2018 – February – Blind Item 2

The blind item below is by PinkVilla and we are pretty sure that they are talking about this film that is currently shooting. We are sure that this blind item is not talking about the main actor in the film, but instead it’s referring to another actor in it. Probably someone, who’s not too famous or else they would have referred to him in some other way. The production house producing this film always produces small-budget films. They have tried their hands at producing a big budget film and that became one of the biggest flops at the box office.

This movie is a big budget production because it’s lead actor is charging a bomb to play this real-life character. So, it only makes sense that the production house does not have enough money to pay for the other actors in the film and has to seek other production houses’ help to get through. Let’s hope that when the film releases, they will get to recover their money. Check out the blind item below from PV.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - February - Blind Item 2


This production company is facing SEVERE financial hassles

Just before the film went on floors the cheque issued to the senior actor bounced. Now the producers are organizing the money to pay him before he starts shooting for the film which is being directed by a National award winning filmmaker

The big bounce has just happened. Just before the film went on floors the cheque issued to the senior actor bounced. Now the producers are organizing the money to pay him before he starts shooting for the film which is being directed by a National award winning filmmaker. The producer is also trying to join hands with some banners to save the situation. Let’s see if the film that was to start in November last year finally goes on floors post the cheque clearance.


OSOP Guesses

Film: Super 30

Filmmaker: Vikas Bahl

2018 - February - Blind Item 2

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59 Responses

  1. Samantha says:

    i just LOVE this site! So many varied rumours/gossip on a not so exciting blind item! The comments r the juiciest; n all commentators know helluva lot! EXACTLY my type of gossip! May the likes of KJo Hrithik etc NEVER dare to ban this site! lol!!

  2. Chandni says:

    Sorry this is totally irrelevant, but admin have you seen Ayush Sharma’s new movie poster? It’s called Love ratri?! Excuse me but I get Falguni Pathak and Garba vibes from it lmaooooo

    Also please tell me it’s not just me that thinks that Ayush is totally faking his love for Arpita, just to get into the industry. Poor girl

    • Admin says:

      Yes, it’s the Hindi version of ‘Love Rat’. No, we are just joking! He’s quite good at holding his heroine close despite never having been an actor before and despite the fact that he’s married. It’s strange but it’s the first thing we noticed, like he’s so happy holding this girl! Only God knows what truly lies in his heart. For us, all of us with eyes can pretty much see the real reason but that’s not fair to say because it just doesn’t feel right.

      • Pooja says:

        I always think such looking guy(average but far better) with rich family marry arpita only to get launch in industry after pulkit sarmat episode they said him have baby 1st then think about films its their way to bind him with arpita so he don’t became 2nd pulkit but I don’t think so just wish this film flop or not then he will be turn 2nd pulkit.

    • Monalisa says:

      Ayush seems very happy to finally get his dream debut from Salman. People like Kat and Sonakshi were sharing the poster as if it was the best thing they have ever seen.

      I wonder if Salman knew before marriage that Ayush got bollywood aspirations or was it sprung on him after the marriage? Atleast if Ayush start making money there will be one less person (3 if we include Ayush and their son) sponging off Salman.

      • Admin says:

        Ayush did mention that he wanted to become an actor, but he also said that he is going to make it on his own. Even Sohail said back then that they are not going to launch him. Unfortunately, after years of rich struggling, no one signed him. Guess, Arpita must have urged Godfather to take Ayush under his wing.

      • Pooja says:

        R u forget PC it was just shocked me she living in USA supporting such nonsense nepotism.

    • Kali says:

      Its called love ratri because its supposedly based on two people who meet during Navratri celebrations.
      Aayush doesn’t have hero looks (or possibly even good intentions) but one cannot deny that looks-wise he has high potential to be the next baddie of Bollywood like Pran, Amrish Puri. He is mis-cast as a hero, his looks with his malevolent looking grin, hooded close-set shiny eyes and arched eyebrows suit character roles. He literally looks like he’s plotting the apocalypse in every picture. Lets see if he has the talent to match. Not holding much hope considering he’s coming from Bhai’s camp.

