2018 – February – Blind Item

Today is our lucky day! Not only did we share a blind item about this fake story, we now have another fake story to share that is of a similar nature. Maybe it was sent over as a package blind item to SpotBoye or something because it is strange how they published both blind items in one day.

Readers are smart already and can detect the fakeness of this story, which is as fake as the hair on this actor’s head. Either way, see what we told you about SpotBoye’s style of writing? Truth to be told, when we glanced at the title we thought we saw, “Actress having a ball with her cousin”, and we were like, “Who is this disgusting girl?”.

It’s not that hard to guess because it’s not the first time that something like this has been published. Clearly, the thought of these two being together has been on everyone’s mind, everyone in Bollywood, that is. Even Rajeev Masand addressed them in his annual column last week and he said that nothing yet has happened between these two.

Knowing her mentor, he’s already cooking something. But how will this new fake relationship affect this girl and his ex? Supposedly, they are besties now!

Check out who SpotBoye is lusting about below.



Bollywood Blind Item


2018 - February - Blind Item


Physical Attraction On The Set, Passion Off It. Actress Having A Ball With Her Crush

They are mixing work with pleasure. Their fondness for each other has ignited a passionate affair between the two. Maybe even their families too know about it

He is a fab actor and she is a fab actress. She had a childhood crush on him and both always acknowledged and appreciated each other’s work— but their upcoming film has made them admire each other in a different way. Yes, they have got up close and personal. Long hours of shooting, romantic scenes, lunches, dinners—- you know how it is!

The guy is quite commitment phobic and the girl is still nursing a break-up with her longtime boyfriend. Remains to be seen if this is gonna get serious or is just a fling. Both are very ambitious in their careers and when two such strong-minded people come together, fusion of all sorts is never easy.


OSOP Guesses

He and She: Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

2018 - February - Blind Item

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27 Responses

  1. Nimi says:

    Also I just knew from the word ‘fab’ that was used, it has to be Kjo aunty. Its his most favourite word and I have lost count on how many times he used it on KwK. LOL

  2. Samantha says:

    In this nonsense; KJO Still manages to score a self goal ‘Alia nursing a breakup from a loooooong term relationship’…. yeah, right KJo! With your Toy Boy Siddharth Malhotra!! πŸ˜€

  3. adaora says:

    KJ enough of your stupid PR games it is has become predictable and boring, Alia and Ranbir, nonsense who cares, who wants to have anything with Ranbir, A man that his motor mouth parents has almost ruined his career by going on and on about his why he should be aloud to be a randy d*g, those two will talk to any idiot who shoves a microphone unto faces.

    Alia please if you really want to create news about you and some actor guy, not Ranbir..

  4. Nimi says:

    See I knew Kjo Aunty and Bebola are on gossip sites all the time. As soon as Sid-Kat blind came out, I knew this was coming. Alia and Ranbir, the guy is a walking talking STD. Like seriously!! He ain’t hot nor happening. Gone are the days when Ranbir was the IT guy. Everyone is overtaking him now.

    • guest says:

      true that is why neetu is trying to find him an nri bride i doubt even those familes will find him desirable for their girls

    • kiran101 says:

      hehe…the other day i said the same on other article here…. Any girl who marries him has to worry about STD’s.

  5. nefarious says:

    @Admin: I doubt there will be any bitterness between Kat and Alia. For one, Kat seems to be latching on to Alia – as her fame and beauty fade. Two, Sid and Alia were never together. Also, as per fashion scandal- Alia and Ranbir already hooked up , while he was dating Kat.

  6. Athl says:

    Alia with Ranbir and Kat with Sid and they call themselves bff hahaha my God this need to be a joke

  7. Athl says:

    BitchAlia everyone used and fucked.dd her. Her next of course her next co-star

  8. kiran101 says:

    @ Admin or any insider source….i really want to understand what is so great about Ranbir. why do all these women talk so fondly of this cheater and characterless gossip monger. It just cant be the kapoor tag … i mean tha kapoor family is full of drunkards, uneducated, misogynistic people out there. Even Abhishek Bachahn in the past did not have so many women swooning over him considering Bachchan name is better than this Kapoor tag. Even shahid kapoor who is bitter about everyone praises this loser inspite of kareena link. Why is this asshole given so much bhaav ? why ?

    • bucketbot says:

      About other people praising him – I think he’s really good at flattery. He knows that everyone in this industry craves it and so he gives it to them. I don’t know for a fact in his case, but I knew a guy like this and he was very sly.

