2018 – February – Bollywood Blind Item 4

The blind item below is a little misleading. We think that the brother wanted his superstar brother to be at the screening of his latest film so that his presence there can generate some publicity for the film. You know because he has lots of fans, who are willing to watch just about anything he supports. Well, to be fair, that’s not really the case but this is the reason why he’s invited at premieres, screenings, movie launches, music launches and even book launches. They all think that his presence alone can make that project become a hit.

We knew something was up when the brother suddenly shared an old picture of them on Instagram. You know when that happens from his family members, you know they want something from him. We don’t know what else we can say about this that you don’t already know. As far as this brother is concerned, he has made a lot of movies that no one wants to see, perhaps his superstar brother didn’t want to see this one too.

Check out the blind item from Filmfare to know who we are talking about.



Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - February - Bollywood Blind Item 4


Hard Times! This Bollywood star is upset with his superstar brother for his tantrums!

Apparently, this actor was upset when his superstar brother couldn’t find time to watch his latest release. He requested his brother several times to watch the film but in vain. The brother was missing even at the special screening organised for the family.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Arbaaz Khan

2018 - February - Bollywood Blind Item 4


Superstar: Salman Khan

2018 - February - Bollywood Blind Item 4

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7 Responses

  1. Pav says:

    I see everyone around Salman as leechers, nothing else.

  2. Amanda says:

    donno why they keep mentioning Arbaaz Khan as bollywood star… It should be reserved for someone deserving… I can’t call him anything… I mean not even an actor… Just a star brother who can’t do anything by himself…

    After Dabang2, see the kind of films he was in –
    2015 Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon
    2016 Freaky Ali
    Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa
    2017 Kittu Unnadu Jagratha
    Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai
    Tera Intezaar

    These were all B grade movies and I have never heard of them … His last film Tera Intezaar with sunny leone was so worst… How can Salman who is usually conservative, wrt on screen roles,bother to watch Arbaaz with Sunny..

    I haven’t heard of his upcoming movie ‘Nirdosh’ at all… Another B grade movie which will flop…. Salman is a busy man and such films are not worth his time…………… Arbaaz should change his profession.. He can’t direct or act except for some side roles… And I don’t understand why is he acting in such B grade movies… Cant he think about his brother’s image before doing such movies………….. I know he needs to earn,but there are other means of earning too…….. I think whoever attended the movie screening was because of Salman…..

    • Tina says:

      Just like Salman doesn’t owe Arbaaz anything, Arbaaz doesn’t owe Salman anything. If Arbaaz needs to act in B grade movies to make a living, he should. He doesn’t need to think of his brother’s image. If Salman needs to give his own movies and life priority over his brother’s premiere, he should do so too. They are both grown men responsible for their own selves.

      • Amanda says:

        Right from the movie ‘Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya’ ,all the movies that Arbaaz got was due to Salmaan… Because the directors and producers he worked with were Salman’s buddies… Even his last hit Dabaag 2 was due to Salman. He even got to produce and direct films due to Salman… And even now people bothered coming to his film’s screening was due to Salman Khan… Even Malaika was paid Alimony from Salman’s pockets.. Arbaaz owes a lot to Salman for whatever little recognition he had got………..

        • Tina says:

          Agreed. But the reason Salman helps them (Arbaaz and others) is because he really owes it to their support that he got out of his legal and personal problems. BTW, Salim Khan went out of his way for Salman too. Right after MPK he had one of his close friends/producer put out fake ads and news items announcing new films with Salman. The idea that this producer put his trust in Salman, spurred others to sign him on. This is on record. I am sure too, that with the kind of problems Salman had, everybody else’s problems in the family took a backseat. At some point though you have to call it ‘even’ and start taking decisions just for your own selves, and that applies to both of them.

    • prvilla says:

      @Amanda They need to stop piggy banking off of poor Salman!High time

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