    • prvilla says:

      @Chandni Eventhough I like Salman, he needs to WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  3. Angie says:

    This really is a pro Kangana site, anyone who is bad with her is the worst person ever. Anyway, the reality is Hrithik has become more popular after Kangana fiasco as we (including my family and friends) have lots more sympathy and support for hrithik and would definitely watch his next.

    • Admin says:

      If you want to support out of sympathy, do it for your local veggie or fruits sellers. As far as movies go, watch and support for the talent and story.

      • Angie says:

        Please don’t suggest what I/we should do/ not do. How many veggie sellers have you supported? I’m against bullying and stalking in any profession and I find your idol guilty of that.

        • Admin says:

          Obviously, we do it that’s why we are recommending it. And who are you to say who’s our idol? We are grown-ups, not kids to have celebrities as idols. Lastly, don’t be a coward and say what you want to say to that person instead of coming here and spewing your venom.

        • prvilla says:

          @Angie GIRL BYE!Hrithik is the only person guilty of stalking,bullying and openly mud slinging,buying paid trolls on gossip sites to torture the said woman and subject her to indescribable and downright nasty,below the belt comments,I mean go and look at any Kangana thread on PV,the comments are DISGUSTING and it’s obvious who pays PRvilla to publish these atrocities,compromising a woman’s dignity in public,sleeping around then making it look like your wife is to blame for said divorce by concocting fake and malicious stories about her having affairs and what no.Also paying up that said woman’s ex loser jobless bf(who couldn’t fathom that despite being a nepo kid,said gf being an outsider grew leaps and bounds ahead of him,concocted this shitty half-baked black magic or whatever extraterrestrial crap they wanted to spook the general public with.when infact it is a known fact that rakesh roshan and his dear brother are guilty of being very fond of jyotshi baba’s and rely heavily on supernatural stuff(which is okay to each his own but don’t be a hypocite and use it as a defense mechanism or low blow towards someone else)!Lastly,mental health is NO joke,he used this kind of sick tactic towards kangana when infact he WAS having an affair with her!PS;I’m inclined to believe Hrithik has been sending his little minions here too,trying to pollute the air as just yesterday there was a blind about him and some people including me were saying how he’s not worthed anymore(I said that) and in general comments insinuating that he has basically lost his charm and does not even look good anymore or does not command that kind of star power now,(some were nice about it some not so nice)and guess what?I happened to stumble upon an article about his on none other than PRVILLA today trying to make him hot and happening and I believe shilling his non-existent charm!I bet you by the time they come across this comment section again,they’ll remove the article itself!Enough of my rant but I just strongly dis-like people who misuse their authority and play dirty like that!Also to throw around such a sensitive issue like mental health in someone’s face as an insult is too much for me,that’s just EVIL!Very easy to accuse someone but pehle apne girabandh mein jhaank ke dekho!

    • Rashmi says:

      welcome to the Hrithik site – PinkvillΠ°. there you will have many friends

    • naughtytrini says:

      Actually it is not, only the admin is pro Kangana but we the commenters always put down our foot and tell admin no no and it is good because our comments are registered and admin dont take it down or not allow it. In this site all opinions and thoughts of actors are aired and we get to debate, some ppl actually post facts to their way of thinking while others just let their feelings for actors dictate their comments but there is no actually fighting or too much bad mouthing which is really good for a site like this. I mean bollywood gossips are just as terrible as politics when it comes to fighting and who wants to cuss up who. But I’ve notice that the commenters here stand up for each other and as long as we are willing to debate and not mudsling it is all good fun.

      • Admin says:

        Alright, let’s get it out there right now: We are not pro-Kangana and neither is this site about her. We are just pro-truth + pro-commonsense; it’s just that it’s from our perspective and it’s why we understand if readers have different opinions. There’s nothing wrong with that. As fans of all-things related to entertainment, we are way past that stage where we are blindly in love with a star or celebrity.

        • nars says:

          It is true, Admin is not pro Kangana. Many moons ago I felt Admin was bias towards her but slowly came to realize Admin formulates an opinion based on 1. the situation, and 2. pass behavior/actions,

          When Kangana response to a controversy it is difficult not to take or at least understand her point of view – she is usually thorough and good with her words.