    • Nimi says:

      Hey Kiran, from my understanding/from what I have heard from sources, Ranbir was supposed to be the next It guy. Instead it turned out to be Ranveer and now the likes of Ayushman and Rajkummar and to some extent even SSR are delivering better performances and BO results than RK. The industry who supports nepo kids over anybody else at any given time no matter how talented one is, cannot digest the fact that RK is being over taken by outsiders (although RS grand mother was an actress but not a big one or a super star by any means with acting pedigree likeRK).
      So they keep hyping up RK making him superbly desirable by all women and it’s true to an extent I mean DP, Kat and Mahira did fall for his charms. The women want him because of the Kapoor tag to an extent but also means favours from the industry as he has quite a reach and influence over directors and producers.
      Karan Johar once called RS β€œgareebon ka RK”. RS never said anything back but let his work speak for himself and look where he is now today.
      The downside is that RK will never run out of film offers because everyone would want to promote a nepo kid over an outsider.
      Also allegedly RK is very good in bed and swings both the ways πŸ˜‰

      • prvilla says:

        @Nimi Spot on!This is one of the biggest reasons I love and support Ranveer Singh so strongly..Somewhere down the line the public also started to see right through loser kapoors games and stopped warming up to him.The thing is you can keep getting film offers due to connections and so on but what happens when you are missing one key ingredient-PUBLIC CONNECT!No one goes to watch your movies and cannot find one relatable at all,,Frankly I find Ranveer singh much more engaging than this warped creature and kudos to all outsiders standing their ground and not letting these disgusting bullies(Kjo gang) affect them or their body of work!RESPECT

  9. Isa says:

    this is all karan jauhar’s doing

  10. goldengirl says:

    Rk has denied this news. its KJo PR. He is ruining Alia career and life.

    • Monalisa says:

      Alia and Ranbir are the new BFF in town as per Ranbir pr. Whatever news released by his pr like both of them attending Padmaavat screening together, going to readings and rehersals of Brahmshatra together, they are referred to as BFFs.
      But it seems KJo pr is still hell bent on working on the romantic angle pr.

      • leap says:

        both kjo and alia seem fine with the romantic angle. also alia has been in Bollywood long enough to know better she isnt a newbie anymore. dont forget ranbir pr site changed its tune from whats cooking to BFF after people in comments called out kjo on this BS. even ranbir fans are tired of his personal life being made PR. it seems like Ranbir got the message kjo and alia did not

  11. Monalisa says:

    I jokingly wrote that “Let’s hope kjo does not come up with Ranbir-Alia-Sid love triangle to revive Ranbir and Sid’s careers.” in the blind item link below and we get this blind. Haha
    Karan’s pr games are so predictable that even someone like me can predict Karan’s pr games way ahead.. hahaha

  12. leap says:

    Can someone give a reality check to karan johar. Two actors need to convey chemistry on screen if the actors are good they can convey that example emma and ryan, irfan and dp. I understand using these tactics for bad actors like sid or varun but really this tactic now seems like a way to hide a bad script e.g. adhm. Alia seriously needs to wisen up if she wants people to take her work seriously instead of her hookups. Kjo and his PR nonsense has made me like actors like rajkumar, irfan , aysuhman more I look out for their movie more because they focus on work and script choice rather thn selling their personal life as PR

    • Samantha says:

      “Kjo and his PR nonsense has made me like actors like rajkumar, irfan , aysuhman more I look out for their movie more because they focus on work and script choice rather thn selling their personal life as PR” i second every word above!

  13. Nefarious says:

    Kjo at it again. He really needs to stop!

  14. Amanda says:

    Alia is smart girl…Knowing Ranbir,its better to maintain distance..

    • leap says:

      yet alia is not smart enough to say no to this nonsense by kjo to be linked to every male actor she works with. If she keeps this up in 5 years time she will suffer the same problem as ranbir press will be interested in her at the time hook up thn her work. Even if they are hooking up she needs not to sell her personal life for the sake of PR.

      • Amanda says:

        Yeah,,, Really she needs to give a stop to such kind of publicity… Maybe out of obligation she is doing it for her mentor… But she needs to think about her image and career… She is doing great and Karan aunty is not the right guide when it comes to PR………..

        • leap says:

          she is in her 20’s and grew up in the Bollywood bubble her dad is mahesh bhatt so she is out touch with reality of the average crowd . She might in her head think its cool and fine. she seems to be fine with any kind relationship is the message kjo seems to sending out this might actually cost her in her real actual relationship and with her work down the line. Her choice of sticking with that mentor shows she isnt very secure about her position

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