2018 – August – Bollywood Blind Item 8

Today’s blind item was released sometime back by Mumbai Mirror. It is about the cricket world and since we don’t know much about it, we narrowed it down to the most popular guesses. If you notice with these sports guys, you can pick out the ones who want to be more famous and talked about. Guess in India who is the sportsperson that can do that? The ones that manage to get a famous actress as their girlfriend. It is not a coincidence that these guys get together with actresses, it is a great PR-plan for them.

Take the guy in the blind item below, for example. He came out big in the cricket world with his different bindaas swearing attitude. He then had other girlfriends before, but he struck gold when he got together with this top actress. Together, their stakes got higher. More brands want to sign them, individually and as a couple. They are more like hot property because together they can reach for the skies. As long as both of them are on top of their game, they will keep going up.

The real test comes when he can’t play anymore, that’s when all the power and hype die down. It’s the same with all athletes and not all of them can manage to get the same popularity after they have retired themselves from the game. By the way, this whole linking up athletes and entertainment stars happen in the west too. Thanks to David and Victoria Beckham, more and more athletes and singers and actresses follow the same path. It does not matter if they are straight or not, they crave for that media attention.

What the blind item from Mumbai Mirror is saying will happen has not happened yet. These two guys are very much still working together. Check out the blind item below to find out who we are talking about.

Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - August - Bollywood Blind Item 8

THE cricket world is under a lot of stress these days, and the apex court-ordered committee is suddenly the least of its worries. A far greater problem is being posed by WAGs of the players an impolite acronym for wives and girlfriends. We hear the ladies are calling the shots where these men play and who they campaign for.

Not too long ago, the very pretty WAG of this very handsome player was responsible for him not doing an ad with a leading movie star. Now, the same WAG wants him to break up with his manager and best friend of over a decade and sign on a management company of her choice. But will this headstrong player listen to her? Well, he usually does.

OSOP Guesses

WAG: Anushka Sharma

Player: Virat Kohli

Manager Bunty Sajdeh

2018 - August - Bollywood Blind Item 8

2018 - August - Bollywood Blind Item 8

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9 Responses

  1. Netarious says:

    Is it true that anushka met ranbir for lunch in london? The pics were of them separately. After pari, i doubt rambir would meet her for lunch?. Anyone have actual pics of them or know anything?. She really gives A grade bitch vibes. Doubt her in laws like her, bt also doubt virat gives hsi family any weight. He seems to be a social climber too and a fame whore.

  2. Kiran101 says:

    Oh well Anushka the bitter Betty. I don’t see why ranveer fans like this lady . She has been nothing but mean to him … I can’t stand her she is ruining β€˜ did dhadkne do β€˜ for me .

    • Monalisa says:

      @kiran101 Anushka dislike both RS and DP. She is more vocal and never tries to hide her dislike for DP but with RS she tries to hide her pettiness and always give backhanded compliments or say passive agressive, mean things. Maybe that is why most of his fans like Anushka. Plus maybe her dislike for DP may also play a part in their fondness for Anu. But unlike most of his stans her pettiness really bothered RS that on KWK (RS-RK episode) he said Anushka is mean to him for no reason at all. This was in 2016.

      But her recent instagram comment on DP’s post give me hope that they might bury the hachet and that it was an olive branch from her side. There is no reason for her to be salty back then or even now. No one stole RS from her or it is not DP or RS fault that he fell hard for her. She found her guy let DP and RS be happy together as well.

  3. Rashmi says:

    why do not I like Anushka so much? All my friends (fans of KanganΠ°) love Anushka, but I do not like. What is wrong with me? my friends love Priyanka, but does not like Alia, I love Alia, but I hate Priyanka. the truth, I love Bebo and my friends normally treat her. But Anushka will never love, it is intuitive

  4. Universal says:

    Anushka Sharma is washing away all the hype she got after her marriage with Kohli. She seems to be everywhere Virat goes and getting preferential treatment over other WAGs of Indian team. Her getting centerstage during an official team event in London was too much. If these guys don’t mend their ways, it won’t take time to go from top couple to lost couple.

  5. Monalisa says:

    Apparently Virat refused an ad with Deepika this year.

    I read the news but never thought he refused because of Anushka. Anushka is still bitter about Ranveer or what? If it is the case, seriously Get over it Anushka!! It has been more than five years. You have found a great guy yourself.

    • guest says:

      weren’t there stories doing rounds that raveer may have rejected a mag shoot with anushka. virat refusing shot with dp might be the case of tit for tat . Also nothing wrong in keep her couple brand value high with virat every couple seems to doing so. the only thing is everyone seems to be selling their couple pda a bit too much now days. out of curiosity why are only bw ladies painted as not over a man wether its dp,kat, anu while it never said about men unless you are pap kjo pricess thn it the boys you cant get over you

  6. AnanyaR says:

    Anyone know who the leading actor is? The one whom Anushka supposedly prevented Virat from working with? I find Virat-Anushka too irritating to be honest. Excessive PDA/Publicity… That pic with the Indian cricket team did it for me, so so inappropriate. Now if this blind is true and is about them, she’s about to mess things up big time. I’m curious to know what her in-laws REALLY think of her.

    • pooja says:

      Yep anushka prevented Virat from doing Go Ibibo commercial with Deepika. And Deepika ended up doing Jio Dhan-Dhana Dhan commercial with the whole of Ipl squad. Both Jio and Go Ibibo commercials occupied most of the Ipl’s advertising air-space and amongst the most viwed commercials. Poor Anushka. lol

      P.s— Though that Go-Ibibo ad was annoying af. Felt like killing the creative directors of the ad.

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