          For example;

          Her open letter about nepotism was good enough to make Said, Varun & Kjo apologize.

          The Azmi petition got cancelled and Kangana was the only b-twon personality to openly say, she was confident in the approach Prashoon Joshi took – and eventually the movies was released with 2 disclaimers and 4 modifications – NO CUTS!!

          She spoke her peace concerning the Hrithik controversy, it could’ve been 100% delusion or 100% true but she didnt fidget with words or spoke like she rehearsed a lawyer’s letter.

          At the recent Umang Awards she attended with pride and did not run or hide on learning Hrithik was there. Imagine he hide for 45 minutes in his car. 45 minute!!! From a woman he claims cooked up a story, the truth is on his side etc. yet he hide from her like a scardy cat.

          Her team responded to a fake blind about the insurance claim for a “fake injury” – funny thing is they were 3 blinds concerning Manikarnika.

          1. She fake injury to cover-up indefinite delays
          2. She fake injury for huge insurance claim
          3. Project was shelved

          So yeah, as a logical thinker it is difficult to be “against” someone when all you can do is describe your observations.

        • ghjk says:

          Lol admin please. You can “get it out there” as much as you want, but we can all check the archives. You have been nothing but snarky to Hrithik. Admit it or not. It might be pro Kangana (which you were during that episode) or just a general anti Hrithik sentiment, but it was present in spades.

          • Admin says:

            Going by your logic, then we must also be snarky to RK, SK, KK, KKK, SRK, Padmaavat ka SK, AK, AD and lots more. Talking about this whole HR-KR series, there are still so many things that don’t make sense and to this day, there’s still the question of did she make it all up or is he hiding something? So many details she gave that he didn’t clear up, like that VD phone call. Still a mystery…If KR has mental problems, then what is HR? He didn’t think twice before calling journalists over and showing them KR’s private pics.

  4. Amanda says:

    Any reason why producer Madhu Mantena and Shahid kapoor had a fallout…… They appeared close especially during Shahid’s wedding…………

    • b52bomber says:

      @Amanda: Based on what I read somewhere, Shahid and Madhu Mantena clashed over the failure of Shaandaar of which Madhu was a producer and each party blamed the other (strike 1). Next, in mid-2017, Shahid Kapoor left his talent management/PR agency CAA Kwan/Spice PR when they signed up Hrithik Roshan. Madhu Mantena is an integral part of CAA/Spice, and this was strike 2. Now they are no longer close friends, and neither are Masaba and Mira.

      Is there any other angle to this Admin?

      • Amanda says:

        @b52bomber thanks for the info:)…. Looks like Shahid cant maintain good relationships with any of his friends or colleagues or girlfriends … Ken Ghosh,Vishal Bharadwaj,Madhu etc…. Two high profile actresses who gave him so much of bhav…..

        • b52bomber says:

          @Amanda: NP πŸ™‚ Sad, but true. Ken Ghosh was very early in his career and one would have thought Shahid would mature. But that has not happened. I also imagine not many noticed this aspect of Shahid all these years, although the stories were there in the news all throughout (I could be an outlier, though). But more recently, his rotten behavior towards Kangana and Ranveer/Padmaavat team have brought it all out in the open about how insecure he is.

      • Admin says:

        Actors are like spoilt brats. You see the same pattern with almost every star. It’s either they work with successful directors and are confident that their films will be successful too or they work with the same director with whom they have had success before. In both situations, the movie flops big time and the actor blames the director and ends up falling out with the poor director, even though it might not be entirely his fault.

        Shah Rukh Khan & Rohit Shetty
        Ranbir Kapoor & Anurag Basu
        Shahid Kapoor & Ken Ghosh
        Salman Khan & Kabir Khan
        Shahid Kapoor & Vikas Bahl
        Shahid Kapoor & Vishal
        Shah Rukh Khan & Imtiaz Ali

        Who else is on this list?

        • b52bomber says:

          @ Admin: Thanks for chiming in.

          These are some that come to mind, in recent memory. There might be others too.

