2018 – February – Blind Item 3

The last blind item for today comes from SpotBoye again. It’s about this young actress and what a young actress has to do to keep up with her lifestyle. There might be three guesses for this blind item, we are listing all three but we are sure it’s only about one of them. The clues given match her more than the other three. Still, we know some of you might not think it’s her, so we are getting it out there at one shot one place. Check it out below. We have highlight in bold all the clues that match the one we choose, so do check it out. By the way, the chosen girl has done something to her face, which explains the close-ups she posts on her social account. Weird the way these young girls like showing off their brand new purchase!


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - February - Blind Item 3


Men Are Loading This Hottie With Cash, And You Can Understand Why!

It's all about money, honey! And when you're a gorgeous young girl in the movies, money talks and more is often less...

This actress was recently in the news for her love life. Her mushed-up pictures with her man have been creating a lot of noise on social media. She’s quite a looker and her sultry Instagram feed has her followers eating out of her hands. Now, she’s gone extra social! In her liaisons and interactions, we mean. The hottie who boasts of a perfect 10 figure has been making frequent visits abroad. She has been meeting men who load her with the cash she needs. It’s money that helps her live in the lap of luxury and afford shiny-new things that money can buy.

What are these guys getting in return? Your guess is as good as ours. What a pity!


OSOP Guesses

Must Be:

Actress: Amy Jackson

2018 - February - Blind Item 3

2018 - February - Blind Item 3


Could Be:

Actress: Bipasha Basu


Actress: Esha Gupta

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9 Responses

  1. Rekha Rai says:

    She has a bit of a Victoria Secret model look to her, not sure why she’s in Mumbai and not London trying to make it in fashion.. I’m guessing she’s not tall enough? Most likely she’s not whoring herself out but just has a lot of rich acquaintances? I mean not everyone is a prostitute, and when you’re that good looking you get a lot of free gifts, sometimes just for gracing their party or event with your presence – remember Miranda Kerr and the Malaysian scandal where she received million dollar jewelry? There’s also that report of Katrina or someone getting stopped on the way back from Dubai at the airport and having to pay tax on a pricy necklace she claimed was a gift.

  2. prvilla says:

    Gosh the things these poor girls have to resort to..sad BTW I think she was attractive as it is..don’t know why some of these women are hell bent on ruining their pretty faces

  3. Pooja says:

    Can’t be bipasha she is her near 40s n married. It must of Amy I seen news of her dating millionaire something n pix with him.

  4. Monalisa says:

    Bipasha is also a part of the lifestyle brand ‘The label life’ along with Sussane and Malaika. I think those three curate or design the stuff they sell.

  5. Rashmi says:

    this can not be Bipasha, although she is a gorgeous but absolutely not young girl. as it says in a blind

  6. goldengirl says:

    ADMIN please tell what Bips and Ameesha do to earn their living? Means look at their lavish lifestyle and luxuries.

  7. Amanda says:

    I liked Amy in ‘I’ movie.. She looked so gorgeous in that… Now her face is looking so fake… Hope she is not bitten by plastic surgery bug….

    Admin, do you know how bipasha is earning her living… I don’t see her doing movies anymore…

    • Admin says:

      Yeah, she looked lovely in ‘I’. Saw it in cinemas three times, which is why we can tell she had things done on her face. Bips and Hubby are now doing ads together and showing up to launch things.

      • Amanda says:

        Are they still in demand for ads? I mean I hardly remember bipasha, John and Arjun rampal these days… These three people have become irrelevant… People who came after them are way ahead now… They sizzled initially and looked promising but fizzled out so soon…

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