are you talking about Rekha and AB Sr.? Are they still going around? Did not they break up longtime ago.

          • Admin says:

            No, how did you come up with that? Actually, the one where we were talking about the men are about most men, including Bajao Seth, Kajol ka Pati Dev, Neetu ka Chirag, Lambhu Ji and many more.

          • Pooja says:

            I didn’t see that one but I see ranveena tondon’s version on the kapil sharma show where she told whole saga how rs watching her with poped eyes n tongue out of mouth n all.I didn’t say rs is success bcz of his father I’m just saying he is not that in vulnerable positions that he has to sleep with sanoo for sake of film or need mediator to meet adi.he has that much linkage he is not completely outsider n middle class ppl who has to go through all this.that its.

          • Anisha says:

            You seem to be a die-hard fan, so you must know that Ranveer was offered one of the parts in Bejoy Nambiar’s Shaitan before Band Baaja Baarat. No “struggler” looking for any break in Bollywood would turn down a substantial part in any film.

          • kiran101 says:

            Struggle is a relative term. I bet Ranbir has a struggling career now…inspite of KJO and party willing to produce a hit formula movie at short notice to get a hit tag. like ‘ADHM’.

            Aneways, I like the fact that Ranveer is no Gareebon ka Ranbir. Its nice to know he has the money and even success even when someone like Shahid throws vile stuff at him in KWK.

          • Pooja says:

            Nop.just what I know.in kapil sharma show he said about his casting couch moment with man who’s teeth was out of mouth like rabbit how he run out from that place if he can sleep with sanoo for sake of film y not that man just like what sushant do for films so its look little false claim but sometimes I thing he can do this to kjo for dharma films the way he behave with him in kwk

          • Monalisa says:

            @anisha he did say he got movies after auditioning for them before BBB but he wanted to be a mainstream commercial hero instead so he rejected the roles and waited for something big. He knew debuting in such movie will not make him a way in to mainstream hindi cinema!! He always said his dream was always to be a mainstream hindi movie hero. Go watch his: “look who is talking with niranjan episode” on youtube he mentioned about other roles (without saying the name of movie) he got before BBB and how he rejected them.
            and he talked about a lot of stuff regarding the initial phase of his career. Also in some other interviews (print as well as video) also he did mention how he rejected roles before BBB. I just can’t think what interviews they were at top of my head.. if I knew I would had to oneday write in defence of him things he had already spoken about would have noted them down and the name of the source material. Better yet you google the insider info you claim to have to see wheather he already mentioned them in interviews before.

      • Monalisa says:

        @nefarious I agree with you. Even if his father gave the money there must have been a middle man/ woman.

    • sweettooth01 says:

      i think if a few crores can get u into a yrf film as a leading man , there wud be so many ppl who ll easily become heroes or heroines..if only things were that easy..
      u need a strong recommendation+ talent+ impress a lot of ppl involved including adi,casting directors,directors and a lot more ppl..so to belittle rs’ struggles cos his dad paid is just plain sad..
      also arjun sonam none of them gave him any bhaav till he became a hit,but once he became yrf’s blue eyed boy that is when they recognised and publicly claimed him to be their cousin..until then no noise or support from them..now for example-i have a lot of influential cousins in my field but i had to climb my way up without their help.also i dont belong to my work field ka family just bcos my 2nd or 3rd cousin work there..cousins dont help you irresp of which field of work..period..story of everyones life..

      casting couch is very evident until an actor climbs to a certain stage..until then they have to succumb to it sadly..
      i get a cringe everytime i see this lady shanoo..leave ranveer singh u creepy aunt!!

  6. Monalisa says:

    Even if it is true why is she bragging about it. It is bad that she indulge in such acts in the first place but boasting about her conquests is too much. Also the way she acts you will think Ranveer is her bff, why spread such stories about someone you are friends with (true or not?). Just because she is a woman does not give her the rights to prey on men.

    On another note, is she the one who suggested Anu and Vaani to go under the knife?

  7. nefarious says:

    I wont be surprised if Ranveer had to do the dirty with her. Just look at her, she seems menacing and smug, and so effin entitled.

  8. Amanda says:

    Shanoo looks evil to me.. Hope Rs and other youngsters keep a distance from her… She had come on kwk to show off her discoveries – ranveer singh and Arjun kapoor… She has casted some flop ones as well… Why brag about ranveer now when he has hit film running in theaters….

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