          Ranbir K (Rishi Kapoor and the entire industry!) & Anurag Kashyap (although, Anurag Kashyap took the entire blame for Bombay Velvet in his social media post)
          Hrithik R (Rakesh Roshan) & Anurag basu (Kites)
          Hrithik R (Rakesh Roshan) & Ashutosh Gowariker (Mohenjodaro)

        • Rashmi says:

          Sajid Khan and Saif Ali Khan

          Akshay and Fara

        • Amanda says:

          Hrithik roshan and ashutosh gowarikar
          Ranbir kapoor and sanjay leela bhansali
          Ranbir kapoor and abhinav kashyap(besharam)

          • shivanisd says:

            I think after watching ranvirs success ranbir will now kill to work with sanjay leela bhansali.

          • kiran101 says:

            no thanks would SLB probably say….” I am quite satisfied with gareebon ka Ranveer “

          • Monalisa says:

            @kiran101 Also SLB can be sure that, no matter what he has to bear on the sets, Ranveer will never bad mouth him unlike Ranbir or Shahid.

          • Amanda says:

            @monalisa, SLB is not that bad on sets as much as people believe… Sure, he has a temper but he gives his actors freedom to perform and praises them to sky when they deliver a good shot…. You got to have patience while working with him since he improves a scene on the spot and it takes time to film a shot….

            Shahid hasn’t bad mouthed SLB at all… Actually Shahid has praised SLB in bollywood hungama interviews.. He has problems with Ranveer hogging the limelight… SLB has given Shahid a hit film why would Shahid say bad about him….

          • Monalisa says:

            @amanda Ranbir said in an that SLB used to beat him on the sets of black where he was an AD. Maybe he was exaggerating because he did later work with him in Saawariya. And it was after Saawariya flopped they fell out. He also did praise SLB in the same interview.

            Shahid never came out right and bad mouthed SLB but he kinda hinted at it. He did say he felt like an outsider on the sets but also did praise him.

            I also feel SLB is not as bad as he is portrayed in the media. People like Ash, DP, Salman and RS had worked with him multiple times. Maybe he does not get along with actors who already have big egos.

            Also RS was praised by both audience and most critics as the scene stealer I don’t think Shahid should blame him for it.

          • Amanda says:

            Shahid is trying to justify his small role to the media by playing the sympathy card… Ask him if he will work with SLB again, I am sure he will say yes….

          • kiran101 says:

            Here’s what i read in different sites…SLB gives earful and is very insulting towards Ranveer and Deepika even during ‘Padmaavat’ shooting . Mind you both of them are already stars by then and also SLB exclusively wanted both of them to play these roles…in the sense there were never any other choices and he clearly told them this.

            This is why I admire Ranveer- Deepika they know success does not come easy… putting up with SLB’s reprimand seems puny to them considering what he did for their careers even after they became stars….Hell ! RS-DP put up with KJO’s insults and jokes on them with smiling faces and thankful gestures in every effing KWK show. Becoming a star is truly tears, blood, sweat(also add swallowing humiliation) as Ranveer said atleast for people with no super duper industry backing.

            Nepo kids can easily become stars without all this … they do not have so much patience and capacity to absorb negative aspects of some filmmakers to make their career better… Look where RS-DP are and look where Sonam and Ranbir are today. These nepo kids have other easy options why work hard and take it from taskmaster like SLB. This is why SLB repeats RS-DP….they are already molded to suit his way and they do deliver inspite of how he is. Not only are they grateful to him even SLB gives his best roles to them. Fortune favors the bold-strong- perseverance….call it watever.

            Ofcourse Shahid was not treated the way Ranveer was in ‘Padmaavat’ shooting. Look at SLB’s interviews he hardly praises Ranveer but then he also looks at him like Ranveer is his’s to mold .

        • kiran101 says:

          In this case Ranbir-Shahid must have fall outs with everyone except KJo and Ayan. They have only handful of hits. Anurag Basu made enemies with Salman for this kapoor scion’s sake.

          I feel sad for Shahid …he has real probalems coming to terms with things. I hope he learns something from Abhishek Bachchan.

        • Anisha says:

          Admin, you’re right on almost all of them save for Ranbir & Anurag Basu β€” these two are much too fond each other to have a fall-out. In a one-off Twitter chat with his fans on December 21, 2017 (which is post Jagga Jasoos release) Ranbir said he was in talks with Anurag Basu and Luv Ranjan: https://twitter.com/RanbirKapoorFC/status/943852810570829825.

          In the same chat, he named Anurag Basu amongst the best directors in India. https://twitter.com/RanbirKapoorFC/status/943872618385440769

          And he snuck in a word of praise of Anurag Basu when asked what his favourite part in Jagga was: https://twitter.com/RanbirKapoorFC/status/943867225903005697

          What Rishi Kapoor says doesn’t represent Ranbir’s thoughts: http://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/ranbir-kapoor-on-rishi-kapoor-criticism-of-jagga-jasoos-i-do-not-agree-with-what-he-said-4790709/.

          • Admin says:

            Just wait and see if he works with him again. Never believe a word coming from the same mouth that often lets out verbal diarrhea.

          • kiran101 says:

            @ Anisha… we will take your word for it. When you say things like I got email from Ranveer’s PR and u have first hand info on how good Ranbir is and and how bad Ranveer is since you went to college with Ranveer (since Ranbir never went to college). there is not much to say .

            You are quick to defend Ranbir as much as you are quick to accuse Ranveer . If you truly work in publishing industry…i think Ranveer’s team has bigger responsibility to fins out who is spreading these things about him.

          • Anisha says:

            @kiran101, I did not go to college with Ranveer β€” I went school with him. The name of the school is Learners’ Academy. While we are on the topic of Ranveer, I did not mention his name here, so why do you have to bring him up?

            I responded to the Admin’s comment that Ranbir and Anurag Basu had a fallout. Ranbir’s Twitter chat with his fans suggest that is not the case . Those are Ranbir’s words, typed by him β€” what is there to take my word for?

            And oh, whatever I said about Ranveer thus far β€” those are truth. So, no one from his team has the guts to argue otherwise.

          • prvilla says:

            NOT TODAY SATAN!!I suggest you gather some ‘guts’ and courage and spill these delulu beans to ranbir kapoor in a love letter,with a DHARMA seal of approval on it,I mean the guy does love some gossip,, so why not hand it to the proper source rather than torture us poor readers with this stale-ass tea,who come here to read REAL insider stuff and not some imposter!

          • kiran101 says:

            i guess since i live in US aneways …i guess from now on I should go on about how I know ranveer from Indiana University days….I mean who has the guts to challenge my claims ….like seriously !

          • Monalisa says:

            @kiran101 Another tidbit about Ranveer available on the internet that he went to Learner’s Academy. Also even in an interview during BM days he did say he went to some private school in Mumbai. But still some label RS as having created a fake backstory about him.


            Asked whether they knew the story of Peshwa Bajirao before signing the film, Ranveer said: “I did my schooling in Mumbai at a private school where Marathi was a compulsory subject till fifth standard. But in our whole syllabus, including Marathi and history, there wasn’t any mention of Peshwa Bajirao.

          • kiran101 says:

            Guts ? if it matter of guts then I guess you should reveal yourself and then throw accusations and then challenge Ranveer’s team to argue. The irony of someone like you who wears a mask and talking of guts.
            Please first tell Ranbir to grow a pair and deliver some hits then he can blow his own trumpet on how many women he bedded.

    • Admin says:

      Movie failure, that’s why. After Shaandar flopped big time, Shahid released this news on how he signed on to do this film without reading the script because Madhu was confident about the film’s success. Shahid directly blamed Madhu for his involvement in one of the biggest disappointing films ever!

      • Amanda says:

        He has recently blamed vishal bharadwaj for failure of rangoon… Shahid should grow up… He has become a complaining aunty…

        • shivanisd says:

          I feel shahid just doesn’t have the face nor the body nor height to be a superstar. He looks like a boy, horribly miscast in padmavati as a rajput king. His slanted eyes look weird when he has to do an angry scene. Add to that his insecurity and tantrums. He should be content with where he is right now. Cuz thats pretty much where hell stay all through his career.

      • shivanisd says:

        Yup. Shahid should blame his father for giving him one of his biggest flops, mausam! Although i did like parts of the movie.

  5. prvilla says:

    IMO honestly Hrithik is not even worthed for all this mess!His last couple of films haven’t exactly been box office gold and I highly doubt he appeals to the younger audience now!Plus he doesn’t exactly come across as likable after all this mess with Kangana and recent controversies he’s been courting!If anything this film might end up taking a hit and eventually incurring major losses at this rate..God knows what in the world btown folks are thinking these days..

  6. Amanda says:

    I don’t get it why the stars have to charge so much high fee that the completion of the shooting itself turns out to be a daunting task…. If the stars charge this much,where will the producers get money to invest in production quality? If hrithik is so keen that his film will get made in time with production qualities intack,he better take a cut … His recent films have flopped,plus his image has taken a hit after kangana controversy…. One needs to be realistic in quoting price.. There are lot of newcomers who are doing well.. Before the audience forgets hrithik in favor of younger actors,hrithik should prioritize the quality of the film instead of fees……. A major chunk of production cost goes to the lead stars’ account and the remaining is used for actual film making…… This trend needs to change….. The production quality should come first and later the stars’ fees….. I think paying stars on profit percentage is fine but the signing amount and other payments to the actor have to be reduced….

    Thanks Admin for posting this blind πŸ™‚

    • Rad says:

      I totally agree with you. But on the other hand why are these production houses obsessed with big names. Considering hrithik’s flops and rajkummar’s hits by now everyone knows audience looks at content more than star power. These people could have taken a lesser known but talented actor who won’t charge so much and rather concentrate on production quality. Also only because despite their flops the producers are ready to pay so much to stars, do they dare to quote so much.

      • Amanda says:

        They think bringing in a star will help them get more budget and secondly a known name can bring in more crowds..

        Many production houses have gone red because of their investment in films having huge stars but a weak script… The trend is still there… The bigger the name,the bigger the budget allocation for the film and thats why a well known name is usually cast…

        I feel the audience has moved on but the producers need to progress.

        Vikas bahl has a flop shandaar plus a rape/molestation case against him…. Hrithik has flops Mohenjo daro and kaabil… Both are in the same boat…. Both should get realistic now…. Who in this world agreed to pay hrithik that high fees and why in this world hrithik said yes to work with a loser like Vikas who rapes women………. I just feel pity for Anand Kumar because his story needs to be told….but because of these two men,i dont know how the movie shooting will get completed….. First it was shahid who was supposed to play Anand and Anand also watched few movies of shahid for that…. Then Shahid had a fallout with producer Madhu Mantena and then cast got changed… Anand was clueless in the middle…Its good that the film shoot has already started…. Instead of biographies of gangsters,they better make films on real heros..

        • Shivanisd says:

          Movie on gangster i can still tolerate, but movie on gangsters sister? Wth has she achieved in her life? Is being related to a criminal an achievement now. Why is a movie being made on her. I srsly think haseena was a paid movie.

    • sweettooth01 says:

      i dont agree with stars should not charge so high..
      its their wish to qoute an amount, if a company cannot afford such budget they should simply move on and go to a next person and not commit to it and then go all clueless midway..

      to earn is everyones right..how much is enough for someone is something i believe we cannot tell others..its an employer’s decision if he can afford someone,but when he/she hires someone its their job to do the math and pay..it is never an employees fault

      • Admin says:

        It would make sense if they did like Aamir Khan does, take a bit from the profits. The problem with these stars charging high amounts is them competing with each other on who has the highest price. If they were to quote their real value as their fees then it would be on the basis of how much their film makes on the first day or first weekend. Right now, it’s just crazy with how high some of these stars’ fees are.

      • shivanisd says:

        Agree with sweettooth01. If Hrithik wants to charge a certain price he should. If he thinks hes worth it then why shudnt he. Hes looking so bad in the pic though!! Vikas bahl anyways is a creep. Hope this movie gets stalled.

      • Amanda says:

        I agree that the producers are are wrong in agreeing to the money… But as an actor, knowing the industry well and doing a self evaluation, the budget of the movie seemed unrealistic… Taking a profit sharing like Aamir or Salman works well since they can take the money only after the film releases and before that the money can be used for film production…

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